Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bonnie's Mailbag

Well, dear friends, the old mailbag is brimming with correspondence. It's high time I shared some of the best (and worse) of the bunch. Please note that some messages are edited or paraphrased for brevity. In other cases, I have left the text in its original pristine condition so that you may experience it just as I did.

Question: Will you write a sequel to your fictional story The Exchange?

Response: The Exchange is probably the most unconventional story I've written. I enjoy creating fiction, but it requires a lot more time and effort than recording real life events. I have been asked a number of times about a possible sequel to The Sphere and that story lends itself more naturally to another chapter. Nevertheless, I wouldn't absolutely rule it out.

Question: What are your favorite colour and style of panties? What panties are you wearing at this moment?

Response: My favorite panties are something comfortable and practical. I'd have to say they'd be high cut cotton briefs. As for a color, take your pick. I have a whole rainbow on my drawer.

At this moment, however, I'm wearing Randy's favorite, a pink cotton thong!

Comment: You and Randy are an inspiration.

Response: I hear this statement from time to time. Quite frankly, I feel somewhat ambivalent about it. I know the writer is paying tribute to our success and expressing gratitude that we share this part of our lives. I am pleased that we are able to show other couples that it is quite possible to make this lifestyle work well.

At the same time, I worry that people might be tempted to emulate us. First of all, there is a lot more to our lives than what you read in this blog. I tend to highlight the positive side and gloss over the day to day annoyances that every couple has. Our lives are definitely not one continuous spankfest.

Secondly, every couple is different. The formula that works for Randy and me may not work so well for two other people. I feel strongly that every couple must find, define, and live their own optimal lifestyle. There is no magic bullet.

Question: I'm having a problem with spam comments on my blog. I'm considering adding either comment moderation or word verification. Do you have a preference?

Response: Comment moderation is undoubtedly more effective at keeping the rubbish out of your blog, because only comments you approve will appear. However, this approach creates more work for the blogger. Worse yet, unless you're sitting around and waiting for the next comment, moderation eliminates spontaneity and any hope of interchange between commenters.

I recognize that word verification (sometimes called CAPTCHA) is a nuisance for those who wish to comment, but I consider it the lesser evil.

A third option you may wish to consider is allowing comments only from registered Blogger users. This could cut down on drive by spammers, but it also locks out people from whom you might want to hear.

Question: Does your husband ever give you "time-outs?"

Response: A time-out is an alternative to spanking. What do you think?

Question: Have you ever asked your readers how they feel about sharing the knowledge that they're spankos with other people?

Response: As a matter of fact, I did ask my readers about being "out" back in 2006. Here is our brunch discussion.

Question: Do you suppose women with large bottoms like spanking more?

Response: I presume you consider me an expert on that subject... In any case, I have no reason to believe there is any correlation between bottom size and affinity for spanking. However, I do think a lot of guys like the idea of spanking a woman who is well padded for the occasion.

Question: I was wondering if you would please put my link on your blog?

Response: Yes, so long as your blog includes spanking content and does not include or depict (a) children, (b) non-consensual acts, (c) serious physical injury, (d) extreme graphic sex, or (e) too much negativity of any kind.

Question: May I link your blog?

Response: Sure, I'd be delighted to get a link from you, unless you're (a) a vanilla blog (because there's no sense in getting people upset), (b) a blatantly commercial enterprise (because I don't have sponsors, sell advertising, or promote products), or (c) an offensive blog as described above.

Comment: When I enjoy accounts of spanking experiences, what makes it most memorable for me is not a good set-up or vivid description of events or appearances, but rather some deeper insight into the feelings and desires of the spankee. Your blogging sometimes seems to go that few layers deeper, and that is why I enjoy visiting your blog so much.

Response: Wow, thanks. I am, by trade and by training, a journalist. As such, I seek to convey the entire story (even when I am part of it).

I think you've hit upon the reason why some spanking stories and videos fail to register with me. The real turn on is not the mere mechanical act of striking rounded flesh with a flat object. Rather, the thrill lies in the amazing, swirling array of emotions felt by the participants.

