Sunday, May 07, 2006

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 7

Once again, I am astounded and delighted by the volume, quality, and variety of your responses. There are some great ideas here that I want to try with Randy.

Our question this week deals with what I like to call “dress for distress.” In other words, how do you enhance your spanking relationship through the use of clothing?

The Viking’s Wife: I have a schoolgirl outfit that I put together for our first anniversary. That went along with the wooden paddle I gave him as a gift. I also on occasion wear a whore’s outfit - short skirt, thigh highs, and bustier. We also like lingerie, of course. It all enhances the experience and my Master loves it.

Spanked Minx: Mostly EH's fave undies (LOL! not his, mine!). I also have school outfit. We have a few kinky pieces that get used on VSO (very special occasions).

Mary: I too have a modified school girl outfit (far shorter than what I really was allowed). I also have a real cute, but too short, suede skirt, with a very low cut blouse, for when I want to be scolded for being too provocative. We like to play secretary and boss, so I have a professional skirt and blouse to pull that one off, unless I wear the provocative one. It depends on the scene. I have many pretty panties. My guy loves me in skirts, so all dates with him involve me in skirts. Come to think of it, since we don't live together, I think the only pants he ever sees me in are ski pants! Outfits help to create the mood. Skirts make exposing a well spanked bottom easy during corner time.

Anon: I attended a Catholic high school and had the foresight to save my old uniform. I've nearly cut the skirt's length in half so it barely covers my butt and rides up very nicely when I am bent over. :-D

Paul: Mel's family was a military family, they lived in North Africa for some years. A favourite fantasy was Mel as a harem slave with bondage, being tied to a pillar and whipped. I was able to get a few pairs of very thin harem trousers and tops from a theatrical supplier. She also kept her school uniform, and she filled it rather better later.

Playing was very good. Light bondage was mostly used as we found it very hot. Scenes added spice, especially if we both had had a hard week. They could pep us up far better than any pill.

Rose: I have on occasion worn my corset when being spanked. Personally, I prefer being totally naked for my spankings. It seems to lead to more, um, better things. However, after reading some of the other commets. I might have to find some old school uniform somewhere and try that little fantasy.

Jean Marie: I too have a modified Catholic school girl's outfit that gets us very hot before my butt gets toasted. The American school girl gets spanked over the knee. The British counterpart always gets caned in our scenarios.

I own an extensive and expensive wardrobe of lingerie. I've literally swooned when wearing a corset while being leathered. Kyle's brought me back lots of Agent Provocateur panties from European business trips, but we also like a satin pair of pantaloon bloomers that open in the back. They’re perfect for bare behind discipline followed hard-upon by rear entry sex.

Okay, I have to open up about something... Every couple of months I get a craving to feel beastly and really wild. So I love to dress up as a pony girl for a taming session. My outfit is leather and PVC plastic that, much like a corset, pushes my boobs up and my bottom out. I invariably cream when the butt-plug tail is inserted, and have cried my way through numerous multiple orgasms while being broken by the dressage whip. I've never shared this with a soul besides Kyle. I should probably have kept the bit between my teeth to keep silent, but I trust you. Some may smirk, but I've galloped to heaven's ecstatic gates while playing pony every time. We save it for special occasions, but I always get a pony for Christmas! Try it in a fantasy. You'll like it... Then you'll start investing in one item at a time, as I did. What opened the door for me was buying the first riding crop exclusively for my own rump at the tack shop where we buy our regular riding gear.

26 Maple: While we don't have any specific costumes (although I would like to see Ell in a schoolgirl costume some time), she has a pair of panties that I know mean "Me want spanky spanky!" They're a pair of purple lace, French-cut panties that give absolutely no protection against anything whatsoever.

Bonnie: For as long as I’ve known him, my husband Randy has had a major thing for cheerleaders. We’re not talking about those cute little girls bouncing up and down with their pom-poms. He’s attracted to fully mature, sexy young women in short pleated skirts and tight sweaters. Truth be known, I was editor of the school paper, but never anything close to a cheerleader. Let me tell you, I’m a cheerleader now!

