Sunday, September 09, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #86

I thought the results of the great outdoors poll earlier this week were interesting enough to merit further discussion at brunch.

Have you participated in outdoor spankings? If so, how successful were they and how did you feel about the experience? If you have yet to try spankings outside, is this an activity you and your partner would consider? Why or why not?

If you would like to participate in our brunch, we would love to hear your thoughts. Just leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Regardless of the medium, your experiences with our subject are always welcome.


Lucy said...

My first spanking was outdoors. My boyfriend and I were still in high school. We had gone for a "walk" and had managed to find a secluded spot to make out. I finally worked up the courage and told him about my desire to be spanked. He awkwardly tried to spank me over my winter coat. I couldn't even feel it. We were both embarassed, and I began to question if I even wanted to try it again. Fortunately, we worked it out and we're still together and still spanking in college. In fact, I got an outdoor spanking the other day! (It hurt alot more this time around ;)

Natty said...

Yay for you, Lucy!

The most notable one for us was at the Grand Canyon. And it was quite successful. We -- or he -- even took a picture of the aftereffects. Except that it was cold (it was the middle of December and the sun was going down) so my bottom turned instantly white again after the spanking. But said picture even made it to my blog -- the only picture of my backside to ever make it there, and only because the scenery was just so amazing.

There have been other times too, some more severe (switched under an apple tree at my grandma's) or less so (a few swats when no one was looking at a park outside of Ipswich, UK). And we still dream of doing a proper one way out in the woods, me bent over a log and getting switched vigorously.

Outdoor spankings just have a certain eroticism that is difficult to explain. Perhaps it's the proximity to the earth and the feel of something primeval. But they are definitely something we've enjoyed a great deal and I highly recommend (you know, if you can find an at least semi-private spot).

Paul said...

Bonnie, as I have said elsewhere, Mel and I both enjoyed outdoor spanking. The first time I spanked Mel, before we married, it was outdoors, in fact on a beach, Mel didn't expect it, she had put herself at risk and she sulked, but she came round later.
As Natty says, part of the eroticism is certainly due to the risk of being overlooked, earth energy could well be part of it as much of the relevant area was in contact with the ground or a tree.
Perhaps a subject for further exploration.
Warm hugs,

Paige Tyler said...

LOL! I'm so not the outdoor type, unless we're talking about the beach! However, my hubby did gice me a very yummy spanking up on the lookout in the Pu-u Ualakala'a State Park when we were in Hawaii on vacation! We couldn't resist taking advantage of the little-known and very private lookout Though I have to admit I was a little surprised, and more than a little thrilled, when my hubby pulled down my shorts and bikini bottoms and spanked me right there on top of the lookout overlooking Honolulu!


Jujubees said...

I've been spanked outdoors as an adult a couple of times. I have to confess when it is happening that I am so paranoid that someone will discover me or us, that I do not enjoy them all that much. But later when I look back on the experience it is very erotic and arousing to me. I thrive on getting caught doing something bad though, it's just me.


I did not take part in the poll because it seemed to be aimed at couples in relationships. I have never been spanked out doors but have often wanted to have a go, being a very out doorsy type in my general life. Being a hortic I see many trees that could form great natural spanking benches, especialy Magnolias that have not been pruned during their early life, smooth bark almost horizontal boughs.


Anonymous said...

We've never done outdoor, mainly because we like to dress up for our spanking activity; and that always leads on to passionate love-making. However, we have done cheeky stuff in various indoor/public locations e.g. up in Inverness there is a museum that has a birching-table on display-- and a very handy implement! We managed to make good use of them, whilst the lady on the ticket-desk was replenishing her postcards.

jim & joni x

Krishna's Radha said...

Krishna and I spend many weekends at our little rustic retreat in the Midwest Northwoods. This is the place that we have reconnected time and again over the years. Our interests in spanking has been energized forward through our experiences out in the forests. The sound echos! I hope the sound blends with the sound of others chopping wood, etc!

Getting a spanking outside is especially fun when the campfire is roaring. Heat before and behind me! In addition to switches, the forests provides many lengthy branches that be great for bondage. Oh, the riches to be found in nature!


Bonnie said...

We don’t often get the opportunity to spank outdoors, but we seize it when we can. Many of our fresh air spankings have been in the forest or on the beach. However, we have also spanked along remote rural roads late at night. The key is finding a spot that is far enough away from other people to avoid witnesses. I would have to say that most of these spankings were very successful.

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