Sunday, October 18, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #196

Hello again, dear friends. I hope everyone has recovered from this week's LOL frenzy. Handsdown contributed our brunch question. She asks:

Where is the best place to obtain spanking implements, both those designed for the purpose and trusty pervertibles?

So where are your favorite kinky shopping destinations, be they brick and mortar establishments or web sites? I hope you'll share your discoveries in the form of a comment below. Once everyone has had an opportunity to answer, I will post an edited summary of the proceedings.

Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions!


RPT (Fred Bloggs) said...

Home Depot and Wal Mart kitchen department are better than sex shops to the totally perverted looking for pervertibles.

On line I use eBay. Yay for kinky folk selling implements. Search for Kinky, Spanking or Fetish.

London Fetish fair is wonderful to browse around.

R Humphries said...

Hi guys ... well it's not actually Sunday but oh well ... Of course there are some great purveyors of specialist wares on the net ... Adam and Gillians, Canes4Pain and the London Tanner's are all superb ... for caniacs I'd highly recommend the Deluxe Cane from Adam and Gillians which comes with a handy protective carrying case and a storage scabbard.

However some of the great finds are happened upon unexpectedly ... we have a 99 cent flat-faced wooden spatula that My Beloved Jojo calls the 'skin-sucker' which we found in Wal-Mart; and maybe best of all a wooden spoon I came across while exploring the Northern Andes in Peru, it's made from perished wood and is ideal for close-in otk operations ... keep your eyes peeled and you'll find great spanking instruments in the most unlikely of venues ... Bottoms Up! ... RH

Not My Original Vows said...

Most of my implements have been gifts from girlfriends, which I always love to reciprocate.
The few I have purchased have come from Cane-iacs. I am in the process of having John from Leather Thorn Paddles make me a custom one as a gift for my hubby.
I have to wonder how many people have ended up with those cooking implements that Luke tested on my tush in the department stores. :)

charlie said...

I find that the best place is my wood working shop. Love finding some exotic woods and make a lovely paddle out of it- with and without holes. Then putting that extra finish on it- to give that perfect ouch!

Spanky said...

I vote for home improvement type places, like Lowe's or Home Depot. That's a good source for 5-gallon paint stirrers, which make amazing spanking implements. They're given away free if you ask. Be sure to give them a good sanding before you use them though. We've been using the same one for several years,and I really like it. There are lots of other pervertables at such stores, too.

Hermione said...

I like checking out the kitchen supply websites for spoons and spatulas. Willams-Sonoma and Ashton Green stock great kitchenware pervertibles of high quality - heavy enough to make an impact and durable so they won't break. Pottery Barn is a good source for bath brushes.

For riding crops, whips and bats, try a local tack shop, or order from

My favourite places to browse are thrift shops and flea markets. If they sell clothing there are always plenty of thick, supple leather belts and slippers, and who knows what else you might find?


Anon VII said...

I remember, back in the '70s, there were a lot of bumper stickers throughout the South and Southwest that read, "When in doubt, whup it out" (bad pun under the circumstances, I know!). Well, I've "whupped out" several implements for us, since we've not been satisfied with much we've found, except for one fantastic paddle she found at a local place called simply The Toy Store. She also found our favorite spanking attire for her there, plus a pair of absolutely ridiculous, but useful, platform shoes at a flea market. Online has been a flop. Ergo, I've made most of our implements. Our favorite is a long paddle that's thin and hard, wider at the business end than at the swinging end to give it added momentum, with a couple of small metal strips epoxied to the end on the outer side to add to the impact, and a thick coat of varathane on the impact side to make it almost like Lexan, but without the weight. Both the sound and the effect are similar to leather, but with added force and bite. Another favorite is a thick leather paddle that I fashioned from a piece of an industrial machine belt scavenged from an old factory that was being torn down.

Anonymous said...

I'm the Queen of Pervertibles!
I got a large-headed rubber spatula at a Tupperware party, and then had to sit and wait for everyone to leave my house before my lover could try it out on me. It's one of my favorites!
I inherited a razor strap from my Grandpa's estate, but it was stiff and cracked, so imagine my glee when I found a better quality one at a yard sale! And from Grandma I got a rattan carpet-beater that is lethal.
My boyfriend will go shopping with me, just so we can rummage around together; such as he''l veer off from me in a shoe store to buy a pair of Keds tennis shoes. The pebbly soles really smart, almost as much as a flat rubber soled pair of bedroom slippers he bought to paddle me with. In the Beauty Supply store, he'll try out every flat wooden hairbrush against the palm of his hand until I'm so turned-on I have to leave. In the hardware store there are slender wooden dowls (homemade canes), lengths of rubber hose, even just an extension cord can be applied with excellent results...
This was the BEST question!
Jean Marie

Handsdown said...

