Sunday, May 06, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #68

Hi everybody, and welcome to the month of May. I hope your weather is beautiful and you get the opportunity to enjoy it. However, before you run out the door and frolic among the flowers, I invite you to join us for brunch.

Our topic this week is spanko epiphanies. In plain English, that means a sudden recognition that a person, place, or thing you always considered to be vanilla is in reality (or at least could be) double chocolate fudge ripple. For example, I have in the trunk of my car a long handled squeegee that is designed for cleaning windshields. It's been there for ages. I never gave it a second thought until a few weeks ago when it occurred to me that the handle would make an effective spanking implement (and it did too!).

Have you experienced a spanko epiphany? If so, please describe it and the circumstances that brought you to this realization. If not, have you ever learned something kinky about yourself that came as a surprise?

If you have thoughts you would like to add to our discussion, the process is the same as we've used in the past. You may leave a comment below, send me an e-mail message, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their input, I will publish a summary.


Vivian said...

Hi Bonnie!

I suspect the reason for the uncharacteristic lack of comments on your brunch question is that the question is a bit hard to understand.

I thought initially you meant specifically relating to people, as in, did you have an experience in which someone you thought was strictly vanilla showed a hint of an interest in spanking -- an intriguing question.

The word "epiphany" would seem to suggest something emotionally important or life changing, so your squeegie example confused me as that seemed to small and garden variety to fit the definition of "epiphany," as I understand it.

Perhaps you could clarify a bit more what you're looking for?

The Disciplined Feminist

Bonnie said...

My apologies to all those who either had trouble leaving a comment this morning or found the question to be more puzzling than thought provoking. In the case of the former reports, I suspect a Blogger problem, but I am unable to reproduce it.

I usually write the questions well in advance and have them ready to go. Last week was hectic and I didn't get around to composing the question until late last night. As Viv suggests, I wasn't sufficiently clear in its definition or in my example.

A better example (and the one I intended to post) occurred a number of years ago. Randy and I enjoyed playing with a variety of spanking implements, but the majority were made of wood or plastic. I had the idea that I hated leather toys because they wrapped around, caught my hip, and left nasty marks that took forever to heal.

When Randy told me that he had ordered a small leather paddle from Adam and Gillian, I was both intrigued and annoyed. However, after the first time we played with it, I was totally hooked. I loved the sensations associated with that paddle and I still do. This, to me, was a spanko epiphany.

Erin said...

About a month or two ago Chris was pleasuring me after a spanking I was having orgasm after orgasm when he stopped and said you may only have an orgasm if you ask. Then he started back up again, pretty soon I felt that I was ready to orgasm so I asked, to my surprise he said no. He then proceeded to not allow me to orgasm for quite awhile, but when he finally did I had one of the biggest orgasms that I have ever had. From then on he has been in control of my orgasms and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am not sure if this is what you meant, but this was something kinky about myself that came as quite a shocker.

Scout said...

Hi, Bonnie -

I guess my epiphany came a couple of months ago when I googled "spanking," found your blog and other sites, and realized how many others there were like me (and how normal, funny, kind and honest the blogosphere people are). It gave me courage to impress upon my husband my desire to be spanked; happily, he's now the one making an impression on me! Interestingly, our first toy purchase was the leather hairbrush paddle (small) from Adam and Gillian's.

Dave said...

great idea for a post!

Hm...mine's easy. I was in college, and had these spanking fantasies for years, thought I was off-my-chain crazy, weird, alone in this, blah blah....

Anyway, in a local academic bookstore, i stumbled across a journal of literary erotica called "Libido" and in the back there was a small eye-catching ad for "ShadowLane."

I was thinking 'omg there is an actual company focusing on spanking? and a whole group of people into all this stuff? wow!'

it was, well, truly an ephipany. the rest? is history.

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