Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy Spanksgiving!

For belts and crops and straps that beat
For paddles and brushes that warm my seat
For hands that firmly grasp my hips
For gentleman’s kisses upon my lips
For love that grows every day
For fun times alone when grown-ups can play
For romance, hearts, roses, and more
For my sweet lover I meet at the door
For steamy nights of carnal taste
For bright days happy together embraced
For passion, sex, and lots of spanks
For all of these things, I offer my thanks

Happy Spanksgiving to you, my dear friends and readers!
I truly appreciate your many kind words of support and encouragement.



padme said...

Have a happy thanksgiving bonnie.

spankergood said...

What a cute Thanksgiving poem Bonnie. Happy, Happy, THANKSGIVING TO YOU & YOURS!

little one said...

How cute Bonnie! Thanks for sharing all your talent with us so generously. :)

Storm Rider said...

Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie and Randy! I hope Randy stuffs your bird sweety!

wind walker said...

i was going to leave just a simple "happy thanksgiving" until i saw my warrior's comment...

then i snorted and started laughing...

great post bonnie!

"stuffs your bird"?????

naughty_one said...

ohhhhh naughty, naughty, naughty!

I will think of spanking now as I watch the turkey being carved because of your poem!

No fair!

I wish you a spank filled Thanksgiving, Bonnie!

May your Turkey be moist and
may your pie crusts be light and flaky....

may your dining table be brimming with loved ones...

and may you have naughty private fantasies about having to eat Thanksgiving dinner while standing up during grace ;)

Janeen said...

Happy Thanksgiving, sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for. ;)

Bonnie said...

Shyanne, Spanker, Little, and Wind - Thanks and have a fantastic holiday.

Storm - Oh, I'll get stuffed all right, but probably not until after my bird is cooked!

Naughty - Those are wonderful wishes. Thank you!

Janeen - I do indeed, starting with the friendship of all of you!

Lisa said...

Thanks bonnie for such a wonderful Spanksgiving poem. Hope You have a wonderful THanksgiving.

dwcmike said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and the entire extended family. I wish I had the talent to create poetry like you do, and how easy the thoughts flow out of your fingers onto the keyboard.
Being Canadian, I was wondering if you celebrate Thanksgiving today (Nov 20), or do you celebrate it on the 24th.
May the meal be great, the family even better, and the spanks that will surely follow at a later date exceptionally tasty.
bottoms out

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