Thank you all so much for posting responses to my question. I've also found my most beloved wooden spoon in the kitchen dept. at Walmart. They have a bread board I'm looking at with a handle, too. It would be so cool if some of you who make your impliments could also post a picture--if you have your own blogs or somewhere to post it. I love home fashioned implements and the stories behind them (pun intended). LOL I've not been too satisfied with what I've found on-line so far, but I will check out some of the sites y'all have listed. Again, thanks everyone.

A.S.S. said...

The best place is probably online from a professional company or person that has a good reputation. We especially like those that are actually spankos themselves. The folks at Cane-iac, London Tanners and our friend Amber ( race to mind. Would avoid adult bookstore type places. While they usually do have spanking paddles and the like... they're usually low quality and overpriced. Adam and Eve is pretty bad too. Seems easy to find problems when you drift away from the spanko specific market. We like to keep our money in the community anyway though.

As for pervertibles, there are so-so many places. Really depends on what you're looking for. Department stores that sell kitchen implements... errr, items... are pretty good. We like antique stores too. But simple places like Walmart and dollar stores are pretty good too. They're everywhere! Just have to look.

~Todd and Suzy

Ms. Betty said...

Your local thrift store or stores are one of the best places for pervertables.

shoe horns, spatulas, cutting boards, back scratchers,odd little wooden knick knacks, the list is endless. I even managed to pick up a functional whip at the one where I work...Oh and a handy 100 feet of marine rope, but that's another store.

A few months ago I posted some pictures of thing I've found at my store on my blog. It's only the tip of the iceberg. At least once a week I bring home something useful to warming bottoms. My latest finds were a nice thick hardwood ruler and hand carved salad fork and spoon from Ghana.

A few years ago I even found a nice thick oak paddle with holes at a Salvation Army. You have to do some digging, but any second hand store is likely to be a pervertable gold mine.

As for new, at least one strap from London Tanners is a must.

Ms. Betty

Anonymous said...

Online specialty shops tend to be too pricey for me. My favourite implement is a lovely reddish brown italian calfskin belt I got at the St George rummage sale(in Gramercy Park) for $3; it's beautiful to wear as a belt as well (a purely secondary Ironically, the sweet-faced woman who rang it up exclaimed,"What a beautiful belt! This is such a good buy." And later added,"Enjoy your belt."If only she knew!

I wonder if rummage sales in affluent neighborhoods in Kentucky ever sell riding crops....?

Anonymous said...

The loveless cafe has a guitar shaped cutting board that is PERFECT for spanking with! This is a must have item. My girlfriend loves getting spanked with this.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Our favorite toys come from our workshop. I cut and shape and Becall sands and varnishes them. It's fun to find out how a piece of wood will feel when made into a paddle.

Betina said...

In my country there are not many spanking stores about (at least not were I live). Therefor I tend to make the implements myself or go look at the local recycle store. Here you can get great wide leather belts for about 2 dollars and they can be made into straps and leather paddels. Also I made a few woodden paddels and I love hairbrushes too. I also love the flat summer sandals like espadrillos 5-10 dollars (they have a sole made of weawed hemp with a rubbber finish underneath). There is a good weight and sting in those, close to the feel of a hand but more auch effect.

When I go shopping in general I can't help but notice if an opbject could maybe have an alternative use.

Happy hunting for your impliments.

Mary said...

London tanner's have wonderful leather items. the quality is amazing and the feel is divine.

S.N.M. said...

Never gone shopping for toys (never gotten a chance to play with toys either, unfortunately). However, having tested out a number of pervertables on myself, I think I can confidently say that any store that sells basic kitchenware can satisfy your spanko needs. Cutting boards, spoons, spatulas, etc. Wal-Mart is just fine.

ronnie said...

Kitchen shops for wooden spoons, spatulas, stationery shops, wooden and plastic rulers, DIY stores.

We've bought riding crops, schooling whips from, John, his leather paddles are really lovely, both give excellent service.

Ebay is another good place.


radha said...

The local hardware store is a favorite of ours. We're always there anyway, it's always fun to find a pervertable, or think of various ways to DIY an implement.

Dr. Ken said...

I don't know about pervertibles, but the best place I've found for implements is The London Tanners....
My favorites to use (so far) are the Ruler Strap and the Boudoir Strap.

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