Sunday, June 25, 2006

MBS Spanko Brunch #23

Today is Sunday, so it must be time for our spanko brunch. Please pull up a well padded chair and join us. This week's question touches upon one of my favorite topics.

Do you and your partner employ roleplay during your spankings? If so, which scenarios are your favorites? If not, are there any roleplaying adventures that appeal to you?

I invite you to contribute your opinions and insights. Please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has submitted their thoughts, I will post a summary of the discussion.

Thanks in advance for sharing your roleplay experiences and aspirations!


cuddlybum said...

oooh roleplays!!! Where do I start?

yeah, we use them. A lot. In fact I just bought the cutest little black skirt for one of them - perfoect for the classic schoolgirl one!!!

I've mentioned the naughty nurse one on the blog recently, and we're planning a secretary one as soon as 1) the beloved is home!! and 2) the lodger takes the hint and gives us some privacy.......

Roelplay is fantastic when we're both feeling kinky and play-like.....its a chance to have some really good fun and for him to practise being stern and cross and for me to practise being sub and obedient!!!

Basically -we're all for it!!

Oh and lovely hot choccy this morning!!


Paul said...

We loved role play.

I first met Mel while she was still at school, so one of our favourite games was naughty schoolgirl and stern teacher.

Another was a lazy stable girl and strict stable master.

Also an incompetent secretary and angry boss.

She had all the right clothes for these games.

Strangely all these games seemed to end up in the bedroom, I wonder why? *G*



jeanmarie said...

Like Cuddlebum (and I'm sure scores of others), we use role-playing a great deal and I absolutely love it. The chance to be somebody else for awhile is quite alluring (did you know that I went to Hollywood right out of college and tried to make it as a professional actress for a time? Maybe if I'd been paid with spankings instead of SAG union scale of about $400 a day, I'd have been more successful!)
My all-time favorite scenario is "naughty school girl sent down to the office." Kyle and I even play two versions, American where I get hand spanked and paddled, often with a ruler, and British (including accents) where I get spanked and then caned. In the U.S. version, I love to continue it at home, where my irrate daddy takes off his belt and straps my bare butt at the dinner table for getting into trouble at school. (I beg-off from this if I've got a set of cane stripes, though.)
And of course, costuming is very important; I've bought four different short plaid skirts over the years. The same white Peter Pan collared blouse has worked all along. White cotton underpants are key if I wear knee socks. If I choose fishnet stockings I'm a BAD bad girl and so don't wear panties (something else to get punished for).
I agree, Bonnie, this is a very rich vein to be mined. This question is a TEN on my arousal scale. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is away, traveling on business. But I've now decided how to greet him when he comes home Tuesday night.
Jean Marie

Tigger said...

OK Bonnie, you're responsible for getting a whole bunch of people hot and bothered and all worked up this morning (for some of us, it's before we've even had our breakfast, too)!!

Role-play? Oh-yeah, lots of it. We have a HUGE collection of clothes to fit any of the scenarios that we like to create.

We both love the bad school-girl scenario, but usually punish by daddy rather than a teacher (you know, the note comes home from school where I've already been spanked for disobedience and I know I'm gonna get it again at home, including corner time, which I hate).

Hubby loves for me to play the wanton slut routine and has even sent me to the adult toy store in a skimpy, raunchy outfit appropriate for a hooker. He LOVES for me to act slutty, which is against my nature (I'm just not that outgoing in my relationships). He's encouraged me to dress super sexy and go out to a bar and tease the guys (he, being the voyeur that he is, wants to go in separately and just watch). He also LOVES cheerleader skirts (and the proverbial uniform skirts) so he often has me put one of those on before a spanking, just to get his own juices flowing.

We use role-play for fun but even more to push our own preconceived boundaries... such as personal insecurities or fear of certain implements or appearances or whatever. And the schoolgirl stuff works GREAT for my accountability.

