Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Bag O' Tricks

Whenever we travel together, Randy brings along what he calls his "Bag O' Tricks." This is a small case that contains all the tools and supplies necessary for festive fun on the road.

I thought it might be fun to give you a tour of the current contents:

     (2) tubes of lubricant

     (1) hand towel

     (1) wooden hairbrush

     (3) sturdy scarves

     (2) pens

     (1) small flashlight

     (1) pack of tissues

     (1) leather slapper

     (1) box of condoms

     (1) bottle of massage oil

     (1) blindfold

     (1) empty plastic spray bottle

     (1) butt plug

     (1) bottle of bubble bath

     (2) vibrators

     (1) small notepad

     (1) tube of aloe vera moisturizer

     (1) wooden teardrop paddle

     (1) box of wipes

     (1) pack of batteries

Randy used to be a boy scout. He still strives to be prepared for anything.

I'll leave as a fun exercise for the reader to imagine how he might employ these items (hint: not necessarily always in the obvious manner!).

Our next weekend escape is only ten days away. Here's hoping he'll be even better prepared by then!



padme said...

Sounds like quite the bag o' tricks. *big smile* I wish I could get away soon and take a bag like that with me. Sounds so fun!

naughty_one said...

And a partridge in a pear tree :D

Lovely, truly lovely.....

I will think of this post now whenever I see a woman in the airport with a gentleman carrying what appears to be a very vanilla briefcase.

And if it happens to be you and Randy, and you hear a girl humming 'The Twelve Days of Christmas', you will know it isnt the vanilla version of the song either :D

Here's to being prepared ;)

Bonnie said...


Yes, I have no doubt it will be fun. We love those getaways!

The items I listed were what I found when I checked earlier this evening. The contents of the case will likely be slightly different next time (especially if he see this post!).

Bonnie said...

Naughty One,

Oooo, oooo! Now I want to try to rewrite the lyrics to that tune in time for Christmas. How about the "Twelve Spankings of Christmas?" My mind is racing with possibilities...

Thanks for a fun concept!

dwcmike said...

We are not as adventurous as you are, because most vacations involve crossing international borders by air. However, the hairbrush, or possibly the bathbrush will accompany us next time. Your vacations treats sound wonderful.
Do you actually receive spankings in a hotel room, and if so, do you mute the sound with the sound of the television, or is your room quiet except for the spanks and your possibly noisy responses?
bottoms up

naughty_one said...


I know you asked Bonnie, but I am a naughty one so I will pipe in with my two cents :)

I have always been spanked in a hotel (or in Professor's office at school) and never had any issues. Usually Professor asks for a room on the end (sometimes he says he is a drummer and needs to practice and other times he just says he wants quiet).

Even if we don't get one, he spanks away and we do nothing to hide the noise.

Not long ago I was walking in a hotel hallway on my way to meet Professor for a session when I happened to hear what sounded like whacking and the muffled yelps of what sounded like a woman.

Being an insatiable and naughty spanko, I stopped to eavesdrop. And while I was standing there, grinning from ear to ear and getting that familiar squirmy feeling in my tummy, I realized something: I am not alone.

There are other couples out there attempting to feed their inner spanko moppets in random hotels around the country as we speak. :)

How great is that?

Bonnie said...


We're a bit hard of hearing sometimes. That's why we need to turn up the television nice and loud. I've been spanked many times in hotel rooms. We try to be a bit quieter than usual, but there's never been any problem.

One challenge I particularly recall was a B&B with very thin walls. I wrote up that adventure. If I find it, I will post the story.

Bonnie said...

Naughty One,

That is absolutely great! I've always suspected that there are more of us than anyone realizes. That sort of confirmation would be fun.

Janeen said...

Interesting bag of tricks. I wonder what the batteries are for??? LOL

I can't wait to hear about your adventures when you return from your next getaway.

The last time my husband spanked me in a motel room, it was in vegas, and he used the cord from my curling iron, I burried my face, and I'm pretty sure no one heard us. (at least not the spanking part.)

Bonnie said...


The batteries could be for the flashlight, but more likely, they are spares for the vibrator. He wouldn't want to risk having a run down vibe at time like that.

We're both really ready for our upcoming weekend escape.

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