Sunday, October 04, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #194

Welcome back to our weekly gathering. We have a fun topic courtesy of our friend, Handsdown.

Have you or your partner discovered any creative ways to ask for a spanking? If so, please share them with us!

Participating in brunch is very easy and everyone is welcome. All you have to do is enter a comment below and share your thoughts. Once everyone has had an opportunity to speak, I will post an edited summary of our discussion.


Sara said...

There is the classic "Spank me" text

I have a friend who set up a sticker system on their fridge ...yellow = need increasing, orange = spanking alert, red = meltdown imminent

I have emailed fun spanking postcards to my husband.

Rosybottom offers some nice invitations:

I enjoy imagining him at work, opening an email like that, having to wait until he can get his hands on me! Anticipation is a very nice thing! ;)

A.S.S. said...

For Suzy bratting is a common way, though not sure how "creative" that is. Some of the more unique ways have been... a blog post (basically) asking for a spanking... an Email... and bringing home a new spanking implement. Usually though it's something really simple like positioning her bottom in a very spankable way... or just coming right out and asking.

As for Todd, he likes to look for some sort of naughty misdeed that has been committed. Dishes aren't done (even though they're almost always done at night) and clothes stacked in the chair (they always are, lol) are two good examples. Usually though it's just a matter of "come here" and then doing it.

~Todd and Suzy

ronnie said...

Hi Bonnie, Good question.

Not sure if particularly creative.

Sending him a picture of me by email with some naughty text added.
Leaving an implement out.
When I know he's due home, dressing up and positioning myself in a particular way.

Or I just plonk myself over his lap and tell him I need a spanking.


Hermione said...

If I need a proper spanking I will send Ron an email or even come right out and say so.

For some quick fun I have a few options: guide his hands to the appropriate place; stop in front of him and bend over ever so slightly; slide my pants down to expose the target area, or hand him an implement and ask for his evaluation.

I want to thank Sara for posting the link to Rosybottom. That's a fun site that I haven't visited before.



It's a long time since I've had a regular spanking partner, so it's time to dig deep into the memory for this one.

A light tap across the back off the head with the palm of the hand is sure to provoke a response. My favorite though is a letter of confession, written in the style of an eight year old, complete with misspellings and crossing outs. What you are confessing to is also a good indicator of how severe you want the spanking to be.


Tiggs said...

Oooh, Prefectdt sure hit on one that used to be a fave of mine... the childlike confession letter. I still prefer emails when it comes to asking for a spanking, and when I think about it, being informed to expect one by email is also quite a thrill, though in an entirely different way.

Dante's very creative when it comes to the actual spanking... way too creative for his own good sometimes. But as for requesting a spanking, well, I usually just bring him a toy or send him an email asking if he's in the mood, or at least letting him know that I'm in the mood... then nature takes its course, lol.

Lurvspanking said...

Good question Bonnie. No rituals or hints needed, just ask.

However, I did write a short story about a very creative way for a woman to ask her man for a spanking. I hope you enjoy this story here.

"Ask me once, ask me twice and don't spare the rod"


Meg said...

Our cues are mostly wordless, and usually I initiate things. Sometimes I get the paddle and leave it on his desk, on the bathroom vanity, on the couch, or on the bed. On other occasions I walk up and hand it to him as I give him a look of pseudo-contriteness out of the tops of my eyes (I'm only 5'2" and he's a foot taller). I'm usually dressed in a short skirt and high heels, so I flip the skirt up, bend over and grab my ankles, and know that his adrenalin level is then as high as mine. Occasionally I snuggle up to him for some vanilla stuff, then flop over his lap for a warm-up before we get to work with the board of education.

Daisychain said...

ASK HIM?????? No WAY!
That spoils the "shock" of it for me. I have to "deserve" it, by misbehaving in some way.... though, Dantes vouchers from last year are ready and waiting to be left about accidentally, when he gets here....xxxxx

Cowgirl said...

I need to "deserve it" also. I will not just ask. What's the fun in that? I'll "misbehave" in some fashion that I know will get me spanked. Then try to fight Chase off and get away, when he's coming after me. lol. Chase enjoys a bit of a fight and I like fighting back, so it works.

Handsdown said...

I must say that if I have to resort to just asking for it in plain English, it does take some of the fun out of it. So, how to get a spanking without using your words? Let’s see, I send e-mail links to my favorite spankings on Spanking Tube to get the juices flowing. I put “ha, ha” sticky notes on the things around the house I didn’t do that I was supposed to do. Since my man is OCD, I rearrange his perfectly organized shoes in the closet--I find that hilarious, actually. I put my thong in his underwear drawer. I remind him that I still didn’t make him his favorite cookies, and I leave the cookie press he bought me two years ago out on the counter. I hand scrub floors wearing only a thong. I put a whoopee cushion on his chair at the dinner table. I mimic his accent…..and if all that still doesn’t do the trick, I wiggle my bare butt right in his face. Of course, all that only goes down when the kids are out of the house. LOL That’s our biggest challenge.

Imintril said...

I do wish there were ways I could "misbehave" and get a spanking. However, I usually have to come out and ask. No amount of bottom wriggling gets noticed. Even permission, and requests, that I be given spankings at random intervals, goes unheeded. I like some of the ideas above for how to ask. It's always been a difficult prospect to ask for a spanking face-to-face. I want to feel some sort of inevitability about it, and that won't happen asking that way. Perhaps an email, or one of those spanking cards, earlier during the day will allow me to build up that sense of inevitability before my wife gets home. And then, mmmm, the feel of hand to rear.

