Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Nov 16

Our topic this week was strange or silly excuses for a spanking. Here are your responses.

Spanky: That's a tough one. We don't really need to justify our fun spanking time, since we do it everyday. In fact, we need justification to not do it!

Maybe the funniest reason for giving a discipline spanking is Kallisto talking back to the TV, which drives me nuts.

Mrs. Smith: Okay, this is a little embarrassing. But it seriously had me going.

Scott and I were lying in bed and the contents of my nose required urgent attention. The solution I chose made him SO disgusted and enraged. I don't mean enraged like seriously fuming mad, but he was a little mad. He spanked me right then and there. He started going on about having a sanitary environment for the baby. I thought it was hilarious because one measly booger is not something I think is disgustingly unsanitary.

I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. But I thought it was funny. I never expected him to be so upset about it.

I was laughing at him the whole time he was spanking me because I thought it was ridiculous.

Todd and Suzy: We come up with quite a few silly reasons to spank. Even a playful spanking works better if there is a reason for it. We once bet on the pizza delivery guy. If he was early or on-time, Suzy got a good-girl spanking. But if he was late, it was a much harder spanking (though still a playful one).

Well, the guy was late, and Suzy gave him a pretty hard time. She didn't tell the guy WHY. He just thought she was a bit anal about the whole "30 minutes or less." LOL He even gave her a discount (which was added to his tip). It made for a fun and silly spanking.

"Thirty minutes or less, or we take the spanking for you…" The profit potential is staggering!

Anon #1: I never needed an excuse. When I'm with a girl who shares my, um, sexual eccentricities, shall we say, we just do it.

Sadly, I've never been in a relationship long enough to do much more experimenting than that. I'm on the young side, in case you can't tell.

Dr. Ken: I know I've used "Because I want to" as an excuse, which seems perfectly legitimate to me.

Of course, one time, I started to pull a lady with whom I was in love over my knee. She said, "But I haven't done anything!" I replied, "Yeah, but you're probably going to."

Paul: I think the silliest thing Mel was spanked for was for losing at Snap, which is a small child's card game. We often did silly things like that just to start playing. Any excuse will do to start playing, or indeed none.

RPT: "I think you need a spanking."
"You just do."
"Mad passionate sex after?"
"Of course!"

morningstar: Sir does not require a "reason" to spank. It happens because He wants to.

But I can give you an example of a spanking that never seemed to stop, and the amusing reason...

Sir and I were at a public play party. We had waited for quite some time to finally have our "time" with a piece of the large equipment, a spanking bench. Trust me when I say I HATE spanking benches. So I was being as good as gold, hoping and praying that it will soon be over – this spanking bench, ass in the air, exposed for a public spanking.

I figured I was pretty much maintaining my composure when Sir leaned down and asked "Who loves you?" This is always His test of how far gone I am. He judges the tone of my voice, the way I answer, and if indeed I answer at all.

I answered as per the script, "My Sir loves me." For some reason, Sir leaned in again and asked, “How do you know?”

My head shot up and I looked at Him like He might somehow have grown two heads. “How do I know?”

All the while, the paddle was beating my ass...

“How do I know???!!!”

I couldn't think fast enough. I was getting a wee bit stressed. So I asked, "May I have a hint please, Sir?"

Sir replied, "With pleasure." So I waited for an answer. Sir continued to hit with the paddle, and they were rather sharp, hard, well placed hits (I might add).

"How do you know?" was asked again. And, again, I hadn't a clue what He wanted me to say.

I pleaded again, "May I have a hint please, Sir?"

Nothing. Not a word was spoken. But the paddle continued to rain down blows on my ass, faster and harder.

I felt it bubbling up inside. As I opened my mouth to ask again for a hint, I started to giggle, and giggle some more, and then down right belly laugh.

Sir was grinning and paddling. The dungeon monitors came over to see whether I was OK. Sir went through the dialogue for them, and they started grinning. All the while the paddle was paddling, and Sir was saying "how, how, how?"

By this point, I was howling with laughter. Tears rolled down my cheeks with laughter. I asked one more time... “HINT? Please, Sir?”

