Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Story: Lynne's Confession

The mountains don't abandon winter. Rather, they stubbornly embrace it for weeks as each rising sun shrinks winter's icy domain. When Mark and Lynne set out on their dream backpacking trip, the air was warm and the day was bright, but the remnants of deep drifts were everywhere.

The trail was wet from snowmelt, but quite passable. The park ranger had told them they would be the first to camp at Silver Lake this year. The craggy veteran mountaineer admired their intrepid spirit. It's not everyone who would attempt a springtime backpacking adventure on their honeymoon. But Mark and Lynne had planned this escape for the past two years. It was the culmination of their life together so far. Since they loved to backpack, loved the mountains, and deeply loved each other, why not combine the three?

They carried heavy packs upon their backs. Their packs included four days of clothes, food, water, tools, sleeping bag, and tent. As the day progressed, those packs always seemed to grow heavier. Yet on this morning, the couple's hearts were light enough to buoy them for hours. Hand in hand, they trudged up the newly revealed trail. In places they had to cross snow banks, but a slow, steady pace moved them ever closer to their destination.

The trail snaked up a narrow valley, roughly following a small mountain stream, now swollen and roaring thanks to the evacuating snowmelt. The hillsides were covered by the dark green hues of lodgepole pine. Contrasting against this muted emerald canvas were the chalk white trunks of quaking aspens. The forest was returning to life everywhere. Small animals scurried about as if taking inventory after their long slumber. Birds of many varieties provided the ideal soundtrack. The sun reflecting off winter's last outposts gave a ghostly glow to even the darkest woods. It was a fine day and the whole forest, it seemed, belonged to these two young lovers.

By late afternoon, Mark and Lynne had reached their destination. Silver Lake was quite misnamed on this day. Neither silver nor lake were visible beneath a blanket of the ice and snow. The lake was cradled within a natural bowl nestled into the mountainside. The 800 feet they had ascended made quite a difference in terms of the climate. Although the air was remarkably warm, much of the ground was still covered by snow. With the mountains' early dusk approaching, they selected a reasonably dry spot to erect their tent. When their camp was complete, Lynne cooked a tasty, if perhaps spartan, dinner. It's remarkable how delicious even simple foods can taste after a day of hiking in the mountains. After dinner, they hung all of their food from a distant tree to avoid bear problems. Now, at last, darkness had arrived and it was time for bed.

Mark and Lynne found themselves tired at the end of this long day. But they were not too fatigued to enjoy the fruits of married life. As noisy as nature had been all day, upon nightfall, a strange silence descended. Never had the lovers felt so truly alone. Lynne's inhibitions were strangely missing on this evening, as though they had been left back in civilization far below. She allowed Mark to explore her body in ways they hadn't tried before. He worked gradually, reassuring her with his hands as he progressed. Her newfound openness was repaid with a satisfaction that was both sexual and spiritual. Mark made love to her with a gentleness and caring that nourished her very being. This wasn't the wild abandon of newlywed passion. In its own way, it was something better. It was an act of respect that somehow befit the majestic setting.

The two lovers finished their intimate tango in a tight embrace. In whispered voices, they expressed the overwhelming love they each held for the other. Suddenly, without explanation, Lynne became quiet, as if in contemplation.

"Are you OK, dear?"
"What's the matter?"
"Oh, I think I have something I want to say, but I'm searching for the right words."
"Lynne, I'm your husband now. You don't have to sugarcoat your message for me."
"Well, it's difficult and, um, kind of embarrassing."
"You can tell me anything. We couldn't be more alone here."
"OK." (deep inhale) "Here goes... I would like you to, uh..."
"What is it? You would like me to do something..."
"Yeah, I believe would."
"Sure, you know I'll do almost anything for you, my love."
"I'll try again... I want you to spank me."

(to be continued)

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little one said...

You know how to leave a reader hanging Bonnie. ;) I'll patiently (read IMpatiently)await the continuation.

Storm Rider said...

Oh no you dont! You keep this up and I will perposely write something that will make a puddle on your chair and stop in mid RUB!
What comes around goes around!

padme said...

I can't wait to hear more bonnie!
:) Great story so far...

wind walker said...

very hot intro!!

can't wait to hear more!!

Storm Rider said...

How embarresing, I mispelled purpose! Thats all right i screwed up the embarres word to.

spankergood said...

WRITE ON!!!!! Your descriptive powers (of nature..surroundings), blew me away! Can't wait to read more. I think Lynne's going to GET THAT SPANKING. What say YOU?...I'm waiting. Will read tomorrow. Saving the best...Take care, SPANKGOOD.

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