Sunday, December 27, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #206

Hi everyone! I hope your holiday celebrations are successful and satisfying.

Our question this week comes from a reader e-mail. She had been browsing the MBS archive and came across a remark I made about feeling privileged to receive spankings. My new friend found this a very surprising statement.

Do you or your partner ever feel privileged to receive a spanking? If so, in what situations does this happen? If not, can you imagine a situation where you or your partner might feel this way?

To join the discussion, all you need to do is enter a comment below. You can be anonymous if you like, but we prefer to have a name we can associate with you. Either way, once everyone has had their turn, I will post an edited summary.


Keagen said...

It's not that I necessarily feel privileged to be spanked. . . . It's that I feel privileged to belong to him at all. . . .I'm privileged to belong to a man understanding enough, caring enough, loving enough, strong enough. . . . . and spankings sometimes come right along with those feelings.

One of my favorite memories is a time right BEFORE I went over his knee. . . . and I'm privileged to belong to a man who understands how I work, how this works, who allows me to be strong enough to submit. . . .

Fun question. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, what a good, deep question!

My lover during pillow talk after a spanking and sex will often say that he feels privileged to be the one who gets to share my bed, which entails both sex and discipline. It moves me to tears (if I'm not crying already from the hot swats!) when he does this. But I, too, feel privileged. Keagen articulates it well. The reciprocity of trust is at the core of this.
Jean Marie
P.S. I hope you all know how wonderful this brunch is to come to weekly; so nourishing, nurturing, thought-provoking.

Sara said...

Bonnie, I agree, great question! I DO feel privileged, 1st that my husband would explore something in mid life that was so foreign to us both. 2nd, that he is committed to giving me what I need, and caring for me in a way that is deeply fulfilling. Not everyone has that, a partner who will do what it takes, and I am very lucky. On the other hand, he has expressed to me that he feels privileged that I have entrusted myself to him in the way I have, and that he is the one and only I would allow to spank me.

Hermione said...


I feel privileged every time my husband spanks me. I could so easily have spent my life with a partner who wasn't interested in following the road less taken, and I never stop feeling grateful that my husband not only indulges my desire for spanking, but also enjoys it. I consider each spanking to be a precious gift from him.

Texringer said...

Others have said it well, but I also feel privileged each time my hubby and I spank (we switch). He was totally vanilla when we first got together and took a big leap of faith to try spanking at my request. To have someone love and trust me that much is, indeed, a privilege.

Lil Sam said...

I have to agree with all the other posts,though I am very new to spankings, But I do feel very privileged to be married to such a loving husband who has been able to step outside of what use to be his comfort zone, and spank his new wife. He tells me how much he enjoys spanking me, and I can not tell him enough how very much I enjoy him spanking me. He is just the best.
Hugs Lil Sam

C.S. Blogger said...

Hi all, first time poster, long time reader :-)

I do feel privileged to both give and receive spankings. That's a feeling I get pretty much whenever I think about the subject. I spent a long time in relationships where spanking didn't happen, so to be able to enjoy it now with my lady is incredible.

Aeon's Angel said...

The very idea that a I am married to a man like Aeon who is accepting and willing to spank me makes me feel privileged.

I am a very lucky and privileged lady.

Michael said...

Hi there

If the definition of privilege is "A special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed by an individual" then I can assuredly say that I am a highly priviledged individual.
My wife grants me the special advantage of being kept in line by her, I have no immunity from punishment, I seek permission from her on most things, I gave up my right to contradict her a long time ago and this has resulted in my having the benefit of a happy marriage.

Happy Holidays


Radha said...

Yes, definitely! Now that we have put spanking on hold for a few more months, i think often about all the wonderful time we used to spend together on a Friday night of spanking. A privilege, a blessing, a joy and lots of fun!

Scunge said...

Not just in spanking do I feel privileged,today especially I realized just how lucky I was to have "clicked" with My Sir. I am lying in bed with a bum leg he is so supportive and caring. I feel privileged to be HIS sub girl. Not sure if I am saying this right. Sorry.

Love4her said...

I count it a privilege to be spanked by her. It rarely happens but the connection it provides for me is wonderfully intimate. To have her step out of her comfort zone into the kink zone with me is a gift when it happens. She truly does not know the power she could wield over me, the control she could have and the level of submission I would enjoy serving her at.

Jane said...

Love the privilege of having a boyfriend who is willing to spank me and take me to a special place. And he makes me feel good by enjoying it himself. Also appreciate the privilege of returning to MBS weekly for such interesting discussions... thanks Bonnie.

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