Monday, January 25, 2010

In with the New: Mid-Winter Edition

It is my pleasure to present fifteen new members of our blogging community. I invite you to explore these blogs and encourage you to welcome these new friends with supportive comments.

All Ways and Always
Blissful Dwelling Place
BT's Erotic Fiction
Disciplined Doctor
Public Spanking
Red Tails
Spanked Husband
Spanking Motivation
Spanking My Husband
Submissive Bliss
Tasha Lee's Kinky Corner
The Life and Times of a Single Spankee
Thursday Knight Approves This Message
'Till Death Do Us Part

To all of these newcomers, I hope you have a wonderful blogging experience with lots of engaging readers. If I can be of aid, you know where to find me!


Anonymous said...

A fine new batch. I regularly scan all of your links, visit old friends, and explore each new one as I find it. Would it be possible for you to put some sort of mark (a * or # perhaps) for the first few months it is on your list?
Either way, you and your blog are wonderful.

h said...

Thanks for adding a link to our blog. We just got started and already our hits rose dramatically! Stay tuned as A will be adding posts for each of his various implements, where he found them, and his rating of their severity. He has a very unique antique wooden paddle.... My second most feared implement!

ronnie said...

Thanks for the new links Bonnie


redcindy said...

Oh wow. Thank you for the link.

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