Sunday, February 10, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #108

Welcome back, everyone! It's time for brunch and I'm glad you stopped by. Our question this week comes from our friend Prefectdt.

Do you play outside the home? If so, what sort of environment do you prefer? How do you find good places to play?

If you would like to add your thoughts to our brunch discussion, I invite you to leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a message on your own blog. Once everyone has had their say, I will publish an edited summary of the proceedings. I look forward to reading about your insights and experiences.


Jessica said...

Hmm, let's see. I've played... softball, volleyball and musical instruments outside of the home. Ooohhh, you mean *PLAY*. I wouldn't mind being watching live play, but I couldn't possibly bare my bottom in public. I am pretty shy and my body is one only a husband can love. :-)


wilhelmina said...

Hotels are the obvious place away from home where play happens but I wouldn't mind some outdoor play amongst nature. Especially where a cool breeze can blow over my warmed bottom. With no one about of course. *blush*


JmyRPT said...

We played along a muddy track in the middle of English countryside a few months back. (The idea was better than the execution.)

We have also been going to a nude spa where folk 'play' in all sorts of ways.

We played on holiday in the hotel bedroom.

I think we are up for it almost anywhere, just give us some ideas.

Hermione said...

This question can have two meanings: playing in a location other than our house, or playing away with other people. The answer to both is "No". We play only with each other, at home.


Paul said...

Bonnie, hotels of course, often.
Outdoors was always a turn on, let me think, the New Forest, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Yorkshire Dales, Scottish Glens and Highlands, isolated beaches. On foreign holiday, mostly indoors.
It certainly adds a certain frisson to the game, the possibility of being caught, not exactly red handed. Chuckles!!
Warm hugs,

Terpsichore said...

If the question is interpreted as a place away with other people the answer is no...this is something special shared only between my husband and me. If the question is interpreted as a place outside of the home then the answer in currently no; however the idea of being outdoors with noone around has a certain romantic appeal, and once our children are a little bit older going away to a hotel where we can enjoy some time together just the two of us has definite possibilities. :-) Best wishes, Terpsichore

Lori said...

We are too new at this to have any out-the-home experiences. We just haven't gone anywhere but, we are planning a "spanking weekend" after the work on our kitchen is done. We want to rent a cabin for the weekend somewhere secluded. When the weather warms up, I think a private place outdoors would actually be fun. I'm huge on the privacy issue though, so I will have to feel totally comfortable with the situation.

Mary said...

Hotels are the obvious yes place, we have not played with others. i have had "fantasies" of being spanked in front of others-- but those are the fantasies that I truly rather remain that way - not ones I want to execute. We have played in the woods and I find that absolutely delicious and wish he would take tha initiative to do that more often. An example of a "fantasy" actually occured to me while hiking. There was a trail marker that said to stay on the trail, but something caught my attention and I wondered into a clearing to look at something. As we meandered back to the main road a ranger was seen -- I imagined getting scolded for not mindng the signs and my partner giving me a spanking in front of the ranger to get out of a fine. BUt it was strickly a head space thing -- I don't think I would seek out a public spanking in actuality. but the outdoors is great!

Greenwoman said...

In summer, I generally have quickies in the woods or on a moonlit beach at least a few times. Its part of what I love about summer. We also frequently find some time to be in our yard at night a few times too.

There are few places/scenes that I fantasize about anymore because I've been diligent about fulfilling my fantasies. But I have a thing about getting of during a professional massage, in the bathroom at a restaurant, on balconies of hotels, in elevators...that sort of public experience.

The first requirement of playing outside the home is how to dress. You have to dress so that it can be spontaneous, but a quick cover up. Once that's taken care of, you just look for privacy during whatever else you have planned during a day with your lover. It will arrive and when it does, be ready to whip the parts in question into view and go for it!

Abby said...

I would love to be confident enough to be spanked anywhere, anytime. It's not so much a body issue or an embarassment issue as it is an issue of trying to answer the "What on earth are you doing?" question if we were to be seen. Is public, even semi-public, spanking considered indecent behavior? Nudity wouldn't be allowed, but over the panties? Over the pants? What could we really get away with?

At a hockey game this weekend, we saw a man whack at his wife's bottom all the way as they walked up the stadium stairs to their seats. She wasn't safe until she sat down, which she could barely do because she was giggling so much. It was fabulous. Part of me wanted to go say hello. We've been talking about where else we could play and I freaked out a bit at the thought of being spanked out in the world. I'm getting over it though. When I do, I will certainly let you know!


