Monday, June 12, 2006

Implement Stories: Admin

This is the first in a series of posts about MBS readers and their implements. Like spankos themselves, the best implements have an interesting tale to tell. Today, I invite you to meet Admin from the UK. This is his story.

We practise spanking and mild DD. We have done so for 20 years, and my wife benefits from a sound hand spanking as much today as when I first took her over my knee. You asked about favourite implements. We've tried loads, but only kept two, a leather riding crop and a swishy school cane which I got from a theatrical outfitters. They both get used infrequently. Each has its own attributes, but the cane is reserved for punishment spankings only and my wife has the utmost respect for it.

I can tell you a short story about its recent use. My mother was staying with us for the weekend. There has always been some friction between the two women in my life though less these days than there used to be. Anyway, my wife was somewhat put out out after a particularly long and pretty stressful week (we run a small business). She made it obvious that she would have preferred a quiet weekend alone. Well, maybe I would too, but the arrangement had been long standing. I asked her to at least make an effort to lighten up and show some interest in the afternoon shopping trip we had planned.

To cut the story short, my wife didn't lighten, far from it. She was actually rude in showing her complete disinterest in my mother's plans for the afternoon. I could see a situation developing which I didn't like the look of. So I went to the kitchen and called our house phone, which we keep only in our small office adjoining the lounge, from my mobile. My wife went and answered the phone and I told her to stay in the office and I would be in shortly. I wanted a word with her about her behaviour. She began to stay something, but I cut the connection. I made a mug of coffee for Mother and took it to her in the lounge, casually putting some local radio station on as I passed the stereo. "Did Vron get that call?" I casually asked Mother, not requiring a reply. "We were expecting an important call to tie up an order, I'll just go and check, it won't take long to sort out," I said to Mom, handing her a magazine to browse meanwhile.

I went to the office and pushed the door behind me, Vron was standing there waiting. She started to speak, but the look I gave her as I walked around the desk told her not to even think about excusing herself. I opened the top drawer where I keep personal papers and my cane. "I don't have long, and its probably fortunate for you that I don't, but I won't tolerate the sort of rudeness and bad attitude you've just displayed to my mother. I'm going to cane you, right here, right now. Come around and stand beside me." She did as she was told, reluctantly but obediantly. She said she knew she'd been out of order and asked if I would please postpone it until later. But I told her that was out of the question. I took her arm firmly and guided her over the desk, pulled up her housecoat to her waist, and lowered her pants. After making sure she was firmly settled against the desk I gave her six good hard strokes across her mid-cheeks, with hardly a space in between. I knew from her muffled gasps that the message got through. I told her she could get up and pull up her pants. Her eyes were streaming tears and she was hopping from leg to leg. I returned my cane to its drawer and the matter was at an end.

"I'm going back into the lounge now. You've got five minutes to put your face straight and then I'll expect you to join us. You can say you were just filling in the order details after the phone call. That will explain your delay. I'll expect you to show a bit of interest in our trip to the mall and even make some suggestions where we might grab a bite to eat when we've finished. If you revert to the sort of impolite attitude you showed earlier, I promise you I will not hesitate to cane you again and I will not be so lenient next time. Is that clear?" Vron assuerd me it was. She looked truly contrite and I felt like hugging her, but decided against it.

When I went to leave the office, I noticed the door hadn't latched properly and had a half inch open gap. I hesitated. I wondered whether a hearing aid, radio music and an almost closed door would have been enough to disguise the sound of the sound caning I had just given her rude daughter-in-law. She made no reference to it and when Vron joined us she was the perfect hostess and the rest of the day went brilliantly. And at bedtime, Vron apologised again for her earlier behaviour and gave me the best BJ I can ever remember.

Thank you, Admin. If you would like to submit your favorite implement pictures and/or stories, there's still time!

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Tigger said...

Great story Admin,

You're writing style depicts the tone of the story perfectly. Yikes... a real-life British disciplinary caning story.

We have a crop almost exactly like that one... it's one of my husband's favortie toys, but not mine. It does leave pretty marks, though, I must say.

Graet story... made even better with the picture. Just looking at that cane is enough to make me shudder...


wind walker said...

very interesting story.

i liked reading the spanker's side...

Paul said...

Hi Bonnie,
Yes canes are popular in England, we had a small collection, mainly used in punishments.
Mel had a love/hate relationship with them, for her rare punishments, not at all keen, for one of her favourites scenes, that of a naughty school girl they were a must, strangely enough she could take much more in a scene than she could as a punish, probably to do with head space.
Thanks Admin, interesting.
Hugs Bonnie,

Janeen said...

That was a great story, I love reading about other's favorite implements, and rituals....well, I guess I just love reading other people's spanking tales! LOL

It's also nice to hear from readers, I always love the way you interact with your readers.

Bonnie said...

Tigger - There's nothing like a man who makes his mark in the world!

Wind - Me too!

Paul - I really enjoyed Admin's description of justice, British style.

Janeen - Isn't it great? Thanks.

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