Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Poll: Panty Placement

Where do a woman's panties belong while she's being spanked?

In their normal position, of course
Around her thighs
Pulled up between her cheeks
On the floor with the rest of her clothes
What panties?
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Marcus said...

I actually like them in normal position, wedgied, on the floor, just below her cheeks, down to knee level.

But I voted for the wedgie one (pulled up between her cheeks). I like that.

Paul said...

House rules, no panties, just one of my shirts, made life so much easier and so much fun.WEG!
So my vote, what panties!!! :-)
Thanks Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

I like my hubby to start my spankings with a nice warm-up over my panties, of course, but there's just something so sexy about him slowly sliding them down around my thighs and spanking my bare bottom!!! *sigh*


padme said...

I voted for around her thighs. That's where I like my panties when getting a spanking from Master Anakin. :)
Great quiz, bonnie.

kitten said...

Hmmm, had a hard time choosing between down around thighs or on the floor with the rest of her clothes. There something very sexy, submissive about being spanked naked by a fully clothed Man but then also agree with what tigger said. :)
Not much of any of that goin' on at my house lately but thanks for the memory/fantasy!

Fireman Chris said...

Hmmm, there's no all of the above (except the last one, of course).

They all have their advantages and all get used in this house, but usually they're nowhere to be found, so I said "What panties?"

Bonnie said...

Marcus - You are truly a spanko connessieur!

Paul - Nakedness certainly leaves your options open for whatever may follow.

Tigger - I wish I had thought of the progressive spanking as a response. I'll bet we have a lot of followers of that technique.

Padme - They're a whole lot less likely to be misplaced in that position!

Kitten - Hi! It's good to hear from you again. I hope things look up soon.

Chris - That response didn't occur to me either, and it should have because we've tried all of the permutations too. Thanks for ading your insight!

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