We've done lots of safe but believable Daddy/daughter role-play in an attempt (at least in my mind) to create safer, happier, more "in control" memories of the way I wish I had been raised (rather than by the sick sadistic bastard that was my Dad).

This is a great question, Bonnie! I'm eager to hear other people's responses!


Mike said...

I'll just chime in real quick from the other side. We don't use role-play at all. Tried a little bit, but we both found out we were into focusing on the sensations rather than the scenario.

Nothing at all wrong with role-play from my point of view, I think we just like to skip to the best part (for us)


rose said...

i feel like such a novice when i come to brunch. or just boring maybe? we don't use role-play in our spanking. somehow, i can't quite see jefferson doing that. it's not really his style. there are times i think about it. like "the saucy serving wench" needing punishment for not serving her lord on time.....which would lead to great sex after, of course. i guess my fantasies all sort of run in that direction......saucy girl gets it from her "lord and master" for being saucy and sassy. hmmmmmmm, maybe it's time for a chat with jefferson about role-playing?


Damnation's Cellar said...

Personally, I like roleplay and have been in relationships in the past where it's been used. I think the creativity it fosters is great. Currently speaking, my husband isn't into it, although I am tempted to bring the subject back up since it's been planted in my mind. (Thanks, Bonnie!) B has alluded to a couple of roleplay scenarios, but so far, they have only been in discussion. (So far...)


Anonymous said...

We do roleplay, and both love it!!! One of my hubby's favorites - and mine, too - is when I dress up like a naughty schoolgirl, with the mini skirt, thigh-high white stockings, and high-heeled Mary Jane's!!! His other favorite is when I dress up in a waist cincher, push-up bra, skimpy panties, garter belt and high-heels, and act all naughty!!!


Bonnie said...

Great responses, everybody!

I’ve documented before Randy’s love of the spanked cheerleader scenario. It’s absolutely his favorite.

There is another scene we’ve discussed, but never tried. Randy likes the look of some nurse’s uniforms. In particular, he is fond of the tight, white pants made from a light, almost translucent, fabric such that panties are clearly visible beneath. His theory is that the coloration from a spanking might be discerable as well. I’ve been meaning to buy a uniform, but it just hasn’t been a priority. Perhaps, it’s time to review my priorities…

Mistress Sky said...

Oooohhh Bonnie, we've always used roleplay. I adore it - another excuse to go shop for a new outfit or new toys, or just to innovate a bit.
I'm an excellent slutty secretary and have been an incompetent teacher, a bad schoolgirl...the list goes on!! You've got me all excited just thinking about it, too!

Thank you :) said...

I've never needed role play myself, but have accommodated it with a partner. Lots of us have guilt or some sense of deviance intrinsic to our spanking interests, and maybe - just maybe -role play removes spanking a half-step from reality, i.e., this deal is theatre, fantasy, a lark - not the "real me"? I'm more comfortable with a partner who may tease to prompt the spanking ('cuz that's just plain fun? 'cuz that might be her way, or mine, of employing "theatre"?), but I love to talk about it before doing it, and even have her active participation in planning, positioning, before the patting and paddling begin. A need for the "school girl" or "stern uncle" stuff is a slight distraction.

By the way - love your site!

padme said...

Hi bonnie,
Excellent question for the brunch. As you can tell from our blog, we definatly role play. Our favorite is pretty obvious to our readers. Master Anakin loves the school girl role playing. I have many different skirts and outfits. We have also done Star wars role playing too. I find it is a really kinky way to have some foreplay to get things started and to feel naughty.

I get on my school girl outfit and automatically feel submissive and ready to be spanked.

I would like to try more costumes to go with the role playing like a nurse costume or cop uniform. :)
My favorite role play as always been the school girl and principal or teacher. :)

Mary said...

