Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Suspected as Much...

I found this little widget over at SuZQ's place, though it seems to be everywhere.

82%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Which way to the methadone clinic?


Anonymous said...

Bonnie -- I think it is safe to say that the blogging community is 100% grateful for your blog. -- Best Regards -- SelfSpanker

Paul said...

Bonnie, and aren't we glad that you are.
I'm only 61% and that's without a blog.
Warm hugs,

New Beginnings said...

Bonnie I am just glad to find someone highter than I am - 73%. Don't tell Randy, he'll never know!


Anonymous said...

Wow -- I'm only 62% addicted. I thought I would be more.

I am with SelfSpanker, though -- we're 100% grateful for Bonnie's. :-) -- Erica

Bonnie said...

Self - Aw, thanks!

Paul - Wow, that is good for someone who doesn't have a blog.

PK - Every time I think he doesn't read this blog, Randy finds in my words yet another reason to spank. As if he needs a reason.. ;D

Erica - You still find time to enjoy life, and that's fantastic. I'm grateful that you can blog so effectively as well.

BTW, I thought your analysis of hot words was right on target. I agreed with pretty much every one.

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