Friday, June 12, 2009

Poem: Thinking about a Spanking

Randy promised me a good spanking tonight. As you can probably discern, I'm really looking forward to it!

Thinking about a Spanking

Pondering, wandering, in a trance
Sitting, waiting, lost my pants
Soon we'll start our spanking dance
Nothing can be left to chance

Humming, tapping, sing along
Old familiar bedroom song
I want you to come on strong
That is why I wore this thong

Spanking makes my heart beat fast
Unleashing needs deep and vast
Fate is sealed and die is cast
Time is almost here at last

Hear the sound of our front door
Now my spirits start to soar
Want it all and even more
Let’s go down in spanking lore

Now you are right next to me
And your lust is plain to see
For my lock, you have the key
But first I go over knee

Rubbing round and round, such fun
Soon I’ll be a conquest won
Slap a little, swat a ton
Hold me tight until you’re done

Whacking, stinging, burning heat
Give it rhythm, keep the beat
Striking hard upon my seat
Ow! That hurts, for love of Pete

Feel the wallop, love it so
Now my rear begins to glow
Hard is good, I’m sure you know
Make your mark and let it show

Bottom soft and paddle firm
On your lap, I serve my term
Make me cringe and watch me squirm
With your spanks, our love confirm

All spanked out, there’s no more fight
Proved your point, I know you’re right
Sate my carnal appetite
Take me, hold me, all the night


Anonymous said...

very good indeed. hope the main event lives up to its eulogy, which I am sure it will do.

Does it have title..The Ballad of Bonnie's Burning Bottom ?


Sara said...

That was great Bonnie! Hope your night was too!

ronnie said...

Lovely Bonnie, hope you had a very good night.


Hermione said...

Bonnie - A great poem, and a great prelude to an exciting evening. I like R's title. When can we download it to our ipods?


Miss Jules said...

Oh, yay. I love spanking poems.. my attempts always turn out to cheesy, though. Well done.

Penfold said...

Cool Poem Bonnie,

We to hope you had a good evning, hope to hear about it to,

Bear and Pnefold xx

Daisychain said...

Great poem, Bon....well written and so you really were on edge waiting...and, knowing Randy, you will by now have had the time of your life, and I bet, a surprise or two!!!xxx

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