Sunday, October 29, 2006

MBS Spanko Brunch #41

Halloween is the traditional holiday for, among other things, pretending that you are someone or something that you are not. Inspiration may come from the mountains of Transylvania, the moors of England, a pirate ship in the Caribbean, or the studios of Hollywood. If only for one night, it's fun to play with a different personna.

For our brunch this week, I suggest that we do precisely that.

Please describe the characters that you and your partner would most like to portray for Halloween. Since in our virtual world, you don't have to actually assemble your costume, the sky's the limit. Allow your imagination to soar. Would your character be scary, sexy, funny, thought-provoking, or surprising? What sort of spanking play might your character enjoy?

I invite you to submit a contribution to our brunch discussion. Please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their responses, I will publish a summary of the discussion.


jeanmarie said...

Your questions always provoke such thought, Bonnie!
At first my mind landed on having Kyle be Clinton to my Monica Lewd-inski. He'd wear a face-mask and a business suit, I'd wear a black dress and a thong (and some padding because I'm not fat). At every house we trick-or-treated at, I'd give him head and he'd put a cigar tube in me, just like in Kenneth Starr's obscene book.
But this costume/idea made we want to reveal more of my true self than that. My mind landed on something I've shared with you once before briefly; I'd dress-up in my pony girl outfit and wear it in public for the first time. The leather strap that goes thru my legs would be all that "covers" my engorged pussy, it continues up the crack of my ass, leaving my buttocks bared to the dressage whip that Kyle would use on me as he drove me thru the streets at a prancing pace, my exposed breasts bouncing. A bit in my mouth keeps me from "whinnying" as the whip marks my backside, blinders keep my eyes focused and hide my tears. At every house that asks for a trick, I'd kneel on all fours, Kyle would unbuckle the strap in back that holds the butt-plug tail in my anus, remove it with a soft pop, and spank my up-turned bottom hard. When I can't take anymore, I'd beg him to take me, and we'd butt-fuck in public as Kyle rubbed my erect clitty and pinched my hard nipples mercilessly. I'd bite down on the rubber bit and cum. All of our neigh-bors mouths would be agape, as the prim and proper school teacher was exposed as the spank-whore/pony-girl slut that she is at heart, just like I imagine some of yours are now.
Thanks, Bonnie, for yet another great brunch querie.

Paul said...

Wow Bonnie, a subject to dream of.
How about a Farmer and naughty Milkmaid. The Milkmaid and Cowherd are caught dallying in the hayloft. The Milkmaid, Sally, has been sentenced to be birched round the village, and the Cowherd to three days in the stocks.
It’s Halloween and the villagers all want to trick poor Sally, as she has a very sharp tongue and wasn’t shy about using it.
Farmer John is dressed in his best, he is single and fancies Sally something rotten.
John hopes that this punishment will teach Sally a good lesson and help her to lean in his direction.
Sally is dressed in a thin shift, which is rolled up at the back and tied thus leaving her comely arse and lower back bare. She isn’t looking forward to feeling the birch on her bum, however there is a strange tingling between her legs.
It’s a chilly evening and Sally shivers as goose bumps grow on her buns, “can we get this over with”, she asks, “ I’m really cold”, “don’t worry”, John replies, you won’t be cold for long”.
They reached the first cottage, “knock and ask”, says John, “tttrick or tttreat”, quavers Sally at the grinning villager who opens the door, “trick of course”, he say, Sally bends over and grasps her ankles, John lays on six sharp strokes, “oh god” Sally thinks, another nine cottages to go.
Little does Sally know that John has a treat waiting for her at the farm.
Bonnie, that would be a way to spend Halloween, do you think the villages would enjoy.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

So love this question, Bonnie!!!

Okay, I asked my hubby what he would like us to dress up as, and he said master of the castle and serving wench!!! I, of course, absolutely love that idea!!!

We'd both be dressed accordingly, with my dress showing an ample amount of cleavage and a nice glimpse of leg, of course!!!

And I would get lots of spankings, of course, for various things, most especially my impertinence!!! But my most favorite would be for spilling ale on him, quite unintentionally, of course!!! He would bend me over the table right there in front of all his guests and give me a very sound spanking on my bare bottom!!! And then he'd swing me up in his arms and carry me upstairs to his big bed where he'd make passionate love to me!!! *sigh*


Tiggr said...

Paul's story is too precious for words... now I'm having a hard time concentrating... thanks, Paul *grin*

But seriously, I'd be Tigger (duh!!) and Dante, well, he'd be Pooh (see, he has these shorts... *bouncing away quickly*)

Hugs and giggles,

Anonymous said...

Arabic costume -me in one of those all enveloping black robes, so that noone could know who I was, David in a sheik's costume, a scarf across his face. We knock; "Trick or treat ?" ."Trick". I glide into the house, glance round the room, a convenient arm chair; I bend myself over it's back, and here's the suprise, for a round hole has been cut in the back of my robe, through which my tight bare bottom protrudes. I tense in the darkness of my robe, and then gasp as a stinging whack lands on it;that must be our wood paddle. I get my six; David helps me up,and leads me and my smarting bum from the house. The next one is 'treat', but it makes little difference to me, as this time I touch my toes, and a suprised householder gets his treat by swiping the leather flogger across me, and he makes the most of it ! A few more tricks, and I bend over tables, stools and chairs for strap, brush and cane from David, another 'treat', and I lie face down on the sofa, for a punishing meeting with a tawse wielded by a delighted stranger. The next house I lay myself over the fender stool, and the lady of the house attacks my poor bottom mercilessly with the paddle; the female is deadlier than the male. My rear is so sore, I hardly know where I am going. "That's enough Hallowen, please", I beg,as I find myself sprawled over yet another sofa back, and then "Oooooh", as instead of another whack, a length of firm male meat, slides just where I want it, between my burning cheeks; the last T or T was our own home !!!!! Susan.

