Monday, January 16, 2006

Spanko Crossword

In our continuing quest to bring you the finest in innovative spanko entertainment, My Bottom Smarts presents, for your amusement, an original spanko crossword puzzle.

Bonnie's Spanko Crossword Puzzle

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1. Seems to help afterward
3. Hip-Hop slang for posterior
6. Temperature of a spanked bottom
7. Was seated
9. My bottom is ___ fire
10. Result of heavy paddle
11. Backside
13. Paddle
15. Roast
16. Woman's underwear
17. A blow to the buttocks
19. Punished excessively
20. Spanked hue
22. Red as an ______
23. Too sore to ____
24. Sound of a spank
27. Smack
28. Spanking furniture
30. Reason for spanking
2. Not down
3. Tie
4. Exclamation of pain
5. Leather implement
6. Classic punishment implement
7. Give oneself over
8. Smarts
10. Wrong answer
12. Punished with a rod
14. A light spank
16. Wooden implement
18. ___ Bottom Smarts
21. Organic implement
24. Single tail
25. Touch of a crop
26. Spanko's favorite color
29. Not out

When you're ready, here's the solution.

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Marcus said...

Shouldn't the answer for 30 be breathing, lovemaking, or, in my mind anyway... ANYTHING?

Bonnie said...

Marcus - Sure, but my answer is the only that fits! LOL

wind walker said...

you are soo awesome.....

Heidi said...

This was too cute, And I actually got most the answers. Go me! LOL

rivka said...

I'm so going to do this when I get a chance!! Thanks for posting it!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not usually into crossword puzzles, but I couldn't resist this one!!!


poiesia said...

Cute! Better than doing the NY Times crossword!


poiesia :)

CeeCi said...

Is there nothing you can't do? Stories, quizzes, advice, and now this...pure fun! Bonnie, you're wonderful.

little one said...

This was too cute Bonnie! Thanks!

Bonnie said...

Wind - Thanks!

Belle - Very cool. Glad you enjoyed it.

Rivka - Enjoy!

Tigger - Well, that makes two of us. I never created a crossword before yesterday.

Poiesia - Thank you. I make no claim to be better than anybody, but I do know how to stay on topic.

CeeCi - I'd like to hope I still have a few surprises left. Thanks.

Little - You're most welcome. I'm glad you liked my crossword.

poiesia said...

On topic is very cool; You definitely come up with new ways to outlet spanking for us! :D

Much appreciated dear Bonnie!


poiesia :)

ann regel said...


When I saw your crossword puzzle, I thought: FINALLY a puzzle I should be able to solve. Well, I'm still working on it and enjoying it. Do the answers come out tomorrow?


Bonnie said...

Smart - You can have the answers any time you like. Just click on the word solution.

Have fun!

ann regel said...

I guess I'm not that "smart." I guess I shouldn't try to do these things when I'm at work.

Thanks, Bonnie!

Linda said...

LOL...Great puzzle, I finished it in under 30 minutes, do I get a prize or does this just mean it's obvious what my kink is???

Bonnie said...

Linda - You get Bonnie's virtual gold star. Well done!

I have no doubt that possessing this kink definitely helps. On the other hand, who else would be completing a spanko crossword puzzle? LOL!

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