Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Independence Day

What's that? Another holiday so soon after Consensual Spanking Day?

Yes, for those of us in the United States, it's Independence Day. This is a holiday to commemorate the founding of our republic. It's also a fine day for a parade, a picnic, and a fireworks show.

On this Independence Day, we celebrate freedom of many sorts. Freedom of speech, religion, press, and association are all pillars of our democracy. We also salute the many contributions and sacrifices of citizens who established and protected these freedoms.

But there are other, more individual freedoms that we spankos can recognize. It's great, for example, to be free from inhibitions that might otherwise prevent us from enjoying this favorite pastime. We can also celebrate freedom from the belief that in order to be equal, women must always be strong. I am particularly proud to be free to explore my sexuality at home with Randy and, in a somewhat different fashion, here on this blog.

It's an exquisite irony that I should use my precious freedom to choose to be submissive. But having the ability to choose makes the choice itself all the more meaningful.

Happy July 4th!


Hermione said...

Happy Independence Day, Bonnie. All those of us reading here are indeed lucky to be able to enjoy our preferences and express our sexuality. Freely choosing to be submissive also illustrates strength.


sixofthebest said...

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day July 4th 2009. I agree with you Bonnie. One of those freedoms is having a 'Spanking good time'. So here's to you Bonnie. May it always be 'six of the best', with the cane on your voluptous bare bottom.

Anonymous said...

Happy July 4th, Independence Day! We love the freedom for you to post this blog for us to enjoy. Thank YOU!

We took the opertunity to celebrate and enjoy some spanking, sexual freedom, and the freedom to spend the day naked in the sun.

Meow said...

Hope your Independence Day was filled with fun! Your post was thoughtful and a good reminder to be grateful for our liberties! Meow

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