Sunday, August 26, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #84

Welcome back, one and all, to our weekly spanko brunch. The purpose of this gathering is to exchange information and insights about topics of interest to adult spanking enthusiasts.

Our question today is very topical. Quite a few of our spanko blogging friends are preparing to travel to Las Vegas next weekend to attend Shadow Lane's big Labor Day spanking party. I am thrilled for the participants and I look forward to hearing all of their exciting tales. At the same time, I'm just a tiny bit envious. This event isn't our kind of thing, and yet, it sure looks like fun. How about you?

Have you attended a spanking party? If so, what were your impressions? Would you attend another? If you haven't been to an organized spanking party, would you consider going? Why or why not?

I invite you to share your experiences with our other brunchers. You can leave a message below, write me an e-mail, or post a message on your own blog. Whichever medium you choose, I thank you in advance for your support and involvement. It's you who make these brunches great!


Purple Angel said...

Hi Bonnie,
I am a member of Crimson Moon a Chicago based spanking group. I was supposed to attend their July party but couldn't make it work. However several members of my Yahoo group went. For two of them it was their first time. They said it was wonderful. They had the time of their lives. Both of them were female bottoms but one of the tops in our group went also and he has been to many of these.

I am planning to make it to their October party. I have never been to any kind of group spanking event but I am looking forward to giving it a try. First of all you aren't required, pushed, or nagged to do anything you don't want to. Some couples go because of the chance to socialize with spanko friends but they only spank with each other.

Truly I think I will enjoy meeting others that have the same or similar feelings about this that I do. And I have to be honest I love spanking and being spanked and so does my partner. I really do think we will try it out with others and see how we feel about the experience.

From everyone I know who has gone, they always have a great time.

Purple Angel

sparkle said...

Hi Bonnie,

I'm going to my second Shadow Lane party next week. There was a time when I said it wasn't my thing, and I was a bit nervous that it *wouldn't* be my thing when we went last year.

But it was very cool. There's something about attending an elegant dinner party in your dress clothes and having the girl at the next table flipped over someone's lap for a spanking. It's not rampant, but it's *there*, you know?

No one expects you to bare your bum for the crowd. Most don't. But it was so amazing to walk down a hotel hallway and just listen to the smacks, yelps, giggling and paddling coming from behind nearly every door. The suite parties are fun, too, but again - there might be one or two people getting spanked in one of the rooms, but it's not like guys are sitting around in chairs with girls draped across their laps or something equally bizarre.

I spent 3 mornings having a 3-hour breakfast with spankos in a public restaurant about 2-5 AM. It wasn't about who got spanked the most or the hardest, it was really about just being around other adults with whom you could actually talk about that topic in which we all had in common.


Don said...

We have enjoyed spanking parties for almost 10 years. We have only been to small events. We don't like crowds, so the larger parties such as CM and Shadow Lane don't have much appeal for us. But that is just a personal perference.

We have made some good friends and it has opened a new world for us.

hermione said...

A mysterious envelope appears in the mailbox, with a return address of Shadow Lane. I open it and remove an invitation to a Labour Day party. Suddenly we are showered with Pixie dust and magically transported to the Shadow Lane party.
On the first day we absorb the spanking atmosphere, watch other couples in action, and enjoy the sights and sounds. That night I am spanked with a little more vigour than usual.

The next day we lunch with a friendly group, and Ron is invited to administer a spanking to the woman sitting next to him. I urge him to do it because I really want to watch him give a spanking. Since I am always on the receiving end, this hasn't been possible. He spanks and enjoys it a lot. We retire to our room for the erotic conclusion of that scene.
I later allow myself to be spanked by someone else, with Ron's permission, because I want to test
my limits. The spanking is harder than I usually receive, and at the end I am ready for some TLC in our room.
On the third day Ron spanks me at one of the group gatherings. He has learned a lot!
We bid good-bye to our new friends and are magically whisked back to our home. All that remains is a little sparkling dust on the floor. And a sparkle in our eyes.

Sigh. Back to canning tomatoes. And a spanking later on.

Paul said...

Bonnie, as far as I know there were no spanking parties in our day.
I believe we would have enjoyed talking about our spanking interests and making spanko friends.
Thinking about it, the only way we would have gone to such a party with the intention to spank is masked. I can't imagime Mel allowing herself to be spanked by anyone else and I can't imagine me allowing it, we weren't swingers by any means.
Warm hugs,

Paige Tyler said...

My hubby and I attended a spanking party, and though I enjoyed meeting everyone, it's not something we'd want to do again. I discovered that while I enjoy fantasizing about both getting spanked in public and watching other girls get spanked, it's not something I'm comfortable with doing in real life. It's not my hubby's thing, either, so we're in agreement!

Paige (Tigger)

Mary said...

I have an interest in attending - but often the timing just isn't good when it comes to shadow lane. I didn't know about crimson moon parties -- july may work.

Abby said...

I think my husband and I are both excited for an opportunity to go to one of these some day. Not this Labor Day, unfortunately, as we'll be with his parents at a beach house and I will have to all weekend without a spanking. I'm going to be very good this week so we can pretend I've earned a weekend off.

Back to topic, though. We've actually been discussing the possibility of going to one of these. Right now, we're in agreement that it would be more fun to be in the environment and meet like-minded people than to spank or be spanked by anyone else. It's a possibility for some day, but today we're very happy with just each other. Still, we really would love to be in a place where spanking is in the air. I obviously love to talk about this subject, so being able to do so in person with others would just be phenomenal. We also both enjoy the auditory aspect of spanking, so hearing it coming from other rooms would be a real highlight for us.

To any who are attending the Shadow Lane party, have a wonderful time! I hope to be among you somday soon.

LynLass said...

This was my first party ever and I knew no one there except our host. Because of that I was only a little bit nervous. I shouldn’t have been; it was a great experience
I had dental surgery early that morning and had not slept well for at least two nights prior to that. By all reasonable criteria I should have stayed at home. However, I’d missed the last party because I was out of town, had been planning on coming from the day the date was posted, had made the goodies I was bringing the night before, so there was no way I was going to miss it.
. It was in a private home, there were less than 20 people there. I was one of two “newbies” at the party. Even so, everyone else knew at least some of the others previously (People had come from four hours away!) and they were all gracious and welcoming. I was in the kitchen when the host came in and said, “I want to show you something.” I expected a visual something, what I got was experiential. He took me into the living room, sat down, pulled me across his lap and gave me the opening spanking of the evening!
I guess my spanking broke the ice, after that there was a lot of spanking going on. I mostly observed until I was offered the opportunity for a flogging with a deerskin flogger. It was incredible; the only thing I really can compare it to was a wonderful skin stimulating massage. I absolutely loved it and could have gone on all night.
I am already looking forward to the next party and would absolutely go to a larger one like Shadow Lane if the opportunity and circumstances allowed. I learned some things that one could never learn on-line and I got to know some really great people.

Caryagal said...

I know that my husband would never want to go to one, but I think that it would be kind of cool to go to one. We've never been.

spanking~amber said...

I attended the Shadow Lane event last year for the first time. I was a little over two months into my relationship with my top/boyfriend as well as modeling for Talk about having the nervous jitters ! It was so exciting and before all was said and done, I felt very at home. Someone mentioned the dressing up for the dinner party and witnessing the girl at the next table being pulled over someone's lap for a spanking...well I don't know if I'm the one she was pertaining to, but I must confess-GUILTY ! lol, Following dinner I experienced my first spanking by a female. It was tons of fun and that was a warm up for the suit parties ;) I will be attending this year as well and can't wait !

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