Friday, August 25, 2006

Guest Post: Peter’s Memories

This story was submitted by a loyal reader. I thought you might enjoy a gentleman’s perspective.

We got into the car and drove back to the hotel. We stopped for a martini in the hotel bar, but it was so crowded (it was now about 12:30AM). She looked ravishing at the bar, sipping her martini. Her nipples were protruding through her sheer black blouse. Men and women were noticing how hot she looked. Her red lipstick glistened in the light, and several folks "accidentally" bumped into her. As we walked to the elevator and began the ride up to our suite, I couldn't help but kiss her and fondle her bottom. Her breasts were warm and soft as they rubbed against my chest.

My hottest love affair was with a slightly older woman who loved for me to spank her. She wore the sweetest perfume and had this Japanese pink-colored bathrobe that was as soft as silk (it may have been silk).

I was 25 and she was around 40. One night, after dinner at a very expensive restaurant, we were walking back to the car. She confided to me that she had been thinking about this old boyfriend. I was somewhat surprised, but also a bit aroused. It was dark outside and we were in one of those concrete parking lots with multiple floors. As we approached the car, I realized we were completely alone. I told her, "Gee, honey, I think we're alone here." She looked up at me and then turned to face the car, sticking out her bottom, as if presenting it to me. I smacked it with my open hand, and the impact made a snapping noise against her skirt. I held her waist and spanked her again, this time more forcefully. She began to protest, but then looked at me and smiled and said "I hoped you would spank me like that!"

I was so hard at this point I was pressing firmly against my jeans. But I didn't let myself give in. I admonished her and told her that she had been a naughty, naughty, but very hot, seductress. I continued her spanking with a thwack-thwack-thwack. I began to sense that she was becoming quite wet. When she was aroused, she grew more and more wet (wetter than most women I've been with). I could smell her tell-tale scent. I ground myself against her bottom a little bit, but then continued her spanking. Her rear was getting redder and redder.

As we tumbled into our room, I closed the door behind me, and then placed her over a large, overly furnished chair (the kind you always see in large hotels but never sit in because they're just too large). I placed her in such a position that I could lift her skirt up above her waist exposing her bare bottom. She leaned into the chair and awaited my ministrations. She asked if she could suck me, but I explained that would come later. First she needed some lessons. I began spanking her again and she moaned in such a way that I thought she might come right then. She then turned around to face me, face flushed, and said, "I need to have you in my mouth." She stood me against the far wall, so I could see outside into the hotel lobby (we were 12 stories up). She took down my jeans a little, unleashed my cock, and began moving her head up and down and sucking me perfectly. She always placed one hand against my waist as if to hold me in place. With her other hand, she began to play with herself. The scent of my woman filled the room. She whimpered a little and cried a little. She said she knew she needed to be punished. I exploded on her face and down her throat, but she didn't stop. She kept on sucking until I was back at full strength and then she stood up and pointed to her rear and said, "Put it in and penetrate me." I obliged. She wet the tip with her mouth and then assumed the position as I slid it inside of her. She was so very tight at first, but then opened up. She said "punish me" and I exploded again inside of her.

Thank you, Peter!

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Anonymous said...

Peter needs to share more of his work with us!!!

Paul said...

Nice read Peter, thanks and to Bonnie for hosting him.

New Beginnings said...

It is always nice to hear a man's point of view. Peter did a great job. Thanks Bonnie!


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