Sunday, August 19, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #83

Imagine, if you dare, a television talk show where all of the topics related to adult spanking. In fact, let's name our show "Speaking of Spanking." It would be on cable, so discussions could be frank and uncensored.

If you were the producer of a spanking-oriented TV talk program, who would you want to interview as guests? What sort of questions would you want to ask them? Who would be your ideal host? Are there any special segments you think might enhance the show?

If you would like to submit a contribution to our brunch discussion, please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their thoughts, I will publish a summary of our conversation.


Paul said...

Bonnie, to start I think we would need to present the choices. My suggestions; one couple into erotic spanking, one couple into bedroom D/s, one couple into domestic discipline, one couple into 24/7 D/s and one couple into total power exchange or Master slave. I'm not up on who is hosting what, whoever hosts should be intelligent and open-minded.
I think that the whole of human sexuality should be openly discussed, this would lead to a much healthier society.
Bonnie a thought provoking subject, always the best sort.
Warm hugs,

hermione said...

What a fun topic. I wanted to ask for an extension so I could do some more thinking, but

know what the penalty for a late submission would be. VBG
I would pattern the show along the lines of The Daily Show, and would have the host of that

show John Stewart. OK, guess my version is a comedy show.
there would be a collection of clips from news programs (CNN, BBC) with phrases that had a

double entendre of spanko words. Perhaps newspaper headlines with a spanking flavour. A

sports montage of, say, soccer players patting bums during the game.
There would be a feature on implements, such as something brand new, or a quick trip to a

restaurant supply house. A spotlight on a particular material, or eco or vegan products.
For guests, I would like to see Judge Judy interviewed, and find out how she would have

resolved certain cases if spanking had been an option. Gordon Ramsay (Hell's Kitchen) would

also be a guest, and would show some examples of kitchen screw-ups that were spanking

offenses. (I would SO like to be spanked by Chef Ramsay, but I digress...)

Anonymous said...

Now this would be a good show! Would be interesting to see what kind of ratings it got.

If we were running the show, we'd want a good cross section of spankos. Could name the writers of several of our favorite blogs that would be perfect. People that come from different backgrounds, and have different approaches to spanking... but all are good people, that get something out of spanking. None of them are weirdos either. Wouldn't want the Springer show to break out, lol.

The topics would focus around the benefits they get out of spanking. The positive things... like better relationships with more communication (and sex), new friendships, changing behavior. Would really want to keep things upbeat and positive.

Special segments might be... how to make an implement, and how best to use one.

For a host, we think a couple would be best. Lots of possibilities out there... you and Randy being high on the list.

~Todd & Suzy

LynLass said...

I don't want to produce the show; I want to be in charge of the literature portion--I think each one should have a segment that reviews the various fiction and non-fiction offerings on spanking and related fields.

My first review would actually be an interview with Jacqueline Carey regarding her Kushiel series. I've read the first trilogy and just started on the second trilogy. I'd ask some general questions about where the series is, where is it headed, etc., then move on to her research about the various types of pain that she describes. I'd also ask about what historical characters she has based some of her charachers on, especially The Master of the Straits. I have a number of various questions about him. I think that he exhibits a better understanding of Phedre than just a friend would have. I also have a lot of unanswered questions about her extensive training.

If you haven't read the books, it's a fantasy based on a changed medieval Europe, sort of, with a main character who is a masochist but is called an anguisette.

If you haven't read the books and like any kind of fantasy, you'll probably enjoy this series.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on Carey, I've read the Kushiel trilogy and I'm reading the next trilogy as they come out. You won't be disappointed, they're awesome.

I was also going to say John Wayne. I wasn't around when the movies came out, but I would love to interview him about how he felt about the spankings in his movies. Was he a dom? Was he just an actor? In his personal life, did he lean towards spanking for DD, or just for fun, or not at all?

Naughty Lele

Prefectd (SPANKED HORTIC) said...

If I was producing this programe it would be an interview show with an audience question participation section at the end. The interviewers would be Brushstrokes from The Spanking Spot (lots of interviewing experience) and Padme Amidala form Journey To The Dark Side (The most inventive and inivitive interviewer in the blogsphere). It would be time to put my ego to one side and let these two decide the questions.

To kick the first programe off The guests would be Niki Flynn (hugely varied experince), Catherine Corbet (done so much but no one knows anything about her except she is Canadian)and Lucy McLean (one of the best regarded driving forces in the spanking world but also has the ability, so I am lead to believe, not only to talk the hind legs off a donkey but to convince it to go for a walk afterwards, so if everybody else clams up she could carry the show).


Anonymous said...

As I don't have TV I must assume this show is on the radio as well, so the hostess must be Charlotte Green. She has the most wonderful sexy voice.


Purple Angel said...

Wow what a great idea. And Bonnie I think you would make a tremendous hostess! I also think a regular feature should be an educational presentation on the correct way to give certain types of spankings.

It would also be a great chance for artisans to teach how to make certain implements.

As far as discussion I have never known any spanko that couldn't find endless topics for discussion.

In fact I do believe it would be fascinating to vanilla folks as well. Perhaps convince them to give it a try. I know once they tried it, well there would be no turning back.
Purple Angel

Anonymous said...

A guest appearance by Ditoa Von Tease would be fun. Ms Von Tease was interviewed by the Observer (London) a few weeks ago; and made no bones about her love of spanking.

How about a sequence about the Spencer Spanking Plan? This lady tours a stage-show about Dorothy Spencer, and could be interviewed:


Anonymous said...

Speaking as one who has worked in the business of Television there wold be lots of problems involved. Most important of all is censorship. Even such TV channels like Playboy or Hustler would shy away. Consentual yes, but then comes the question of what to show? Thongs would definitely be in, but to many "viewers" the idea of such violence is well, no acceptable, even though Silvester Stallon gets the crap punched out of him on a regular basis. On the other hand some sort of "underground TV Show" like "Spanking Celebrities" would pop a few eyes. Just people discussing their fetish, real people, and well know celebrities, has a chance. But eventually somebody will want a How To segment, and there's the problems.

Well that's my take on it.

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