Sunday, January 21, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch: Anniversary Edition

It was one year ago this week that we held our first spanko brunch. Appropriately enough, our topic for this week is celebration. Naturally, we'll approach the question from a spanko perspective.

Do you and your partner incorporate spankings and related activities into your birthday, anniversary, or holiday festivities? If so, please describe one or more favorite celebrations. If not, would you like to do so?

I hope you will add your experiences to our brunch discussion. Please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has shared their thoughts, I will publish a summary of the discussion.


Lisa said...

Ed and I really don't have any spanking traditions for celebrating birthdays or anniversary. Probably cause we never have really celebrated much. We have recently taken a little vacation for our anniversary but that is always a snuggle and reconnection time for us.

rivka said...

Rico and I try to incorporate a spanking into just about every holiday - of course, I'm always the one getting the spanking! =) The best are anniversaries and birthdays.
After we get married, and our anniversary date changes, so will the spanking surrounding it. It will be a lot more intimate, and have a lot more meaning to it. On our wedding night, I'm going to give myself to him as his total submissive and a sort of "initiating" spanking will occur. Each year it will repeat as a reminder of our love and commitment.

Kallisto said...

Being relatively new spankos, we hadn't incorporated spankings into celebrations. I have now enjoyed a great birthday spanking though, and I am sure we will continue that trend!

Don said...

The fair Dorothy's birthday is in August, so we make the whole month Birthday Month. She may not be spanked every day, but most days. This may not be any different from other months, but it does get us in a celebration mood.

Next December Bonnie, you should ask about the 12 Days!

Anonymous said...

What an apropos question, Bonnies, since today is my birthday!!! And yes, we're definitely going to be incorporating some spanking-related activities!!! Not just for birthdays, either, but for our anniversary and Valentine's Day as well as Christmas and New Year's Eve, too!!!


Paul said...

Mel and I always tried to make sure that we had a few hours to ourselves on birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.
On these occasions I always gave Mel an extra special good girl spanking, usually with toys of her choice, I like to ring the changes, sometimes she'd be blindfolded and have to guess what I was using, other times she would throw dice to select implements. On the longer holidays dice or a sort of lottery might be used to select what scene we would play, naughty schoolgirl, slave/harem girl, bad secretary, one of our favourite was biker and bimbo.
I doubt if I need to elaborate how these games ended, as this isn't a XXX blog, I'll spare your blushes. WEG.
Have we really done 52 of these Bonnie, doesn't time fly when we're having fun!
Warm Hugs,

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Tigger! For my birthday - I definately get a very good girl birthday spanking. Usually playing off the numbers in my new age. I turned 39 this year so there were MANY ways to add subtract multiply and divide these numbers into interesting spanks with various implements - I even got a new toy to be spanked with -(which I was skeptical about - after all who is really getting to play with the toy?) On his birthday - he can pick the fantasy and spank me accordingly. I usually gift him something sexy being worn by me. (My twist on who gets to use the present and who gets to enjoy it theme) Other holidays are not so spanking focused - but definately birthdaya have been.

Jigsaw Analogy said...

Generally, my birthday celebration includes a spanking, and this is good. Beyond that, we make some effort to go somewhere away from home so we can have some privacy (we must be one of the few couples around who will go to a play party solely for privacy!).

My favorite, I think, is from a couple of years ago, when W. had me meet her in the city, with strict instructions about what to bring along. We had a nice dinner, and then went to a play party, where I got a great deal of very yummy spanking (schoolgirl themed). Then, at midnight, she brought out an elaborate feast, which we shared with some of our friends, and I received my official birthday spanking.

Other times have been less elaborate, but no less satisfying.

Non-birthday holidays, and W's birthday tend not to be celebrated with spankings, though. (I think I've given W. a birthday spanking or two, but it's not something she would seek out for herself, so I usually don't.)

Bonnie said...

Randy and I are quite fond of celebratory spankings. I’ve chronicled quite a few here, including Valentine’s Day, Vacation, Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

A spanko celebration is generally accompanied by plenty of kidding, laughing, and joviality. The spanking itself can be prolonged by thematic banter and good natured ritual. These sessions are always great fun, but they also serve to strengthen the bond between us.

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