Sunday, March 15, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #165

Welcome back to our weekly cyber-spanko gathering. Our topic this week comes straight from the MBS mailbag.

Do you and your partner ever mix tickling with spanking? If so, how does tickling change your spanking experience? If not, would you consider trying this combination?

If you would like to respond to our question, I invite you to enter a comment below. Once everyone has had an opportunity to speak, I will post an edited summary of our conversation.


RPT (Fred Bloggs) said...

We are both dreadfully ticklish, and we both hate it, so no we don't.

However it does make for an interesting threat. Behave or you get tickled!

Dante d'Amore said...

No outright tickling the way I would do with my son where I want to get him laughing hysterically, but I can't resist the occasional little rub on the bottom of her feet with the riding crop or other toy just to keep her edgy & jumpy. I've noticed the endorphins tend to flow stronger if I can keep her a bit off guard and tense because she doesn't know what i=s coming next or when it's coming or how many are coming [insert evil grin].

Mixing in various sensations that aren't painful, such as a tickle or lightly tracing the contours of her body with the tip of the cane, etc., helps accomplish that and makes it more fun for me as well.

While such things often tickle a bit, I rarely do it with the goal of only tickling her. But there are times when I do like to make her jump with a well placed tickle. :)

Hermione said...

Tickling sometimes happens as part of the cuddling we enjoy before and after a spanking, but it isn't something either of us does intentionally, as a rule.

The last time Ron used the dressage whip, he tickled my ear with the tip in between sets of very hard strokes. It was an unusual and unexpected combination, and it made us both laugh and relax.


iggy said...

Actual tickling. NO way. I'm very ticklish and hate being tickled. It's torture. I'd be seriously annoyed if someone started tickling me on purpose and wouldn't stop.

Now, softer sensations that sort of have a ticklish aspect to them as well (like fingernails running lightly over the back or bottom) I'm totally OK with. YUM!

Tiggs said...

I HATE when he does that, at least as far as the tickling part goes, especially on the bottoms of my feet!

Those are the most ticklish parts of me, and he usually does it when I'm restrained, so I can't do a damn thing about it... ARGH!

But yes, it is just one of a myriad of things he does to enhance the spanking, and especially to increase the endorphins and keep me from figuring out exactly what he has planned for me at any given time!

And I love him for being so clever... if only he'd stay away from my feet, lol!

susie Q said...

hi bonnie,

i used to have a blog, last year, my blushing bottom, i got side tracked. i'm back with the focus of enhancing my submissive nature and i've asked Tha' Daddy to be an author. my question to you is - how do i get more readers? thanks, susie Q

MarQe's Study said...

Thanks for the link !! I will reciprocate !! Ticklinng ?? Oh no it drives me nuts !!

Mija said...

Pab doesn't like being tickled so I don't do it to him, even if I want him to spank me.

I do actually like the helpless feeling of being tickled just enough. But because he doesn't like being tickled, P never thinks to do it to me. And since it isn't much of a kink, I never think to remind him.

A.S.S. said...

Actually working on a post about this topic. A little while back Suzy and our friend Amber (from snagged the 'Holey Paddle' and decorated it with plastic flowers by tying the flowers through the holes.
This bit of bratting earned them each a spanking... with said paddle, flowers still attached. While the flowers made no difference when the paddle was being used to spank... hard spanks were still very much felt... the flowers definitely created a very uncomfortable tickling sensation when the paddle was slowly dragged right above the skin.

Got quite the reaction, and neither girl enjoyed the feeling on just spanked skin.

First time we've ever done something like this, but certainly added something to the mix. Not sure actual straight on tickling would work for us. But when it can be included in a spanking like it worked out this last time... it is interesting.

Todd (and Suzy)


I am increadably ticklish, especially around the mid rift. I never mention this but every top seems to work it out pretty fast. It is kind of fun and it is nice to have a little humerus play in a spanking but it can become a bit irritating if it is overdone.

susie Q - for a start you could make your profile public so people can track to your blog when you leave comments on other blogs.


Dr. Ken said...

The short answer is, no. Occasionally, if I'm rubbing someone's bottom lightly during a spanking, it will create a ticklish feeling for them. But I never do it intentionally and has usually proven to be unwanted.

Miss Jules said...

Tickling doesn't happen as a part of the spanking for me and him. However, I often get myself into a playful bottom-warming by tickling him until he turns the tables on me and I end up getting tickled and over his knee.

Anonymous said...

First time posting:

Bonnie your site is a God send to me. My wife came out to me about six months ago, and I have looked to you and the group for guidance and direction in this process.

This subject finally got me to post. It's funny, my wife loves to be spanked and quite hard, but thinks tickling is some form of highly unpleasant torture. I on the other hand am about as vanilla as possible on spanking, but think that tickling is a nice part of cuddling.

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