Kayley said...

Oh, Bonnie! Well, if I can't have a Halloween, at least I can imagine I have one. hehe ;)

If it's about spanking, I canno pick the faerie anymore. :( I don't want to get spanked as a faerie. hehe

Hey!! I know! I would be Maggie, from Runaway Bride, and I would wear snickers! And Jack would be the one catching up on me and giving me a good spanking! I like that! Besides, I can be nicely dressed, but also my feet would feel comfy in my snickers. I can run away before the spanking too!

Bratscorcher said...


I would certainly welcome the sight of jeanmarie or susan on my Halloween route.

We don't get nearly enough sexy little ponygirls. I'm sure when I would feed her several pressure sugar cubes (or whatever it is that ponygirls fancy), she would scuff at the ground indicating her greediness for more. At this point she would learn what happens to greedy ponygirls. The leather strap would be unfastened and momentarily drawn free from between the lips of her dripping pussy and from in between the soft cheeks of her bottom. Her pony tail plug would be slowy draw from her tight little asshole thus making available her bare bottom for punishment. 12 strokes with the cane will help teach our naughty ponygirl not to be greedy. But for added effectiveness, before we replace her ponygirl tail, we annoint the anal plug with several drops of Tobasco sauce thus, for the rest of the evening our poor little ponygirl tight little asshole burns like spicy hot fire with each step on the rest of her route. What a difficult but effective lesson for a poor little ponygirl.

Happy Halloween!

-- Bratscorcher

Mary said...

Wow, Everyone is in such fiesty moods. How fun! I am a little less creative at the moment, so I will simply say "Thank you" to all those that posted such steamy versions of Halloween Trick Or Treat!

Bonnie said...

I’d like to try the caveman/cavewoman shtick. Picture Randy as a brutishly handsome primitive, complete with shaggy hair, a long beard, and an animal skin loincloth. As for me, I’d wear a little number along the lines of Raquel Welsh in 1,000,000 BC (I still have to wonder how her character got hair products).

As for the spanking, it would have to involve implements made from natural materials. A switch would be an obvious choice. However, an innovative cave man might be able to fashion a crude paddle using his stone tools. Either way, the evening would conclude with a growing, howling attempt to create a Cro-Magnon.

MaggieDear said...

We would have to be Tony and Carmella Saprano.

Tony comes down the stairs to meet Carmella and their guests for the annual All Saint's Eve get together. He visits with the family and works his way around the room to the unknown guests. His eyes rest on several of the guest's female friends. Watching their moves as they travel around the room.

Carmella making her way thru the group, steps up behind Tony placing her hand on his lower back. Unnerved, Tony spins around to see the glare in Carmella's eyes. He tells her they have been through this before and that he is looking at nothing. He only sees her. She had been warned to knock off the jealousy bullshit.

Carmella tenses as she grasps onto Tony's arm full force with her newly manicured nails. She is supposed to trust him. He promised. He gave her the fur, the ring. He brought the new land. But she bristled. She looked in his eyes and swore every curse word she knew. It was all habit. He had been on his best behovior! She knew he was trying! But still, the old days nagged at her. With no thought to her actions she tossed her glass of wine into his face. Lightning sparked between the two of them. She knew that was the wrong move. Carmella's spine stiffened as Tony put a death grip on her upper arm and led her to the edge of the staircase.

As she placed her foot on the first step, Tony stopped her, no going any further. He looked at his guests and explained to them in a quiet voice, that it was time for Carmella to learn that she was his. And only his. And that he was her man, the one she could now trust and depend on. That this was a lesson for them all to share in. To show is loyalty to her and that there was to be no more doubting his word.

Tony took both of Carmella's hands and placed them on the stair rails. He could feel her body quiver. He saw the look on her face that told him she knew she had done wrong, she had jumped to conclusions that had no place in their lives, just as he had explained to her time and again. The games were over. She was his. He had warned her of this harmful emotion before. Now was the time for her to learn that they weren't a game. He lover her. And only her.

Tony whispered in her ear to hold onto the railing. To not let go. That what was going to happen would solidify their relationship. It would prove that she, and she alone was his.

Ignoring the guests in the room, Tony raised Carmella's dress up above her hips and held them there as his other hand unbuckled his belt and slid it, with a snap through the loops. Carmella's heart skipped a bit as her butt muxkles clinched. With that pop, his friends turned to watch as the first stinging bite struck Carmella's extended bottom. The whole room was quiet with Carmella's first sharp intake of breath.

(IMHO Tony would be one of the world's greatest spankers!)

~First spanko brunch, sorry if it was too long :-)

MaggieDear said...

ohmyword! I would love to change a couple (or eight) typos! lol

New Beginnings said...

We don't roll play so I haven't given it much thought and didn't think I would have anything to say at brunch today. But as I got to thinking about pretending to be anyone in the world I found myself torn between two famous couples -- would I want to be Paul and Mel or Cassie and Tom? Tough choice!!


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