Saturday, February 18, 2006

It's Sunday Brunch Time Again!

Hello everyone and welcome to our weekly My Bottom Smarts Sunday Brunch. This week, we have lots of tasty pastries. The coffee is warm, so please come in, take off your jacket, and pull up a chair.

As in past weeks, I will pose a question for your consideration. When you are ready to respond, post your answer as a comment or place it on your blog and link to it. I will then summarize the responses and post them tomorrow.

Now, without further ado, here's our topic du jour:

Please name five things that make a spanking better.

This is a very open-ended subject, so feel free to let your imagination soar. For example, these needn't be tangible objects.

Let the discussion begin!

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Anonymous said...

1. Marks

2. panties

3. paddles

4. hairbrushes

5. glowing red bum

Linda said...

1. When Mark takes control

2. When we are both on the same page about the type, duration and eotional outcome.

3. When it's coupled with mind blowing orgasms. :)

4. When there are lasting marks and a warm sensation for days.

5. When we both have an equal sense of contentment and release and share that bond and closeness with one another.

Flinchflower said...

OK Bonnie, remember I've never truly had a spanking, just a little play, though.

1. Being lectured as the spanking goes on.
2. Being given things to follow up on to avoid more spanking.
3. Compassion - someone willing to take a break if it's needed.
4. Being over someone's knee, rather than bent across a piece of furniture.
5. Having a reddened bottom but no bruises, that will last for hours or maybe into the next day, but not for days or weeks.

Anonymous said...

Things that make it best for me:

1. Anticipation of an upcoming spanking i.e. spouse leaves out a paddle on the counter in the bathroom

2. A original spanking in a new location with a new spanking tool.

3. Fear that someone might hear or see you getting spanked, or might help spank you.

4. Hot sex afterward.

5. Soreness that last for two to three days reminding of the spanking and getting your hot again

IntricatePieces said...

1. Rubbing … Lot’s and lots of rubbing in between a few kisses are good too ;-)

2. Anticipation… the biting of the lip and lowering of panties

3. Being lectured in between swats. (even in a fun spanking the question… who’s been a naughty girl is a blast and answering with ummm Hilary Clinton ? will only get you a few extra swats )

4. A sore bottom the next day

5. Last but not least tears… even in a fun spanking… I love to be brought to tears.

Fun fun fun question!

PS... would you mind if I listed your blog in my links pleaseee lol that way I can be lazy and not have to search my favorites each time lol

Mike said...

1. anticipation...knowing that it's coming for a good long time.

2. the spankee baring their own butt. To me it's giving consent in a non verbal way.

3. having to ask for it to start.

4. sting during the sex that follows.

5. a nice red butt for a while after it's over.


dwcmike said...

1.The hairbrush's sudden appearance on the bathroom counter. A spanking is going to be given soon.
2. Being informed to "come upstairs with me now!"
3. Being required to bare your own bottom for the spanking, and bending over my wife's lap when she taps her lap with her hand or the hairbrush.
4. a stinging backside while making love.
5. soreness the next few hours or even the next few days

Anonymous said...


1. The quickening of my pulse as my hubby guides me over his knee (or into whatever position he chooses!)

2. A nice warm-up (either over a pair of skimpy panties or on the bare!) before the real spanking begins.

3. Lots of caressing (and scolding if I'm getting spanked for being "naughty!") before during and after the spanking. And gentle kisses on my stinging bottom are always enough to make me melt!

4. Incredible sex after the spanking! (no need to elaborate on that one! *grin*)

5. Then, of course there's the wonderful stinging sensation, as well as the glowing red bottom to gaze at in the mirror! *sigh*


Paul. said...

1) Knowing it's what she wants and needs.
2) Come upstairs little one.
3) preparation and warm up.
4) Completing the spanking, from the sounds and movements, knowing you've got it right.
5) The incredible feeling of togetherness, love and connection as you cuddle afterwards.

This is a spankers view

Nice question, thanks.

Coffee and a sticky bun please.



Bonnie said...

I doubt I can add much to the great thoughts above, but here are my five:

1. Surprises, with regard to timing, setting, implement, position, etc.

2. An expertly operated vibrator

3. A little light bondage to spice things up

4. Buzzwords – Either a running commentary or old favorites like “Bend over and grab your ankles” or “Assume the position”

5.Lovemaking for dessert

kk said...

1)the excitement of not knowing how hard and how many swats there will be for me this time.
2)knowing that i will be in position the entire spanking with my hands and legs cuffed to anything that is avaiable for my Master.
3)the feeling of the red hot and marked ass at the end of the spanking.
4)knowing that it is sign of my Masters love for me.
5)last and the best part of all is when the spanking is over and my Master kisses all the pain away on my ass.

rivka said...

1. Closeness (both physically and emotionally)

2. Communication (lecture, if you will - before and during - or sexy keywords here and there)

3. Bondage.

4. A gradual incline in the severity of implements beginning with His hand (i.e. Hand, paddle, crop, belt, cane...etc)

5. Aftercare (this definitely *will* - becuase it won't happen till we're married - include sex)

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