Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Works

I got it good last night. Very, very good!

The story begins last Saturday. My Prince Charming was motivated to pursue what appeared to be a minor home improvement project. I inquired about his purpose, but an evil grin was the only response I received.

Randy took his trusty tool box and set up shop in our previously clean bedroom. From downstairs, I heard all of the usual drilling, hammering, and cursing, but still had no clue what was afoot. Finally, after about twenty minutes, Randy called me to see his creation. When I looked, I was astonished. The plaster dust on the bedspread was no great surprise, but then I spotted a large metal hook emerging from the ceiling immediately above the center of our bed.

For a moment, I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or scream. My first thought dealt with erotic torture. Done right, I could probably embrace that concept. My second thought, spoken aloud as it entered my consciousness was “What will our friends and family think?” Randy’s suggested rationalization was that it was for a planter.

“Randy, have you ever seen anyone hang a planter directly above a bed?”

“Well, no. But I don’t pay much attention to that decorating stuff.”

I couldn’t decide whether to be thrilled or exasperated. Either way, we now have a big old hook in our ceiling.

Last night, we finally found both the time and the energy to test this new labor saving device. Randy instructed me to strip and lie face down on the bed. I compiled. He gently lifted my head and placed a scarf over my eyes. He tied it behind my head, effectively cutting me off from the world of illumination.

For the next several minutes, I heard drawers opening and closing. I heard Randy go downstairs at least once to retrieve something. I could feel various items being tossed onto the bed beside me. When I tried to feel for them, I was informed that I must stay in place.

So there I was, naked and blindfolded on the bed. Awaiting my fate. A little intrigued. A little bored. A little nervous. A little cold. But very unsure of what would happen next.

After several minutes of this uncertainty, the ritual began. I felt a cool mist of liquid on my bottom. Randy was using a spray bottle to moisten my target. This can mean only one thing – the wet spanking. Did you know that swats hurt more when applied to wet bottom? I can’t give you a scientific explanation as to why, but my empirical evidence suggests that it definitely does.

The next sensation I felt was his hand, spreading the liquid evenly across my twin globes. How considerate he was, I silently mused, to ensure that neither nooks nor crannies were ignored. His gentle rub soon became a playful slap. Before long, he was striking my bottom with firm, regular strokes. As the sting began to rise, so did my arousal.

Just as I began to truly appreciate his percussive cadence, he abruptly quit. I then felt my loving husband slipping my cuffs on to my wrists. Even though I knew this was coming, it still took me a moment to reconcile myself to this reality. We had purchased those cuffs several years ago during a toy binge. We tried them a few times. More often, though, Randy uses scarves, handkerchiefs, or pantyhose to bind me.

He helped me up, first to hands and knees and then into a kneeling position. He placed my arms over my head and fastened my cuffs to a bungee he had tossed over the hook. I immediately liked the bungee idea. I was restrained in place and in position, but unlike with rope, there was still a little bit of flexibility for me to move. This arrangement was much easier on my wrists. I figured that I could hold this position for a good while. As it turned out, that was precisely Randy’s intention.

Despite being restrained, I jumped at least a foot when something very cold and very damp touched my left nipple. He had taken ice in his mouth and was kissing my breasts! Once I recovered from the initial shock, it was a very intriguing sensation. His lips were cold. So were his tongue and his teeth. His mouth worked its frosty magic on my headlights. Long before he finished, my nipples were standing at attention.

Before I could reassess my situation, I felt the spritz from the spray bottle on my derriere again. My lover followed it with at least two dozen sizzling snaps from a leather strap. It burned, but in another way, those licks felt good as well. I purred my approval.

By this time, my body was undulating with passion. Spankings turn me on, and this one was particularly erotic. I would have been plenty happy had he taken me down and made love to me right then and there. But Randy’s spanking sessions are seldom so direct. He had other destinations in mind for me.

I then felt cool smooth plastic moving in the vicinity of my crotch. Randy rubbed the object back and forth against my mound, along my inner thighs, and all around. I deduced it was a bullet-shaped vibrator that had not yet been activated. Shortly thereafter, he stopped for a moment. When he resumed his rubbing with the smooth object, it was now buzzing. As charged up as I was, this touch quickly brought me to a climax. I pulled against the restraints as I arched my back and screamed in sheer ecstasy. Oh, it felt so fantastic.

As I was still coming down, I became aware of Randy’s finger pressing lubricant into my tightest orifice. I was so taken by orgasmic thrill, I cared not. When he followed it with the still buzzing vibrator, though, my attention was his. I moaned, not so much in pleasure, but in gratitude for his skillful manipulation of my body and my emotions. In and out the probe moved, simulating the thrusts of a man. It was smooth and not too large. In my state of arousal, the entry caused no pain.

Soon after, Randy picked up a wooden hairbrush and began whacking my bottom again. At one point, he turned the vibrator up to its highest setting, rammed it home, and then delivered four very hard blows to my sit spots. I found myself again transported to that twilight realm where pain and pleasure tango in the moonlight.

The next thing I remember was panting for breath. I had climaxed so violently that I had rendered myself dizzy. Randy let me recover this time by using his hands to caress my back and sides. His touch was light, but its effect was electric.

Next, he tickled my chest with a feather duster. It was interesting, though somewhat less intense than the ice. He followed that technique by spraying compressed air onto my nipples. It comes in a can and, I am told, is routinely used by electronics technicians. It was very weird, yet at the same time very arousing. I am amazed that after so many years that my husband can still find innovative sex games.