The dungeon monitor took pity on me (and the other participants) and whispered in my ear, "Because he beats your ass."

That scene was probably one of the longest I have had with Sir, in public anyway, and it was all because I couldn't take a hint!

Anon #2: While bent tightly over his knee, I asked, "Just what am I being spanked for?'
His reply was, "Nothing. That super sexy bottom in those tight jeans is just too tempting not to spank."

That was a nice compliment, but the spanking stung like hell.

Hermione: My husband is very particular about our cars. Ron watches me as I back out of the driveway each morning. If I haven't done it to his satisfaction, I can expect a phone call shortly after I arrive at the office. He describes exactly what I did wrong. Because there's no privacy at work, all I dare to say is, "I guess I'm in trouble."

Also vehicle-related is his inspection of the car when I return, especially if I have driven any distance. Besides the usual check for nicks, dents or scratches, he looks for signs that birds have been using the car for target practice. If he thinks I have intentionally parked under the flight path of Canada geese, he isn't pleased. "You'll have to spank me," I say sweetly, and he laughs.

For at least six months of the year I can always say, as we cuddle, that I'm cold and need him to warm me up. Ron makes sure a certain part of my body gets very hot in no time, and that the rest of me gets toasty warm too.

K: We don't really need an excuse for a spanking. We both enjoy it, so we do it. I do like a bit of talk during a spanking, though. The best spanking talk was about all the kinky things I like that make me a 'naughty girl'. Of course, Hubby had me tied down and was doing all those naughty things to me in between spanks.

Abby Williams: Hello! Sorry I missed LOL Day, plus about six months of blogging and blog-reading... But I guess I love spanking very much, because when it leaves me be, I just keep coming back!

When Mr. W. and I first moved in together, we went out and bought a few new spanking toys right away. Our living situation being new, however, it was hard to know just how to work spanking into our daily lives. But, being me, I found a way in no time.
The first time I tried to do laundry in our new house, I couldn't figure out how to turn on the washer.

It was my first time using a washer that didn't require quarters! I'd never had one in my home before. So I had to call him over to show me how to get it started. He showed me, and then he showed me what happens when I ignore the directions printed in bold right in front of me. Clean clothes and a red bottom in one fell swoop!

It’s wonderful to hear from you, Abby!

Claire: I guess we don't really have to have a reason. Our spankings are really playful and there are no big lectures. But it builds the anticipation if he can think of something to tell me why I'll get a spanking. I guess our reasons are more spurious that funny or interesting. This week I dropped the conditioner off the bath as I was reaching for it. Because he is lovely he picked it up for me rather than me getting out of the bath to retrieve it but was told I'd get a spanking for it on Friday - and I did!

Occasionally, I get to spank him so bad typos earn him the promise of a spanking. Like using "your" when it should be "you're."

p.s. I'm a bit of a lurker although think I have commented once before!

Lurker or not, you’re always welcome here, Claire!

Lee: This is a new part of our relationship. I tend to get spanked for being "dirty," or something like that. I do recall one time when I was spanked for getting him naked (which apparently was not allowed), and another for NOT getting him naked. Of course, when I mentioned the rule change, I got more spanks...

Girl: Well, aside from "’Cause I wanna," I've been spanked for a few silly-esque reasons.

My favourite was the ice cube tray. You see, Sir finally bought ice cube trays after MONTHS of buying ice, which we both agreed was silly. Unfortunately, because they were a new addition to the house, I'd often take the ice out and leave the trays on the counter.

Now, because these trays are made from a particular type of plastic, the fruit flies really like them. The house is infested, and we don't know why. WE NEVER LEAVE FOOD OUT. But, if we do, they're there. I guess they think the ice cube trays are food...

So, as I was lying on the bed with my bum in the air, reading my book, I felt a tap on my rump from the crop, and not the fun crop. "Hello Sir," I said, innocently turning over. He told me to turn back over and made me put my bum in the air. Then he told me why I was going to get spanked.

