Monday, August 11, 2008

In with the New: Back to School Edition

For those new to MBS, In with the New is a regular feature where where we recognize some of the newest members of our community. It is my pleasure to introduce eleven new spanking-oriented blogs. I hope you will visit and enjoy them.

Cowgirl's Spanking Journey
Leia's New Musings
Shiny Stuff
Over The Knee Spanking Blog
Katisms: Ramblings of an Uberbrat
Scarlett's Letters
Spanking Mrs. Smith
Spanking Sandy
Spanking Sarah Gregory
The Rancher's Wife
True Confessions of a Lifelong Spankaholic

As you explore these blogs, I encourage you to leave comments. New bloggers are typically starved for feedback. They don't know whether they are doing things right or if anyone is even out there. Your timely words of support can make the difference between a successful blog and an abandoned effort.

To these new bloggers, let me bid you welcome to our community. I look forward to watching your blogs grow and thrive. I hope you find the spanko blogging experience as rewarding as I have!

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Serpent's Embrace said...


Thank you for the new spanking blogs! I will visit and link to them.

As far as I know, Brigid from The Rancher's Wife moved to Brigid's Taken In Hand.



Thomas_III said...

I'm sure that Joyce (of Scarlett's Letters) will appreciate the mention. Like Cookie, she is a special woman in my life, and finds her away across my knees often. ;)

cowgirl6510 said...

Wow, Thank you Bonnie! I thought I would stop by and see what was new here, and to my suprise, I saw my blog mentioned. Have a great day!

A.S.S. said...

Great job, Bonnie. You got some really good new blogs listed. Do hope folks will leave comments!

Todd and Suzy

Paul said...

Bonnie, your combing of spanking blogs is always appreciated, thank you.
Warm hugs,

Mr. Shiny said...

Ooh - advertisement. How cool.
Thank you Ma'am. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out Bonnie! :)

~Kat xx

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