Randy then released my arms and placed them around his neck. His own arms encircled my waist as we knelt face to face on the bed. The kiss he gave me was very aggressive. His tongue darted in my mouth in a manner that placed all sorts of wild thoughts into my mind. This rough gesture reminded me that his sexual needs had not yet been met.

He removed the cuffs, but left the blindfold in place. I was ready to see again, but that wasn’t in his plan just yet. He helped down onto my back. My bottom stung as it made contact with the spread. He spread my legs and climbed atop me. Now it was time to address his lust.

He was totally ready and entered me easily. Each pump of his pelvis propelled us both closer to a shared nirvana. My hands dug into his muscled back as he sought his fulfillment deep within me. When his passion exploded, I followed him into that whirling orgasmic haze.

When Randy removed my blindfold, I was inches from his smiling face. He kissed me, tenderly this time. I hugged him tightly and returned his kiss. I looked upon him as if my eyes were new. I found myself observing nuances that had escaped my notice before. I felt as though our bonds had been renewed and strengthened. I was astounded again by the volume of sheer joy he can draw from me. I also felt grateful for this time, this pleasure, and this man.

So now that the hook is a permanent fixture in our home (and in our love life), I open to suggestions of how best to explain it.

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little one said...

OOOOOO, very erotic Bonnie!! :) The hook is a glimpse into the future, looking ahead into Randy's old age, *grinnin* and the fact of possibly needing a "hoist" to get him outta bed one day. Sorry, best I could come up with... lol! Have a great weekend Bonnie. :)

Bonnie said...


LOL! That's a stretch, but it's a whole lot more plausible than Randy's explanation! I would serve him right if I used it. Thanks.

thelittlewoman said...

How about hanging mosquito netting on it, or a small canopy? Lots of cascading fabric, very filmy and romantic, and all the rage!!!
Also, easily removed for bungee cords. (You could also just use this explanation, and just never get around to getting just the right netting. . . . )
I'm gonna have MY hubby read this. . . . .!!!

Bonnie said...


Oooo, oooo! I can use that canopy idea. Thanks.

The best part is that not only is it stylish, Randy will find it painfully girly. I just love it!

Then again, he might find it a perfect excuse to install more hooks...

Welcome to MBS!

Lisa said...

I am jealous, I would love to have one of those hooks in my bedroom but I can't cause it is a rental and there would be no explaining that one. What a wonderful new activity added to your bag of goodies. Who needs excuses, just say it is for your own person swing LOL.

Janeen said...

Bonnie, I use the cans of compressed air regularly at work. (cleaning dust out of PCs) From now on I will not be able to pick a can up without thinking of this lovely time you and Randy shared. Very nice!

Bonnie said...

Lisa - As long as you spackled over the hole before you moved out, who would be the wiser? I say go for it.

Janeen - That's funny. Maybe I live a sheltered life, but I had never even heard of canned air. It sounds like a gag gift.

Yes, it was a mind-blowing evening. I'm always surprised at how much something as simple as a blindfold can alter the experience. It makes me feel very submissive. I have to totally trust him. I do and he rewards that trust with interest.

tboneslagirl said...

The canopy idea is wonderful or you could go 70's retro and hang a light from it.

Tell Randy thanks from T.. He just gave him an idea with the bungee cords

I'm happy for you and the wonderful time ya'll had

wind walker said...

i was gonna suggest a hook from a hanging light fixture....i have a hook over my bed but it has an actual light hanging from it....sigh, sadness...

that sounded so erotic and exciting...excellent!!

Bonnie said...

LAGirl - I know Randy will be delighted to know that another spanker found his techniques to be useful.

Wind - Um, does your hook have to always have an actual light hanging from it?

Yes, it was great fun. He loves to keep me wondering what is coming next. He was definitely on his game last night!

padme said...

Great blog post bonnie! :) Sounds like you and Randy are having a good weekend...

Bonnie said...


Thank you. We are indeed. Tonight may be a bit quieter though. I think we're both worn out!

Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

We had that hook in Vancouver... right beside the door of the room... but, as we never received anybody (because we knew anybody there) it wasn't a problem... I heard a lot about a hook in the ceiling since we are in Montreal, but this appartment is really not the place for it.... We are moving in 3 weeks in a house with a loft at the second floor and a basement... and the kids rooms will be at the first floor... so I feel we'll have many hooks... up and down the house.... and maybe even outdoor, if the neighbourhood isn't too inquisitive... Hummm, isn't nice??? I love that... being hooked to the ceiling, my arms unable to preserve anything.. His touches all over me... It's been a so long time.. Those 3 weeks are torture...;-)))

Bonnie said...


How wonderful for you! I would have a difficult time waiting too.

Have fun!

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

Well Bonnie, you could always hang a disco ball form it. (They sell them at Spencer's). Have you ever been there? I'm sure you and Randy could find lots of stuff to use there....pretty much everything you can think of they have. Have Randy put a hook big enough to hold your weight in your garage-they are generally more soundproof and he could put you over it on your stomach (after padding it of course.) Just a thought. Also, I'd like to say that while I started out just skimming your blog, now I'm totally hooked and recommend it to all my friends! You go girl! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope my life is this blissful one day. You are a very lucky woman. How do I find a decent man and have him enjoy spanking play too?

Anonymous said...

My suggestion to explain the hook: When company is coming, or just when not in use, throw some sheer fabric over it--like lace or something pretty that matches your decore--so it criss crosses the bed. Spread the fabric out like a tent and you can simply say that you were trying for a romantic effect in the bedroom. It would look very pretty.

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