Sunday, October 28, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #93

Spanking enthusiasts can have fun with virtually any holiday, but for many of us, Halloween holds a special place in our hearts. The very idea of dressing up and going out in public in outlandish costumes is the stuff of fantasies. Adding ritual spankings seems, at least to me, like the makings of a perfect evening.

So what about you?

Have you any special plans for Halloween this year? Will you and/or your partner be dressing up? If so, what costumes have you chosen? Do you plan to attend a party or will you enjoy trick or treat at home? Will your Halloween celebration include a spanking in character? As a spanko, what do you like best about Halloween?

If you would like to share your answers to these questions, I invite you to do so by posting a comment below, sending me an e-mail, or posting a response on your own blog. Regardless of the medium you choose, I welcome your scary (or perhaps not-so-scary) Halloween thoughts.


padme amidala said...

Hi bonnie,
Great question. We do have special plans for Halloween. My daughter is hosting the Haunted house down at her school so I plan to spend the day down there helping her with that. I do plan to dress up but am still trying to decide what to wear. I have many costumes to chose from. :)
We are going to a Halloween party with a big dinner and everyone is dressing up. We went last year and it was a lot of fun. The people's house is huge and they always decorate it all up and play Halloween music and they have some games for the kids and that. I can't wait. :)
I hope to get a spanking later in the night when our children are in bed and we have some alone time. There is nothing better than a spanking on halloween. :)
I love dressing up as the part I love best about Halloween. I also love going to the pumpkin patch and carving the pumpkin. :)
padme amidala

Raheretic said...

Approachng five years ago now, before we bought our condo's we lived in two side by side apartments in an upscale apartment complex near here. They used to host complex parties every month or so in the complex community house. Of course in October they would have a Halloween party with tenants encouraged to come in costume etc. We won the costume contest three years in a row.

We would deck ourselves out in BDSM fet clothing and gear. T and sue with their collars, lead by me on leashes, and me with plenty of paddles, floggers, and whips dangling from my belt; we astonished most of our neighbors. You see most of the tenants were young (twnety-something), recently graduated, aspiring business execs., mostly singles, and generally very pretty, but remarkably traditional and conservative (Just what the hell is wrong with these kids today!) They thought it was kind of funny to see us 50 year old range codgers and codgettes (?) hanging out at their party. I remember once when we joined in one of their conversations and they were amazed that my t had a better grasp of rock group names than they had......but I digress.

T would be dressed as a pussy cat, and would have mittens safety pinned to the back of her costume (a take off on the old "three little kittens, had lost their mittens" nursery rhyme.) She would tell people that she needed to find her mittens to avoid getting spanked. She also would carry a hallween pumpkin-like candy container filled with red licorice twizzlers. As each guest would enter the party she would offer them a twizzler (very "twisted licorice candy), telling them, "My Master says I have to offer these to everyone because I am so twisted." Sue would just play the role of the humble slave lead about on a leash by her Master.

We would get lots of interesting reactions. Many people would tell us how very real our costumes and props seemed to them. DUH! We would tell them that we were not in costume at all, and that the rest of the year we had come to the parties in costume. This month we had come as we were....which would cause some of them to go away confused. Some folks would pursue their cuiosity enough for us to launch into an impromptu workshop on our D/s polyamorous lifestyle. No one ever offered to have me spank them dammit:(

It was fun to fly in the face of these young yuppies' ageist sterotypes and to give them a little first hand experience with some of the trappings and even information about our alternative lifestyle. It is so rare for us to be able to be out about who we are, and our lives, other than in very intentionally constructed Lifestyle events, parties, etc.

We haven't had nearly so much fun on Halloween since.

All the best:)


Go confidently in the direction of yor dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

Dove said...

It's only just really starting to take off here in Australia and in fact the last two years is the only time we have had kiddies turn up at the door to 'trick or treat'. I make sure I have something for them now but didn't think of dressing up myself. Will have to think of something but whether I'll get a spanking for my trouble is anyone's guess.


Mary said...

Halloween is one holiday that we have yet spent together. It always seems he is out of town. But I can see some ideas from the trick or treat theme. I loved Tom's story of saying they were in costume at all the OTHER parties!! How fun!

emily said...

I dont have any major plans this year. My ex is taking our youngins trick or treatin so I may havta come up with something. Get some friends together to go see a spooky movie or go to a haunted house or something. I dont have any plans to dress up this year. For the past couple of years my coworkers and I have dressed up for work. We did pajama's one year and another it was 60's attire... Ya know poodle skirts an such. I have lots of outfits I could wear but definitely not appropriate costumes to wear to work or out trick or treatin with tha kiddos lol..

littleone said...

Halloween has lost its appeal for me specifically...... oh there are costume parties we could attend here in the Great White North..... but as most BDSM parties greatly resemble a halloween masked ball every weekend... Halloween holds no special thrill ........

A few years ago though, Sir and i went to a private BDSM party and i dressed up as an angel....... which raised more than a few eyebrows trust me..

This year i did find some interesting "halloween" accessories (so to speak ) for Sir .. and presented them to Him on Friday night.....He dressed me up in them and took loads of pictures ...
if anyone is interested i should be posting pictures of the result on Monday........ just a little introduction to Halloween fun in our condo in the Great White North!

morningstar (owned by Warren)
co-owner of drakor

Paige Tyler said...

Yup! I lways dress up in something naughty! In fact, I dressed up for my hubby yesterday as a sexy cat! He absolutely loved my costume, and I absolutely loved the spanking I got!

Oh, btw, I have a pic of the costume on my blog!


hermione said...

I've put together a semi-kinky costume to wear to work. I'm going as "The Enforcer". Over black slacks and red sweater I'll wear a sequined devil's tail and horns, plus a spiked leather collar and leather wrist bands. I have a small leather flogger to carry. This is pretty much in keeping with the job I have, and my work persona. At work I would be perceived as a domme rather than a sub.

While costume shopping I also picked up a red and black feather boa and a serving wench costume of black velvet dress with a red bodice that laces up the front. I'll store these with the rest of my interesting play outfits.

We'll be going out for dinner on Hallowe'en, and who knows what devilment we might get up to after.

LynLass said...

I went to a Halloween Spanking Party earlier this month dressed as Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West from the musical Wicked. Because I had the witch's hat that said "Wicked" that was purchased at the show, I really expected someone to notice what it said and decide that I needed a spanking because I was "wicked", but nobody did. I did get some very good spankings, just none because I was "wicked"!

Bonnie said...

Randy and I attended a (vanilla) costume party last night and it was great fun. I dressed as an elf. It was a real hoot. I wore a dark green leotard over lighter green tights. I then wrapped some green material around my hips to create a little skirt. I even found some pointed ears!

Randy, deciding to play off of my idea, donned a Santa suit. Apparently, they’re not at all difficult to rent in October. He made a very silly Santa, but it was good for a lot of laughs. More than once during the proceedings, our lecherous old soul felt the need to grope his trust elfin assistant.

When we returned home, playtime commenced almost immediately. I knew he would adore my costume. In his testosterone-clouded brain, tight spandex plus curved flesh equals spanking time. There was lots of rubbing, plenty of spanking, and a fine after-party celebration. At our house, Santa delivered his gifts a couple of months early!

Dave said...

I like dressing up as a Ninja for some reason. Seen too many Kung Fu films perhaps. Guess it lets out my inner Bruce Lee.


Amabel Rose said...

I'm linking to you, I hope that's okay!

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