Thursday, October 06, 2005

Getting to the Seat of the Problem

Here's a favorite spanking memory.

Because of a pressing project deadline, Randy had to go into work on Saturday. He promised me he would be home at a decent hour (just what that means is anyone's guess, but I hoped for the best). Despite the fact that I had been spanked twice on Friday, I was ready for action again by Saturday evening. It must be PMS.

Sure enough, he strolled in just in time for dinner. He was tired. I could tell. Was he too tired to attend to my needs? Was I too considerate to inquire? Would he resist my overtures? You know by now I wouldn't have a story if all these answers weren't no. Our daughter had asked if she could sleep over at her best friend's house. By this time, she was long gone. After dinner, Randy settled in front of the television set watching some sort of sporting event (I think it was football). I had my chance, but I figured I would have to convince him.

I slipped upstairs and put on a short white translucent nylon nightgown with an infamous pink thong underneath. I could think of no outfit that screamed “spank me and make love to me” any louder. To finish the look, I picked up the wooden hairbrush that had such a positive effect on my spirits the day before. Now, I was ready to make my pitch.

I sneaked back down the stairs and peeked around the corner. I saw my beloved husband, seated motionless in his recliner, looking pretty much zoned out. For a brief instant, I considered giving up my plan in favor of a more sedate pastime. As I often do at times like this, I decided I had already committed within my own mind to ask for what I wanted. The worst he could say was “no thanks.” If he did, we'd still love each other and I'd get that hairbrush another day.

I strolled into the center of the room with my arms outstretched as if to say, "Here I am." I smiled and said, "Hi, Honey" in a small voice. To my delight, he perked up immediately. With a broad grin, he stood up and said, "Come here." He led me over to the couch. He sat down and helped me down into the classic over-the-knee spanking position. My bottom was completely exposed. Randy then asked in an inquiring tone "Am I to assume you think I should swat your bottom with that hairbrush?" "Yes," I replied "I want you to spank me hard. I need it and I deserve it" "OK, OK" he said. "I get it. Now you're going to get it. Obviously I didn't finish the job yesterday. I'm going to make absolutely certain you won't feel a need to bring me that hairbrush again tomorrow." With that he snatched the implement from my hand. Perhaps, I thought, my sales job was a little too good.

I thought the spanking would begin then, but it didn't. "Let's make no mistake about what's happening here, Bon" he continued. "You just asked me to give you a hard spanking. That's exactly what you are about to get. No fooling around. No stopping. This is business." I love it when he talks like that. There was definitely no turning back now.

Smack! My wandering mind was quickly returned to the subject at hand. He was swinging with authority, alternating sides, but concentrating on my sit-spot. Wow, that hairbrush really stings! It was all that I asked for and more than I expected. The heat grew steadily and the spanking went on. I yelped and yipped and the spanking went on. I wriggled in acute discomfort and the spanking went on. The swats came fast and hard. Would he ever give up? Eventually, he did.

As I lifted myself off his lap, the severity of this session began to settle in. I was a little dizzy, no doubt from hyperventilating. My bottom was absolutely burning. Just to punctuate what had just transpired, Randy patted my rear a couple of times with his hand. Even that hurt more than I would have ever believed. Then we embraced. Mmmmmm. I love him. Even though he was tired, he took good care of me. Boy, did he take care of me! We made gentle, cozy love in our bed later. It was so pleasant and relaxing. All my cares evaporated.

As it turned out, he was right. I may have thought about spankings today, but I sure wasn't inclined to volunteer for one. Even this evening, sitting remains a bit dicey. I guess that attests to his skill with the hairbrush. I may be very sore, but I also feel very satisfied.

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padme said...

I found your blog through angelbrat. It's really good. :)
I'll definatly come back to read more.

Bonnie said...


Welcome and thank you! I'm glad you like my blog. It's still a work in progress (and maybe it will always be so), but I'm having fun posting stories and meeting interesting people.

Anakin said...

Hi bonnie,
My slave, shyanne asked me to link your blog to ours. She was very impressed with it.

Bonnie said...


Welcome to MBS! I'm glad Shyanne enjoys it.

Shimon said...

If you are ever in NY and feel the need for a spanking, let me know. I will be glad to oblige.

Joseph Lupoli said...

An interesting and very original blog to be sure. I rather like it

Have a terrific day!

Anonymous said...

From the outside looking in this was a disciplinary spanking. You write that being spanked turns you way, way on, but does a spanking like this every leave you feeling chastened, forgiven, grateful that Randy loved you enough to give you the spanking you deserved? Does it ever make you cry?

Lovely blog. Your emotional honesty is very honorable.

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