Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Spanksgiving

I've not participated in the Gratitude Tuesday series created by CeeCi. I have great respect and fondness for dear CeeCi and I try to read everyone’s list each week. However, I decided early on that, as worthy as this effort is, my dedicated readers would be best served if I stayed close to this blog’s spanko charter. On more than one occasion, I’ve second guessed myself, but not seriously enough to change course.

So here we are, on the eve of Thanksgiving, and I have a whole alphabet of gratitude to share.

AAunty, Abel, Adele, Anakin, Annie, Anna, A’Marie, Adam, Alice, Alex, Am, Anne Elizabeth
BBethie, Bacchus, Bethany, Bella, Brushstrokes, Bbobb, Brat, Brian, Butterfly, Bratscorcher, Brojan, Brad, Bob
CCeeCi, Cassie, Copper, Cindy, Chris, Cutie Pie, Cuddlybum, Christina, Chelsea Girl, Cheeky Girl, CutiePie, C, Curtis, Carye, Cameo, Carol, Chross, Charles
DDoc, Dallas, Dante, Debbie, Don, Diane, Dee, Diesel Diva, Deborah, Denise, Dave, Dolli, David
EEva, Elis, Edward, Evie, Evilicious
FFrank, Fox, Flinchflower, Fitz, Figleaf, Ford
GGrace, Ginger, Gloria, Gem, Griz, Good Girl, Gina
HHaron, Hidden Flames, Health Studies Girl
II-Girl, Irch, Intricate Pieces
JJaneen, Jake, Jujubees, Jean Marie, Jigsaw, Jo, Joannie, John, Jen, J, Jade, John, Jennifer, Jenna, Just a Girl
KKay, Kate, Kasey, Kaya, Kelly, Kitten, KK, Kallisto, Kittygirl, Kelly, Kathy, K
LLisa, Little One, LA Girl, LibraryGirl, Lily, Lizzie, Lori, Lee, Liza, Lou, Larry, Louis
MMike, Mija, Mel, Maggie, Magdelena, Matt, Mian, Minxy, Mary, Marcus, Marie, Mitch, Michael
NNatty, Nawty, Nina
PPatty, Padme, Pandora, Poiesia, Paul, Pink, Paqster, Peter, Pamela, Pink Wench
RRose, Ruby, Ree, Rhonda, Raheretic, Rivka, R, Roper, Raggedy Man
SSpankBoss, Suze, Suzy, Suzee, SuZQ, Storm, SpkrBryan, Sky, Spanky, Sierra, Susan, Snow, Sean, Sparkle, SNN, Swan, Spankogirl, Spoon, SylverSay, Shimon, Spike, Scarlett, Shelli, Sarah, Saxon
TTracy, Tulsa, Tiger, TND, Tiggr, Tigger, Trish, Theresa, Todd, TX SpankoGirl, Tony, Tom, Thomas
WWind, Weasel

I realize that I’ve probably forgotten some dear friends and lovely acquaintances. So if you’re not in this list, I just somehow missed you in my blur of holiday preparations.

To you all, I say thank you for your support! You make blogging worthwhile.

...And special thanks go to Patty for suggesting a coordinated reader gratitude post to coincide with Thanksgiving.

Have a Happy Spanksgiving!


Marcus said...

Thank you for your kind blog. Your blog is such a pleasant stop during the day, that I can think of nothing else to say to you but thanks, Bonnie.

kitten said...

OH and Definitely Bonnie under the B's in my list!!! Thanks sweetie you are a big reason I continue to blog and i do so enjoy your blog!! Happy TG darling!!! :)

doc said...

I may be Canadian, but even I got sucked in to the American thanksgiving this year. Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie, and may you continue to have much to be thankful for.

bella said...

Happy Spanksgiving, Bonnie! And thank you... for everything.


New Beginnings said...

What an awesome list! I feel honored to be included. Thanks for all you do for us each day. I never come by to read without a smile or a tingle.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Bonnie!!! And Happy Thanksgiving!!!


padme said...

Happy spanksgiving bonnie. :)
I give my thanks also to you and your blog. Your one of the kindest bloggers and I am a regular reader of your blog. Thank you for mentioning me...

TX Spankogirl said...

Thank you Bonnie! And Happy Spanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

tony said...

Thank you, Bonnie! I, too, am honored to be even mentioned!

I have much to be thankful for, especially stories about Bonnie and white shorts!

(Yes, I do obsess much! LOL!)


Kallisto said...

Thank you, Bonnie, and Happy Spanksgiving to you and the family! Your blog continues to be an inspiration and a really fun read. I am so glad that your archives are so extensive, it means there is still plenty to catch up on!

Spkrbryan said...

Thank you Bonnie,

I too am honored to be mentioned, have a great Thanksgiving, love your blog.


Paul said...

Thanks Bonnie, have a great Thanksging.
Warm hugs,

kasey said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have fun!

patty said...

;) have a lovely holiday

AngelBrat said...

Thank you so much, Bonnie! You're blog is always amazing, and you're very special to all of us!



tboneslagirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you have a Great holiday

Anonymous said...

I hope you and Randy have a very happy Thanksgiving and find time to enjoy the holiday season. I was truly touched that you even remembered your lurkers....


jeanmarie said...

Thanks Bonnie; you're the best, your blog's the best!

Bethie said...

Bonnie, thank you for the mention (that's from both of us btw)!

I'm thankful for you, your blog, and all that you do. Hope you had a very happy Spanksgiving!


Tiggr said...

Thanks Bonnie... I owe you and Patty my start and am ever grateful still for your presence here and your friendship!

Warmest hugs,

Bonnie said...

Marcus - Hi! You've been quiet for a while. It's great to hear from you.

Kitten - Thank you. I've been a fan of your blogs for a very long time. As long as you want to write, I will want to read.

Doc - OK, let's review. Thanksgiving in Canada is called Columbus Day in the US, and Thanksgiving in the US is called Thursday in Canada. Yeah, that's it. Happy Thursday to you, dear Doc!

Bella - Thank you, and you're most welcome!

Elis - Thank you!

Tigger - Hi! You're welcome.

Padme - Thank you too.

TX Spankogirl - So far so good, and the same to you!

Tony - You thought I had forgotten! Well, I haven't.

Kallisto - Thank you. I enjoy your blog as well.

Bryan - I couldn't possibly omit your blog. I love it!

Paul - Thanks.

Kasey - Oh, we are... Same to you!

Patty - Thanks. You too.

Tracy - Thank you for your kind words. You remain one of my inspirations.

La Girl - Thanks! You too.

C - Hi! Of course I remember. I love my lurkers.

Jean Marie - Thank you.

Bethie - Likewise, and back atcha!

Tiggr - We really have a lot for which we can be thankful. I love this community!

A'marie said...

My kind of alphabet. :D

I tried to tie spanking into the word alphabet, but sadly, I couldn't think of something clever. 7 years of college wasted.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one. :)

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