"Not only did you not refill the ice cube trays after using them, they attracted fruit flies. There were eight fruit flies, so when I spank you will count flies. You will say 'One fruit fly. Thank you, Sir. May I have another?'"

And I did. I didn't giggle, but I kinda wanted to. After an interruption by the phone, he asked me where we were. I said "I believe the fifth fruit fly, Sir." He too tried to not grin too much, and kept on with my punishment.

Damned fruit flies.

Prefectdt: I must confess that I am a bit of a hairy bear. I think 90 % of the women with whom I have ever played have at some point turned the hairbrush over and used the bristle side to brush the hair on my back.

Once, after doing this, one spanker suggested that I should get spanked for hairs left in the brush. Thinking that I never shed much body hair, I suggested ten swats on the sweet spot for every hair found. I thought she would find one, or maybe two hairs. She found eight dark curlies. So I received 80 b*&%£*y hard swats with the wood side of the brush, alternating on either side of my sweet spot.

Oh! She did laugh, both at my attitude and the extreme alternative lap dance that I was performing.

You live and learn. Well, you live anyway :-)

Greenwoman: Usually, I get spankings from my husband because I'm teasing him in some way. When he's had enough, he playfully grabs me for some spanks. It seems that each man with whom I've had a spanking relationship, those are the ways I earn silly spankings. I'm an insufferable tease.

Both M and my husband have very sensitive nipples. I am always teasing about touching them. This gets me some spanks most days. But they are usually light. It’s only the sexy ones that are stingy and painful.

Thomas: At the last Texas Allstate, I met Todd and Suzy for the first time. We talked about a lot of things, including my implements and theirs. At one point, when we were both outside by the pool, Suzy asked me over to show me the ASS paddle that they received from PaddleMaster. She handed it to me and I gave it a few test swats on my hand, testing the feel.

It was at that moment that another person at the table pointed out that Suzy had called a known Top over to her table and then put a paddle in his hand. Her insinuation, of course, was that it may have been a subtle hint.

It was all the encouragement that I needed.

Littlest Angel: The silliest excuse for I have been spanked is caffeine abuse. Specifically, I spilled coke/coffee, which is Shutter's choice of drink. However, now that our carpets have been replaced (long story), it's quite a good thing that we're careful with not only our caffeinated beverages, but with all drinks.

Sandy: I was laughing at Mrs. Smith's reason. Hey, we're all human and in the privacy of our own homes and rooms...

Anyway, it kind of reminded me that Rad HATES when I burp. I have four brothers (who do much more disgusting things), so I've never really been all that genteel among family and close friends. He actually hasn't spanked me for this in a while (I'm TRYING to do better), but he has on several occasions ordered me to go get the wooden spoon...

Marcus: I am not sure if this is silly or not, but Deborah and I like to play a game where we each have to answer each other's questions. If we get one wrong, we have to pick a number. The number has a punishment it represents. It is a very fun game.

We also play guess the number. It is organized like this 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6. If I say 1 and her number was 2, I still get it right. When an incorrect answer is given, the "unfortunate" answer-giver has to choose a random number representing a punishment. It is a fun way to earn a bottom blistering! Fortunately, it doesn't have to be administered all at once. Deborah and I tend to spread it out, especially since we usually get up to 300 or 400 swats each. Not to mention hours of corner time!

This was a very fun topic! Thank you!

Michelle: Punishment spankings don't work for us, even as play scenarios, because I enjoy it too much. So, we've instituted "good girl spankings" for when I've done something horrid like clean the house too much!

There's usually mild castigation such as, "I don't want you vacuuming like that ever again!" that leaves us giggling amongst the swats.

Bonnie: Randy is a fountain of frivolous spanking justifications. I could write an entire post about this subject (and maybe I should). Here are a dozen of his favorites: It’s the weekend, my choice of underwear, my bottom looks nice, it’s been too long, we have some time to kill, we’re going somewhere, we’re staying home, the power went out, we have a new implement, it’s a milestone for the blog, I look like I need it, he wants to make love, and so on…

Thanks to everyone who came out for brunch this week. I hope you’ll join us again next Sunday for more talk about the spankings in our lives.

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