Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is either a post about nothing in particular or about six posts in one. I'll let you choose.

This post is #1100 for MBS. That isn't a particularly noteworthy milestone, but it does seem like a lot of words. Every once in a while, a reader tells me that they have read the entire blog. It makes me tired to even consider such an endeavor, but I have to appreciate their devotion and tenacity!

I was pleased by the excellent turnout and great responses at brunch. I knew, based upon a previous poll, that many readers were concerned about maintaining their security and privacy on the internet. I felt as though their worry was legitimate, but not proportionate. As our brunch crew confirmed, with the aid of a few reasonable safeguards, blogging can be safe.

So, for those who yearn to be a spanko blogger, the door is open and the welcome mat is out. We'd love to hear your exciting stories, thoughtful poems, midnight inspirations, and random musings.

Speaking of which, I've had the pleasure of talking with a number of great new spanking bloggers lately. Our community truly has something for every spanking enthusiast! I encourage you to investigate some blogs you haven't visited before. I wouldn't be surprised if you discover a new favorite.

Back in the first year of this blog, I had a feature called the Spankologue. Basically, I would introduce three or four spanking blogs every week and provide brief descriptions. I am considering reviving this idea in some form. There are some truly excellent blogs that just don't get much traffic. I worry that these bloggers will grow tired of feeling as though they are writing for no one.

A friend asked me a question recently for which I don't have an answer. The subject is a diabetic spankee. Specifically, should she limit her play and if so, in what ways? What special health and safety considerations apply? If anyone has knowledge in this area, please let me know and I will pass it on.

I enjoyed the discussion about links. About 90% of the readers who answered the poll thought that 282 links was not too many. Presumably, the current count of 287 is also all right. This verdict backs up both past survey results and my decidedly unscientific impressions of e-mail on the topic.

There was a lot of interest in organizing the links. I concur, but I haven't devised a scheme better than the simplistic and labor-intensive one I currently use. What I would really like is what I had for a couple of years before the Blogrolling service spontaneously disintegrated. I would like an alphabetized list that is easy to maintain and shows when a blog has been recently updated.

As it happens, Blogger provides just such a facility. Unfortunately, I cannot use it without upgrading my ancient template. This change would force me to basically rebuild the page contents. This task and even a remote prospect of losing nearly four years of content are enough to scare me off.

For the time being, at least, I plan to continue with the status quo.

Have I ever mentioned that I really like a good hard spanking? I did? OK, never mind...

Dante published a very interesting post recently about attracting readers to a blog. I like his suggestions and recommend his article. But my viewpoint is slightly different. In terms of building a readership, getting people in the door for the first time is the easy part. The bigger challenge is to keep them coming back again and again. The three best strategies here are content, content, and content. Readers like quality features that are on topic and refreshed regularly.

Thomas recently touched the proverbial third rail of adult blogging. We all know, but few of us ever discuss the reality that there are underage readers. I salute his courage for taking on this touchy topic.

I suppose I could try to mitigate my complicity by observing that nothing here at MBS is obscene. There are no photographs of naked people copulating, or doing anything else for that matter. The tutorials are intended to keep people out of trouble and not lure them into it. Even the risque stories depict people who love and care about one another. The descriptions are no more graphic than those found in many romance novels.

But that's a cop-out. These are kids we're discussing. In many cases, they are not ready for adult conversations, no matter how constructive they may be.

Parental controls are too easily circumvented. Censorship is far worse than the problem we seek to address. Kids are unable to police themselves. So what can we do? I think the ultimate responsibility falls upon parents. Just as in the real world, parents need to know where their children are going online and with whom. As with every relationship, there is no substitute for talking.

OK, here's the hard part. If you're underage and reading this, please know that this place is not for you. It's not that we don't care about you. In fact, it's precisely the opposite. It's OK that you have sexual feelings. Everyone does. At this stage of your life, the best way to deal with those feelings is to talk about them with someone responsible. If some of the details are too embarrassing, then leave those out for now. But by all means, find an adult you trust and confide in them. Most likely, they will tell you that the way you feel is normal and just part of becoming a man or woman. Above all, please be safe. Your future is too important to sacrifice for a momentary thrill.

On a lighter note, a man e-mailed me yesterday wanting to know whether he could “enterview” me. My first thought was, “No, that's Randy's domain.” My second thought was, “Anyone who can't spell a common word isn't likely to get my story straight.” Next, I wondered whether this person was not a native English speaker and perhaps made a simple mistake. Finally, I decided that since we're going on vacation in a few days, I don't have time for an enterview right now.

Yes, we're taking a vacation. We have tickets for a summer theater festival. No B&B accommodation this time though. The walls are way too thin! So if things seem a little quiet around MBS, fear not. We're still spanking.