Dr. Ken said...

I'm always more than happy to dish out a spanking, so it really doesn't take much. If it's a "good girl" spanking, just ask me or say, "I need a spanking." If you feel the need to do something to deserve it, just sticking out your tongue at me will do the trick!

Dr. Ken

Betina said...

I have been creative on a few ocations. Here some of my best.

In December one year I sent him a letter from "Santa" (stamp and all) informing him that his wife had ended up on the naughty list, and that the jolly fellow himself was to busy to take care of matters. In the letter was also a few hints of how to best deal with a naughty wife. A long with that I put a new paddle in his stocking with a tag saying "handcaraftet by elves"

Another was when he got a pair of new slippers for his birthday. I copied the product decription on the pc and made a new one saying: "Dear customer. congratulations on your new purchase. These slippers are a quality product that we are very proud of. They are made of quality materials and have a very comfortable and flexible sole. Used properly we guarantee that they will efficiently warm your feet, as well as your naughty wife’s bottom, for many years ahead. (namebrand) customer service

If roleplay is an option I once sent a confirmation letter from a maid service and showed up late at the door in full french maid outfit. Let's just say that I didn't do that good a job and paid the price.

Have fun - it worked for me!

LU said...

hmmm, for me i guess i have never technically asked for it.....according to RU anyway, who is right next to me..... I did surprise him once, when he walked in the door i was bent over the kitchen table in a t shirt, and some thigh high socks with the impliments on the table next to me... if that is not asking for it i really don't know what is. since we are a long distance couple, there is not much chance of asking for it. i know it is coming....LOL. my bottom is a bit sore at the moment as a matter of fact.


Lady Koregan said...

little bunny and I have comedy night. I don't like puns. I consider most of them criminal, and some of them nearly capital.

At the same time, bunny wanted a way to playfully get "in trouble" (or danger, as we say to distinguish between play and discipline.) He feels bratting is disrespectful so he didn't want to do that, but he wanted a "safe" way to signal that his tail needed some attention.

So we came up with comedy night. When he's feeling playful he'll post a string of really bad jokes or spring one on me during a conversation.

I reward these little bits of wit with what I call "the sound of one hand clapping." Which, oddly enough, sounds exactly like a ping pong paddle striking bare skin.

Ms. Betty

morningstar said...

i am not sure i would call it "creative".......

but when the world becomes too much.. when my stress levels hit boiling point..

then my Sir knows the best way to right me.. to plant my feet firmly on the ground.. to settle me down.. is to whoop my ass.... and then hold me and cuddle me and let me cry it all out.

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Beki said...

At our house if I want a spanking I will hang a dish towel from the handle of the upper cabinets in our kitchen. Once I thoughtlessly looped a hand towel through the handle of a drawer. Apparently that was close enough.

Anonymous said...

Master Anakin has left his belt out on our nightstand as a way to let me know he wants to spank me or motivate me to get something done. I usually come out and tell him when I need a spanking. I have written him blog posts about it or twittered him about it letting him know or sometimes just an e-mail. I've also come right out and told him that I needed it and have gotten very good about that through the years.

There have been times that I have gotten the toys out also and laid them out for him and just bent my bottom over the bed and begged him for a spanking. That works too! :)


Anonymous said...

First, my boyfriend is very private, so posting here on Sundays is one way of my asking for a spanking.
Second, as I imagine others share, if I wear the schoolgirl outfit I'm sure to get a caning, and my cheerleader's outfit always gets me a paddling.
Probably my most creative "request" was years ago when I was trying to overcome my shyness and make it as an actress in L.A. I borrowed my boyfriend's sportscar, returned it without a scratch, but tearfully told him that I'd totalled it. When he ascertained that I was uninjured by whiplash, only feeling huge guilt, he spanked me for what he thought was a sound lesson. As he stood me back up, I told him that I'd made the whole thing. His jaw dropped, and I got a really sound, inspired leathering with his belt. It was one of my most memorable experiences over the knee.
Jean Marie

Sarah Jane said...

My favorite is the time I waited, panties down and skirt up, bent over the edge of the couch with a strap laid next to me, for my then-partner to get home from work... My request was unmistakable!

**Hi everyone, I mean to participate every week and forget!**

Unknown said...

Thought I'd commented yesterday, but don't see me here! I don't have to ask. Mr.D is always on the lookout for a good excuse to spank me, even if the reason is, "Because it was there," meaning my backside. I have been known to bend over in front of him, or to pull down my pants, or to go over his knee. It doesn't take much provocation. He's ALWAYS willing to stop what he's doing to spank my bottom!!

kathy whitt said...

i used the survey that was here a few weeks ago to tell partner thought was something we needed to addd

seems it worked since he wants a discussion of the ideas i gave as answers

Throck said...

I agree with Daisychain and Handsdown that asking negates some of the shock experience that is wonderful in spanking. I like to feel like a naughty boy, caught off guard, and I don't like to ask. However, my wife C is rather vanilla and needs encouragement. I have sent her some blog posts, and that worked very nicely once. I thought about a "naughty book" where I could record misdeeds and have it reviewed by C periodically, and get appropriately spanked, but I got mixed reviews on that idea from other spanking aficionados. There are some great ideas here that I will have to try. I especially liked Perfectdt's idea.

Great question.


Anonymous said...

Because I'm in a fairly new relationship and we're still exploring what works and doesn't work for us (with spanking as well as every other aspect of a relationship) I'm still at the stage where I'll ask or suggest. I'm hoping I can use some of these ideas in the future though, so thanks for the advice!

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