Monday, April 17, 2006

Say It!

Say it for me tonight
Say it clearly now
Say it cuz it's so right
Say it with a pow

Say it like a strong man
Say it cuz it's true
Say it with a good tan
Say it through and through

Say it with your leather
Say it o'er your knee
Say it on my nether
Say it just for me

Say it for us always
Say it far and near
Say it all of our days
Say it on my rear

Say it again sweetly
Say it with a swat
Say it very neatly
Say it nice and hot


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padme said...

Great poem bonnie! I love it!
I mentioned you in my recent blog post. Thanks for a great brunch question this week. :)

Paul said...

Bonnie, I've always liked spanko poems, not that I see many, thanks.

Caia said...

Great poem Bonnie:)

Bonnie said...

Padme - Thanks for the mention and for your generous words! I always love the brunches. We always hear perspectivews that I hadn't considered.

Paul - As I imagine you've guessed, I like spanko poetry too. Every so often, rhymes start popping into my head. Naturally, they most often concern spanking and related topics. If they're decent, I share them here.

Caia - Hi! I hope you're doing OK. Thanks.

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