Wednesday, October 26, 2005

You Might be a Spanko...

         With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy

You Might be a Spanko if...

…You know which entertainment venues have the hardest seats

…Your bottom has ever been used for the purpose of illumination

…You've ever owned a pair of panties with a target on the seat

…When someone says laptop, you don’t think about computers

…Your bath brush is kept somewhere other than the bathroom

…You’ve ever performed a sex act to get out of a spanking

…You’ve ever performed a sex act to get a spanking

…There’s plenty of paddling at your house, but no canoe

…You’ve always adored the smell and texture of leather

…You’ve ever been instructed to “grab your ankles”

…You’ve ever asked your spanker if he’s done yet

…Your computer chair has a cushion on the seat

…Hairbrushes outnumber heads at your home

…Your cats are named “Sting” and “Thud”

…You are first attracted to a man’s hands

…You shop for toys at the kitchen store

…You know that OTK is not a sorority

…You’ve ever named a paddle

…You read this blog!



wind walker said...

sigh....not a spanko yet...but i'm on my way!!!

i got 3 on the list!!

little one said...

LOL, too cute Bonnie. I think I hit 'em all. Guess I better face the facts... I'm addicted to being a spanko. ;) It's OK, I don't mind. *grin*

Storm Rider said...

Alright, thats funny!

mattie said...

Hello Bonnie,

Do you think,there is a profile for women beeing spanked.
I mean,the blogs are mostly from independend educated woman,perfectly capable dealing their own affairs.You seem to have a comfortable life too.
Or is this only, because people who cannot express themselves in text won't have a blog and spanking among ,let's say it gentle people who have a hard living is not in written history.

Bonnie said...

Wind, Little, and Storm,

Thanks. I needed a little something fun in the middle of the week.


I don't know. Based upon the women I know, there may not be a single profile. We spankos come from all over the world. Our politics and religions span the spectrum. So do our ages, physical attributes, relationships, and sexual preferences.

Lower income folks probably don't have as much opportunity to blog, but that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't spankos.

I am college educated and we live a good life (in many ways). I pretty much fit the profile you describe. However, I believe there are many other spanko women who do not.

Thanks for an interesting question. Do any other readers care to weigh in?

Annie said...

More signs that you know you're a Spanko when:

You shop at tack shops... and you don't own a horse.

You bought that new sofa only after lying over the rolled arm to make sure it was comfy.

You get wet when you hear the sound of a belt buckle jingling.

When you hear the words, "Hi, honey, I'm home!" you bend over.


Storm Rider said...

I say No! there is no way you could profile someone who enjoys spanking any more than profileing someone who is gay!
Our ways of life are built on what we have been told, what we feel is right and wrong, how we learn it,and what we do with it ounce we have it!
The best way, is to find someone who says "if it feels good then do it!"
Of course dont listen to me I'm twisted!

Janeen said...

LMAO Bonnie. Jeff Foxworthy would be proud! LOL

padme said...

So cute bonnie! :)

Bonnie said...

Annie - Those are great! We should take this show on tour.

Storm - Twisted or not, that makes sense to me.

Janeen and Shyanne - Thanks. This was a fun project.

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