Sunday, November 05, 2006

MBS Spanko Brunch #42

I want to offer a big thank you to everyone who took part in our Love our Lurkers day. We had by my count 46 blogs and 919 comments. That's simply amazing! You folks exceeded my wildest expectations. We'll definitely have to do this again.

Now, however, it's time to turn our attention to brunch. The benefits of recreational spanking with regard to relationships are well chronicled both on these pages and elsewhere. Less frequently discussed is the positive impact these spankings can have upon other segments of our lives. Our brunch topic this week examines these advantages.

Do you or your partner experience benefits from your spanking activities that extend beyond your relationship and into other aspects of your lives? If so, please describe how this has helped you.

I invite you to submit a contribution to our brunch discussion. Please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their responses, I will publish a summary of the discussion.


A.S.S. said...

Good question! Absolutely yes, spanking does benefit us beyond our 'relationship.' The largest outside impact would have to be with our diet/better health goals. We measure our progress once a week at the scale (Tuesday morning). Any loss is a success, and is rewarded with some sort of extra perk. An hour long massage is a pretty typical extra that is picked.

That reward... the carrot, so to speak... is the same for both of us.

The 'stick' is a little different. Any gain by Suzy earns one hard bare bottom spank with the paddle for every 0.1 pounds gained (our digital scale weights in tenths). A 2 pound gain in a week would mean 20 spanks... which would be extremely difficult.

How has she done... well, 8 straight weeks with a loss! Hard for any diet plan to beat that. There is more motivation than just reward or spanking... but, this arrangement has certainly helped.

As for Todd, his stick isn't being spanked... we're not switchers... his penalty is owing an extra favor. This would usually be some sort of manual labor, such as cleaning out the car. He's lost 7 out of 8 weeks.

We blogged about athletes that are sometimes spanked in their training... which is interesting... because we plan on adding another spanking motivator for exercising come January.

~Todd & Suzy

New Beginnings said...

The answer, Bonnie, is a definitely! I too feel that the idea of spanking is keeping me focused on continuing to improve my health with my diet.

But there are other benefits that I see. I feel more confident, I feel more in control, I am not as timid or as likely to let things that are bothering me at work go. I confront a problem instead of just ignoring it. There are lots of changes in my life these days. They are such drastic change in such a short time I sometimes don't know who I am. But I love it. And I can only pray that these changes are permanent. It is strange how trying to let go of control in one aspect of my life is causing me to be more forceful in others.


Spoon said...

I had gone up to visit Boyfriend Number Five in a birthday (his) drop-in situation. What ensued was an outdoor over-the-carhood spanking and belting followed by a righteous bj under a quarter moon. I drove home arriving past midnight.

The New Orleans levees had breeched earlier and the footage was just being aired.
Compelled by compassion and heart breaking awe my eyes were glued.

The fact that I did not go insane with anguish and woe was due to the fact that my aching ass kept me linked with my benefactor, and I felt comforted with the lingering impression of his protective palm.

cuddlybum said...

Wierd as it sounds, spanking relaxes me - its a place and time I can let go and nothing matters. No guilt, no pain (except for the obvious and that doesn't count really) no anguish, no nagging......

I feel better, happier, more confident, more relaxed, less likely to allow outside things to affect me deeply.

And the beloved is happier when I'm that way.


Mija said...

(Sorry I missed the lurker day! It was a great idea and I'm so glad it went well -- it was just not a good 'net week for me.)

As to how spanking impacts our lives outside our relationship? Well, the PB talks a bit about how the use of punishment (for me) makes life a little easier.

But outside of between the two of us, well, spanking and the scene in general has been the means by which I (and I think this is true for Pab too) have gotten to know many of the people who are most important in my life -- including my closest girlfriends who I neither spank (well mostly) or am spanked by (again, mostly). And, getting back to our relationship, it was how P and I met in the first place.

So I guess the best effect spanking has had on my life has been the friendships and community (on and off line) that I've found through it.

Mary said...

I have to agree the online friendships are definately life enhancing. For me the benifit has been the focus factor. I can get myself worked up and so stressed that I seem to spin rather then work on through the tasks at hand. A spankig settles me, and I can readily focus on the job ahead of me. So it calms me and has positive benefits on my work.

Anonymous said...

Great question, Bonnie!!!

My hubby and I have always had a playful relationship, and spanking makes us even that much more playful with each other!!! There's something about giving him a pout and getting a playful spank in return that is just so much fun!!!


Paul said...

Made me think this one did Bonnie.

Mel always told me that being spanked relaxed her, made her feel very grounded, she was a Consultant psychologist. Knowing that I was there to take the pressure off her was very relaxing and enabled her to deal with her clients much better.
It also ensured that she looked after her health and was a much safer driver as a ticket earned a serious punishment.

Warm hugs,

Tiggr said...


This is a great question, and I can answer with a question right back:

What aspect of my life has NOT been positively influenced in some way by spanking?

Maybe sleeping... though really not even that as I sleep better with a rosy butt.

Spanking and everything that has gone along with it has made me into a more positive, productive, empathetic and loving person and has quite literally saved a marriage that was not only dead in the water but dead and buried sixty feet down!


Bonnie said...

I believe that I am more confident, more positive, more committed, and just generally more pleasant thanks to the spankings I receive. I can be a worrier and at those times, a good spanking helps me to put things back in their proper perspective.

As much as I crave the actual spanking experience, I am every bit as fond of the way I feel afterward – energized yet relaxed, happy yet balanced, and satisfied yet totally tuned in to all things sensual. That little ache that persists reminds me constantly of how I acquired it and how turned on it makes me. Mmm. Perhaps I’d better leave it at that!

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