Friday, December 16, 2005

What Type of Spanking Do I Crave?

erotic spanking
What type of spanking do you crave?

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Oooooo la la! You are craving an erotic spanking!

You want a spanking that is just plain fun and is all about feeling good and turning you and your partner on.

The implements of choice for your bottom warming are a soft leather flogger and a crop.

Just think of all the naughty possibilities... ;)

Thanks to Spanko Girl for this great new quiz!


Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

Hummm.. that suit me... but I didn't do that test yet... Ok.. going to see what I would like... even not being a spank myself...;-)) I know what I like... the bared hand on my bared butt... not as punishement, but as part of the emotion while fucking... thisis what I crave for...;-)

Bonnie said...

Sea - I agree. An erotic spanking has always been my preference. The other varieties certainly have their place, but if I get to choose, I'll take a little lovemaking with my bottom warming. Maybe more than a little...

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