Wednesday, November 04, 2009

In with the New: Pass the Cranberry Sauce Edition

Get ready because another bumper crop of exciting young spanking-oriented blogs is headed your way!

I hope everyone will explore these thirteen new blogs and welcome the bloggers to our community. If you find something good while you're visiting, I encourage you to share your praise and support in the form of comments. I can guarantee your words will be appreciated.

Ageplay and Domestic Discipline
All Southern Girl
BabyMan and SugarAnne
Becoming His Mandy
Birchwood Academy
Daddy's Girl
Gentleman's Guide to DD
Janet's Fiction
Katia's Writings
Miss Nicole's Randoms
The Spanking Universe
Whip's Blogspace

We extend the hand of friendship to each of you! I hope your blogging experiences will be rewarding and fun.


Tiggs said...

Thanks for keeping us all posted on the newest happenings in our corner of cyberia, Bonnie! I'll hop on over to say "hi" as soon as I possibly can.

Warmest welcomes and biggest cyber-hugs to all of you!

Not My Original Vows said...

I can't wait to go check out the new sites. Thanks for mentioning my writing site, I really appreciate it.


Viola said...

Wow, I'm always amazed how many new blogs there are! Thanks for finding them Bonnie, I'll go check them out now :)

ronnie said...

Thanks for the links Bonnie, will pop over when I can and say hello.


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