A few years ago, Randy bought me a short white pleated tennis skirt with matching panties. He liked that so much that he followed it up with a similar outfit the following Christmas. It features a red and white pleated skirt with matching sweater and panties. This is his favorite. He likes the look so much that he often keeps my panties in place throughout the spanking.

A cheerleader spanking is almost always administered using a wooden paddle. There’s something very traditional and scholastic about that implement. This is a fun role play and one to which we have returned many times. Rah Rah Team!

I also have an extensive panty collection, thanks in large measure to Randy’s prurient generosity. But that’s a topic for another brunch!

Padme: I think you can tell from my blog that I like to wear lots of different outfits for my spankings. Master Anakin loves the school girl look and I often wear that uniform for him. Sometimes it's my fetish wear or just some innocent lingerie. I find dressing up in special clothing enhances our spanking so much.

I am now intrigued with the cheerleader outfit now that you mention it, Bonnie. I've seen them in a few sex stores and always wondered what I might look like as a cheerleader.

Tigger: I do like to dress up for my spankings sometimes, and even have a costume! My special things can be anything from a simple pair of bikini panties to a garter-belt and high heels, or this new waist cincher that I got (which my hubby absolutely loves, btw!).

As for costumes, I'm thinking of getting some more (especially after reading about your cheerleader outfit, Bonnie!). But I do have a schoolgirl outfit. It’s not the traditional kind you might find in a real school uniform, but the super-sexy kind with a plaid mini-skirt and a tiny white blouse that ties in the front, leaving the mid-riff bare. Underneath, I wear a white push-up bra and a simple pair of white bikini panties. To complete the look, I put my hair up in ponytails, and wear white thigh-high stockings and high-heeled Mary Janes! My hubby absolutely loves it! In keeping with the outfit, I get scolded for not doing my homework, sent to the corner, and spanked with the big sorority-style paddle we have, which I absolutely love!

CeeCi: Dressing is one of my favorite things to do. I'm a real clothes horse. Tomorrow night, I'm modeling in a local fashion show, something I really enjoy doing. I know, nothing to do with the topic, but it's Sunday and the brain is wandering.

I was surprised at the number of school girls out there. MoJo and I did that once, and we enjoyed it much, but for some reason haven't done it again.

We've had several enjoyable evenings when I've been dressed to the nines, sexy dress, garters and hose, heels and jewelry. MoJo is in jeans and a shirt. The first time we did this he approached me from behind. We'd not discussed any role playing, so I was taken by surprise. He took me roughly into his arms, and let me know that my cool demeanor would soon be hot for him. He explored my clothing, one layer at a time, unzipping my dress to let it drop to the floor at our feet. He wouldn't let me turn around. Taking a hand full of hair, he roughly pulled my head back for a kiss. He then pushed me away from him, bent me forward at the waist and with no warm up began spanking me. Once I was squirming, he fondled me roughly. He plunged one hand into my bra, manhandling my breast, the other he shoved into my thong, his fingers expertly finding my clit. All the while he talked to me, telling me I couldn't hide from him behind all the glamour, that he knows me, knows what I am, he knows what I want and told me, only he can give it to me. Off came the bra, he bent me over again, shoving the scanty protection of my thong aside, then plunged into my eager wetness. Just as I began to enjoy myself, he pulled out, sat on the edge of the bed, pulled me over his knee and administered an amazing spanking. Down came the walls that night. He proved he truly knows where I live.

It's ironic, tomorrow night, I'm going to be dressed to the nines again, but no one in the room will have the faintest idea of who I am, what I am and what I want. Clothing can create some amazing characters.

Great answers, everyone. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

As always...great reading!!!


Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion for a future collumn - HOw do you approach your partner about being less vanilla. My girlfriend likes to be swatted on her bottom both before and during sex. We have tried (no terribly successfully) to incorporate spanking into our sex life. Based on what I read at MBS and elsewhere I think she would like to be cuddled and adored and spanked. How do I ask without her running from the room yelling "FREAK".... well you get the idea. Your thoughts on this might make a great column since I guess I am not the only one of your readers in this situation.

Bonnie said...

Tigger - Thanks!

Anon - That's a great question, but one where I'm probably not the best person to answer. I'll keep it in mind for a future brunch. Perhaps the readers can share their expertise. Thanks for the suggestion!

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