Angie said...

Regarding the diabetes question.

Well, a lot of 'if's' with that...

The biggest in my opinion being if she is already have significant circulation problems, and has noticed that she is having trouble healing, or sores/cuts that won't heal or close.

Bonnie said...

Angie: Yes, I believe that may be the case, although I don't know to what degree. Thanks for your help.

Ms. Betty said...

Greetings Bonnie, I don't comment often but I wanted to tell you that I have in fact spanked a diabetic so I can give you some insight here.

Angie is right on, you do have to watch out for circulation issues. In most cases a few small bruises may be okay, but under no circumstances should you allow play to break the skin. Avoid harsh floggers, whips, canes, and sharp edges/corners.

Never, ever strike the calves or feet, even lightly.

Do not bind the feet or ankles.

Watch sugar levels closely. Something about the intensity of some play can lead to sudden drops. Be prepared to handle them. I always had orange juice in the fridge when my diabetic friend came to visit.

Never leave the bottom unattended, bound or not.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of right now.

Ms. Betty

Anonymous said...

Ms. Betty pretty well nailed it.
Furthermore, I applaud anyone, professional or otherwise, who takes a reasonably comprehensive (written) health history before initially engaging in play. To do otherwise could lead to a perilous scenario. You'd want to be sufficiently medically well versed to ask a diabetic about recent A1c levels, as well as obtaining blood glucose levels from a reliable glucometer before initiating a scene. Anyone falling outside what they know to be their acceptable range should postpone the session. Individuals with peripheral vascular circulatory manifestations of Type 1 diabetes mellitus should heed Ms. Betty's advice above. And as also noted above, having juice, glucose tablets or cake frosting on hand in anticipation of a "low" is also advisable.

One additional medical caveat not related to diabetes concerns anticoagulants. Certain conditions requiring Coumadin and periodic INR tests could completely contraindicate even the mildest forms of play. Patients on Plavix, however, which some cardiologists consider to be a "glorified aspirin," have less to worry about, though they'll most likely need to observe an upper level of severity and choose implements offering limited potential for subcutaneous hemorrhage.

Irelynn said...

That was an interesting post, Bonnie! I hope you and Randy have lots of fun on your vacation, a summer theater festival sounds really good!

Terpsichore said...

Have a wonderful vacation! Hugs, Terps :-)

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

I think that reviving "Spankalogue" sound like a good way to give the new bloggers an extra boost. I'm also still investigating alternate blogroll utilities.

Have a wonderful vacation!


Tiggs said...

We ALL out here in spanko-blogger land have SO MUCH to thank you for, Bonnie (and Randy, too, for being so patient and tolerant and selfless!).

You've inspired each and every one of us in one way or another (or a million)... please enjoy your time off and don't give a thought to the blogs until you return. You deserve every free moment that you get!!!!

Biggest hugs and much love!

Daisychain said...

Bonnie, Have a wonderful, refreshing, relaxing, spakful holiday!! I wish you both a safe journey and look forward to hearing about it on your return!
Hugs and much love, Daisy

ronnie said...

Bonnie, sorry can't help with the diabetic question.

Look forward to the Spankologue if you do decide to revive it, sounds good.

Hope you both have a wonderful vacation.

Thank Bonnie.


Florida Dom said...

Bonnie: Have a great vacation and congrats on 1100 posts. That's amazing. Your dedication is amazing and you've meant so much to this community.


Greenwoman said...

Bonny, I was thinking that you might employ a reliable service subby to do this reorganization you'd love to enjoy so you can employ the newest blogger update to the blog rolls. I'm sure there'd be a whole host of very trustworthy folks who'd adore the chance to help you update MBS.

In a recent yahoo group, there was a similar desire to access archives and have links going that could be updated after easily once the thing was created. Its unfolding slowly but efficiently through the efforts of folks in the community who have the skills to do that for the group site. There's been no breaches of privacy as a result too.

Just a thought you might want to consider.

handsdown said...

Hi Bonnie, Thanks for posting that question.

AND, thank you all for the advice. My circulation is very good, but I'm on 81mg asprin a day, and I bleed easy anyway--I'm a redhead; so bruising is a little scary for me. I've already done fine with minor bruising, but my partner is very careful--perhaps more careful than I'd like.

I especially appreciate the advice about the low blood sugar. I didn't know a session could lower it. My sugars are kept at normal--usually around 5.5 A1C and under 130 for any given reading. I do have trouble with lows, however; so the warning to monitor the levels before and after is a good one. I'm type 2, by the way.

Again, thank you all for the advice; and thank you, Bonnie for posting the question.

Now to you, Bonnie. Have a spanking good vacation. ;)

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