Role play is fun and we use it at times. Sometimes I am the wayward secretary that can't spell right or get the itinerary worked out.(not a stretch for me on the spelling part) He of course is the boss, who is ready to fire me - when I beg for my job he offers a comprimise - he will spank me. Sometimes I am a very provocative secretary that gets away with doing because of my dress and flirting (less for other men in the office, but the boss is not pleased and repremands me for my unprofessional dress. Dress codes were such an issue in school, that I also like playing school girl getting spanked for inappropriate dress. Then there is the school girl getting spanked by the headmaster for just about anything really including getting caught with the boys :-) (This one often involves the cane and I hate that part.) We have also played waitress that is incompetent at a fine dining establishment where the boss is not impressed by my strip club style flirtiness to avoid having angry coustomers complain. As you can see - I really love getting spanked for being naughty. Ohh and he can be so firm and convincing in any of these roles. Have a great day all.

Cassie said...

Bonnie, what a good girl you are for asking these questions and getting us thinking again. One of my favorites is "Captive". I'm grabbed from behind, blindfolded and led to the bedroom. If I resist while being undressed or tied up it leads to a spanking with a varity of implements. I can fight and rail as much as I want but the more I fight the more I'm punished. When he feels that I am properly subdued he takes me and does anything he wants. I'm touched, rubbed, pinched and probed in every possible place.

When we have all day to play there is a "second" captor who comes in and hand feeds me and lets me up (still blindfolded) to use the bathroom. When we play this way I never know what to expect when he walks into the room. Maybe a gentle caress or maybe a leather strap to my behind. Just being blindfolded all day never knowing what's next this wonderful. I recommended it! Thanks again,


Kittygirl said...

I love role playing and would like to do more, but I can be shy sometimes. My favorite is of course the naughty school girl. I would also love to do a pirate role play where I'm captured and must be spanked into submsission. I also would like to play doctor complete with temperature taking and prescription for spanking.

Anonymous said...

Bill met me I was still in high school he was a police officer who was assigned to make sure that all the girls (went to an all girls catholic high) got across the street without getting killed. So you can say that role playing began before we even had sex. After 25 years of marraaige I still have my orginal school uniform and it still fits. It still gets plenty of use. But for some reason he love the look of my feild hockey uniform the best. maybe it's the little skirt with the panties under it that he loves who knows but I do know I will be having a great night when he says "Young lady I just got your grade report and I'm not one bit happy" (that means school uniform) or the other thing he says is "so you cut gym class again well little girl tonight you will be sweating" (that means hockey uniform) My heart does a tiny flip flop because I know my butt will be spanked and than we will be making love all night. Bring on the plaid skirts any day.

CeeCi said...

Hooray! I made it. Two weeks ago I sent my darling MoJo a list of some of the things I'm wanting to explore...amongst those things is role playing. The responses here are amazing and have given me more ideas.

We've done a little bit of role playing. I've dressed as the snooty society woman who needs to be brought down a notch or two. I've also dressed as a schoolgirl. Both roles placed us in an excited and playful state. I'm ready to do more. I mentioned to him in my message that I'm fascinated by all things medical...I note KittyGirl wrote of that as well. My desire is to be the patient in the hands of the wise physician ready for whatever medicine he thinks will cure my ills.

Thanks for the great topic!

Don said...

Yes, we do role play, a slutty secretary with a mouth, a Persian slave princess, etc. I will ask the fair DW to post her thoughts on the matter. Perhaps I will find out about a new fantasy from her post?

The thing about role play for me, was finding out that the gals had the some of the exact same fantansies that I had carried around, with a degree of shame, in my head for years.

Don waves to Bonnie from WY

Katie_Spades said...

We employ roleplay when it is not a discipline spanking. We have done naughty schoolgirl and professor, pirate and slave, foreign exchange student and housedad, R/A (resident advisor) and college cutie, prisoner and warden, dorothy and the Wizard, a Japanese schoolgirl and her American teacher, cheerleader and coach, and many others. We have so many outfits and when it's not a disciplinary spanking, roleplay is SO much fun!

Good question to pose Bonnie and FUN to answer!


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