Remember your grandmother telling you about everybody knowing each other, so little crime that you can leave your door unlocked and not worry about it and small kids being able to play in the street because the whole street would keep an eye on them and make sure that they come to no harm. Well there are still places like that in the world and I count myself as being very lucky to live in one of them. The down side of this is everybody knows everybody else's buisness and combined with living in a terraced house with thin walls and kids living next door, does not make my home a good place to play.

This has left me with an eternal hunt for suitable places to play. If you think that I proposed this subject to help get new ideas, you are right I am studying the other comments with close intent. :-)

Using Antwerp as a playground is my first solution, it is not too far away and is just large enough a city to be slighty impersonal. Antwerp is also "Kink Central" for the two provinces of East and West Flanders, so if there is enough money in the budget there are rooms for hire where you can go AAARG! as loudly as you like and no one will be bothered and even fully equiped dungeons if you feel the need (but expect to pay a lot to hire these).

The cabin in the woods isn't too far an option either, the Ardens is not too far away and if you are prepared to book outside of the main holiday seasons, prices can be very good. You just have to make sure that it is a chalet standing alone and not one in a park with dozens of others. Organisation between two or more people is difficult with this as well, as it does mean staying away from home for a few days.

The dream is to find a strict lady living not too far away but in the counryside not in the village where privacy is no problem but I think this is about as likley as a big Lotto win.


A.S.S. said...

There was a time that we rarely ever played anywhere but outside of the home because of privacy issues. Fortunately that is no longer an issue, and we're mostly able to spank in the house whenever we wish (which we love!).

But we still do enjoy the chance to spank elsewhere, and do so as often as we can. That 'elsewhere' is almost always a hotel room. Just this weekend, we got the chance to have a very enjoyable spanking session in a hot tub in a hotel suite. We like 'theme' hotels too. Those definitely can make of a fun spanking experience.

We'd like to do a little outdoor spanking, and have some ideas when the weather warms up. Spanking at the beach would be great too.

Fun question!

Starlight said...

Hotels are the obvious answer, but really cabins are a better choice. There are lots of woodsy destinations that have cabins for rent. Obviously, the distance from our room to other ears allows for greater release of inhibitions! SMACK! "OUCH!!"

dg_uk said...

What a great question...

Hotels, certainly and often in the past.. once, and very memorably, on a train, in a train carriage in between ticket inspections. My Disciplinarian assures me he knew nobody was about... but still!!!!! At least my knickers were kept up.

elle said...

OMG...I love to "play" in unusual locations, we like to get out and about to say the least. The fear of getting caught is an enormous turn on for me and the man in my life too. I wouldn't dare list the places we've had a go, we really should have been arrested by now. He's almost always dom in public (we switch in private)and it gives me such a thrill. We are infamous at parties because our friends know we'll end up in a bathroom or a kitchen misbehaving *wink*

mthc said...

We play everywhere..He even smacks me in walmart..the grocery dinner!!

Skellos said...

I agree with the majority here... hotels are an obvious, I have had the opertunity to play in the out of doors, It was a pretty idea setting, and it was fun at first, but we got caught in a rainstorm, and had to leave much sooner than we wished

Jeana said...

Like everyone else, we have played in hotel rooms. I have also been spanked leaning over the side of a bridge while hiking down a abandoned trail in the mountains. Although we had not seen anyone in like four hours, the idea of someone walking up and seeing us in the middle of the woods was thrilling. Of course a single swat in a public setting is always fun, but I wouldnt want it to go any further than that. As for other partners, we just dont do that. I have nothing against the idea of it, its just something I dont personally see the need for right now.


Bonnie said...

We love the outdoors and enjoy a (hopefully) secret spanking in the woods when the opportunity presents itself. We have a few favorite destinations that see very little foot traffic.

One fond memory involves a picturesque spot by the Pacific where there is a waterfall right on the beach. This is normally a fairly busy spot, but when we were there, a light rain kept away all but the most intrepid beachgoers. Randy sat on a rock ledge, flopped me down across his lap, and spanked me over my shorts. It didn’t hurt that much, but the very idea of getting a full fledged spanking in such a public location was an incredible turn-on.

There have been lots of other places, but many of the best are already chronicled here.

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