Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Implement Stories: Tigger

Here's the latest installment in our continuing series on spankos and their implements. Tonight, Tigger shares her first experience on the receiving end of a fierce rubber strap.

My Little Black Devil - by Tigger

When I first discovered the rather innocuous-looking strip of black rubber lying around the garage several months ago, I was pleasantly surprised. “Hmmm... this could be a fun little toy,” I thought. I added it to our rather vast collection of toys and basically forgot it. My man pulled it out a few times, but never dared actually test its effects.

I found it in our toy bag the other night when we went to play vigorously for the first time in several months, and I couldn’t resist laying it alongside the other toys I’d selected. At the time, neither of us knew what the thing was, just that it looked like fun. My man thought I was crazy when I selected it for play, and asked countless times throughout the evening if I wanted to reconsider. But I persistently declined. I was deep in sub mode and, as such, had turned off my voice of reason.

My hubby assured me that he would save that strap for the very end (pun intended), in case I changed my mind. But when he asked me for the final time, I didn’t hesitate to pick the strap up and lay it in his massive hands. By then I was already thoroughly punished, having been lashed, paddled, and spanked with a multitude of implements as well as his hands. Still, I wanted more and the allure of that little strap was unrelenting... I just HAD to know how it would feel.

Taking a deep breath, I willingly bent to accept the first of the two strikes he promised. The first would be of medium weight (he was actually afraid of what this little black devil would do to me), but the second would be a hard stroke. So I waited, poised and primed. The first blow bit deep into my cheeks and the instant burn that followed carried me instantly into the farther realms of sub-space. Hmmm... I emitted a long, slow, easy breath and moaned a bit, anticipating the next stroke.

He reminded me that this one would be HARD, but I wasn’t concerned. Quite the opposite in fact. He rewarded my anticipation with a blow worthy of the record books. Oh, the sensation! I am still at a loss for an accurate description several days after the fact. That burn is unlike anything I’ve ever felt from any paddle, strap, belt, cane, brush or other implement. It was ecstasy, pure and simple. The little black devil is the epitome of the perfect merger of pleasure and pain. Wow!!!

I felt the sub-space blast for 12 hours and I was still feeling the ache and burn in my cheeks last night. But that didn’t stop me from begging for more from that evil little strap. After a hard spanking, strapping and paddling last night, I bent over the sink for four more hard strokes from my new favorite toy! (Yes, my man let me pick the number of strokes, sweet guy that he is). Shhh... Don’t tell him that I wish that I’d picked a higher number.

Anyway, after we played last night, my man discovered the wording on the sides of the strap:


As we laughed out loud together at the hilarious but appropriate words, he suddenly realized what he was holding in his hands. It is the broken fan belt from my now inoperable car. Oh, God... That realization sent us into a whole new fit of laughter. Oh, well, no matter what it once was, I LOVE my little black devil!

(The picture, by the way is made up of pics of my little black devil contorted into various positions, just for your viewing pleasure).

Thank you, Tigger, for that fun story!

If anyone else has implement pictures and/or stories, I invite you to share them with our MBS community. Just send me an e-mail and I'll handle the rest.

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Yours said...

haha. great story!!
thanks for sharing it

brian said...

Good morning Bonnie,

I have been a devoted lurker for several months now. I know, I know, I deserve a spanking, but I run my blog through work, and as My Bottom Smarts is oh so NSFW, I only read at home. Home being webtv, which only allows anon. comments, so here I am before work.

As I said, my blog is not a spanking blog, but I am a spanko, and so are many of my devoted female readers. So every once in awhile I toss in a reference or two. Like my last post "Oh! Alberto!" about the recent tropical storm.

I did a letter meme recently also, J&R, said this. "Rump . A willing women's bare rump over a knee is the most erotic sight I know."

Been thinking about your Sunday brunches, my wife demands a spanking every morning, it's a struggle, but somehow I manage to get through it.;)

Thanks for your great blog.
Brian aka hummingbunny

jeanmarie said...

Great story, Tigger! Thanks for sharing and thanks for posting it, Bonnie. It made me fantasize about being in a car repair shop. The hunky mechanic tells me that my fan belt is worn out.
"Even with the high price of gas, I've been driving extra, hoping for this," I gleefully reply.
"Why?" he asks.
I bend over the bumper, bare my bumper as I pull my jeans and thong down. "That fan belt is now my fanny belt..." I coo. "Use it on me, wear me out..."
You REALLY got my engine revving this morning!
Jean Marie

Cassie said...

I have to admit a fan belt has never come to mind. But looking for new items sure does turn a trip to the hard ware or home supply store from boring to interesting. Good story! Cassie


Wonderful! Glad to see so many people being so open and honest!

Experimentation should yield pleasure.

We're trying to convince more of our friends to share their experiences on our blog. This type of blog is no doubt doing a world of good!

Paul said...

Nice story Tigger.
Always something interesting Bonnie, thanks a bunch.

wind walker said...

i love that post!!

a fan belt!! i tell ya, spankos see the world in a completely different light & it is beautiful!!

Tigger said...

Just so ya'll know... rubber isn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Granted, it takes being in the right hands, but that's true for just about anything I suppose.

My next potential toy to "test" is a plastic hanger... anybody had any experience?

Thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts. And most especially thank to Bonnie for continuing to provide such unique and entertaining topics!

Hugs to all,

Bonnie said...

Yours - Tigger wrote a wonderful tale, didn't she?

Brian - I'd offer you a warm welcome, but it appears you've been here all along. Well, that's OK. I'm glad to have commenters and lurkers alike.

NSFW? Moi? OK, maybe just a little. Storm said a while back that he cannot even reach my blog from work because of blocking software.

I have seen this blog through WebTV before. I could read the text, but it looked positively awful. Sorry about that.

A spanking every morning? Now there's an eye-opener! It could be a lot of fun, but for Randy and I, we'd probably stop going to work entirely!

Thanks for your comment.

Jean Marie - :D I can hear it now... "Young lady, you should have changed this belt 10,000 miles ago."

Cassie - I do that all the time. The kitchen store is the worst. They inevitably have all manner of wooden stirring and beating implements. The very sight can get my mind racing.

Femme - Welcome! This blog is all about finding one's joy (and perhaps a little ouch as well).

Paul - You're most welcome.

Wind - I completely agree.

Tigger - Thank YOU for the entertaining story and picture. As you see, they were quite popular with the readers.

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