Question: hi. new to the scene here. Xxxxx my name. your bottom caught my eye. its gorgeous. Any more pics?

Response: Yes, I have more photos and I will post them when they fit into the theme of my writing.

Comment: Hey Honey You Look very Good To Me, Send Me an Email With Your Naked Pic Atached. I would Love To Mail You

Response: This fellow obviously wandered over from Erica's blog. She does a wonderful Correspondence Hall of Shame feature every Friday. A large proportion of her mail seems to be of this sort.

This could be fun. Let's see if I can do an impression of Erica...

First off, if you don't know me (and you don't know me), referring to me as "Honey" places you at a disadvantage from the start. Secondly, I'm not going to send a naked picture to a total stranger through e-mail. Get over it. I'm just not.

Now let's consider your abysmal spelling, punctuation, and syntax. Better yet, that's probably a lost cause. Let's move on.

Had you done more than look at the pictures, you might have realized that I am in a long term committed relationship. As such, hitting on me has a very low probability of success.

Finally, you say you would love to e-mail me. Well, you already did. Did you love it?

Guys, this is not a good technique for befriending a woman. You can do better. I know you can.

Love you, Erica!

Question: Would you ever allow a man to shove his thick dong up your ass?

Response : Only if that man were my husband.

Question: Do you think marital spanking constitutes abuse?

Response: It depends upon the context. Spanking, in the narrowest definition, is the physical act of striking someone's bottom. As such, it is neither inherently good nor inherently bad. The context in which the spanking occurs determines how we interpret it.

In our case, Randy spanks with my full consent and for the betterment of our relationship. I embrace this activity because it brings us closer and enhances our communication. As a positive, cathartic, generative force, spanking is, for us, the very antithesis of abuse.

However, in non-consensual situations, spanking can definitely be considered violence and part of a pattern of abuse. Nothing in this blog should be construed as supporting, encouraging, or condoning any form of abuse. Those who practice abuse are criminals who should face appropriate legal sanctions.

Question: Have you ever been spanked so hard that you developed dimples on your behind?

Response: Actually, I have. When we were younger, Randy and I played a lot with paddles. Sometimes, they would leave me with the dimpled look you describe. I have no idea what caused that, but I have seen it.


Anonymous said...

I feel as though I have become a one note musician but I just cannot think of a new way to say that I appreciate your excellent blog. Thank you for maintaining a great place to visit.

hermione said...

I have to agree with the comment, "some deeper insight into the feelings and desires of the spankee. Your blogging sometimes seems to go that few layers deeper, and that is why I enjoy visiting your blog so much." That's why I like your blog too! That, and the huge variety of different types of entries (quizzes, top 10, brunch, etc.)
Also, thanks for posting the link to Erica's blog. The Hall of Shame is a hoot!

Paul said...

Bonnie, thanks again for this.
Sometimes I wonder at the sheer cheek of some of your correspondents, your restraint is impressive.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...


Love you too, Bonnie! :-) You captured me rather well. -- Erica

P.S. Thanks, Hermione!

Bonnie said...

Self - You're quite welcome. I'm glad to be able to serve my readers.

Hermione - Thank you! Erica is simply a delight, and a dedicated spanko too.

Paul - All I can say is that you should see the messages I won't publish. Well, on second thought, perhaps you shouldn't, but some are definitely outside the bounds of anything I would want discussed on this blog.

It was fun to imitate Erica and the way she harpoons some of her less literate and less than tactful correspondents. My style is generally a bit more reserved. I don't want to risk alienating someone who was trying to ask a legitimate question. On the other hand, some of this foolishness goes over the line.

Erica - I'm glad you enjoyed my sincere flattery. When I read that message, it occurred to me that it was simply begging for your touch.

Dave said...

I'm simply amazed at the volume of mail you receive, and your patience and understanding in dealing with it all, both good, bad and crazy.



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