Saturday, August 08, 2020

Your Honor, I’m Innocent

OK, maybe not that innocent, but in this case, I plead not guilty.

So I got spanked again, and hard, over Randy’s lap, with a paddle, and my bottom still hurts, a lot.

Have you ever received a spanking for something that wasn’t your fault? That happened to me yesterday.

We have both been working from home for the last several months, putting in many hours, and getting a lot accomplished. My job, in particular, can be performed remotely with no loss of productivity. In fact, I can get more done without the interruptions inherent in working in an office. Randy must go on-site occasionally, but mostly he’s here too. By the end of the week, we both felt cooped up and needed to escape.

We have many beautiful parks in our city and on Friday afternoon, we went for a hike. Fortunately, there weren’t many people on this particular trail so social distancing was a minor consideration. We stopped on a small bridge. As I leaned over the rail to see the creek below, Randy whispered to me, “Bon, voyeur at nine o’clock,” “Huh, what?” I responded. My mind was light years away enjoying the stillness of the forest. I could not quite parse his timepiece directions. “Slowly turn and look to your left.”

When I did, I spotted a young man, maybe a teenager, nearby holding a cell phone and conspicuously trying to look away. “He was taking pictures of your butt.” That seemed unlikely. We have a granddaughter who is almost his age. I told Randy he was nuts.

We walked further along the trail, all the while aware that our new friend was following about fifty yards behind. After a while, I stopped thinking about him and went back to enjoying our hike. Walking among the douglas fir, red cedar, and western hemlock trees is simply awe inspiring. We agreed that we need to get back to hiking more often.

Later, I bent down to look at a small critter among the ferns at the side of the trail. “Do that again,” Randy requested. So I did. “Yep, this kid is definitely snapping pictures of your ass. I just saw him do it.”

Randy pointed out that taking pictures of my bottom is his job. I agreed. “But you do look incredibly sexy today.” “What?” I replied increduously. I was wearing a simple pair of well worn jean cutoffs, a white tee shirt with the logo from my theater group, plain socks, my hiking boots, and a floppy hat. Fairly utilitarian I thought.

“Those shorts fit your curves like a glove, a surgical glove.” He said something else about being able to see my thong line, but I stopped him there. “Now wait a minute. Just because you obsess over my body doesn’t mean that anyone else does.”

“I’m telling you, Bon, I saw him.”

We concluded our hike with no further incidents. I suppose the fellow got what he sought because we didn’t see him again. We picked up some sandwiches on the way home. While we were eating, Randy announced that he needed to punish me for being just too damn beautiful out in public. I was simultaneously amused and annoyed by this prospect. It was by now almost time for my weekly bottom warming anyway. I became a bit more concerned when he produced a short but substantial wooden paddle that he intended to use to spank me.

With little fanfare, I was pulled across his lap with my shorts still in place. He whacked away for several minutes. The faded denim provided only minimal protection. I was quite sore when he ordered me to my feet and into a well lighted corner. Once I was in place, he captured several images of my bottom.

“Now rub please,” he commanded. Randy next recorded video of me vigorously rubbing the seat of my shorts with both hands. “That’s great. Now let’s pull them down.” I complied. More shots of my now reddened flesh ensued.

“OK, back over.” He sat down again as I shuffled to him with my cutoffs at half mast. I took my familiar position anticipating more punishment. He didn’t disappoint in that regard. Randy’s usual technique directs the hardest swats to the lower slopes of my bottom. He knows that inflaming that region will result in painful sitting later. Believe me, it works!

“Bad girl,” he scolded. “Dressing way too sexy for hiking.” I could have argued and would have been right, but that heavy paddle would still fall just as hard. The truth is that my bottom is my bottom. It’s not as though I can replace it with a smaller, less curvy model when it’s convenient. I chose those cutoffs because they are soft and comfortable. I can dress sexy. But this wasn’t it.

“Teasing that poor boy. For shame.” Now I knew he was playing with me. I’m allowed to be who I am. I might bend over for his enjoyment on occasion, but it’s not for anyone else.

Randy counted out ten more hard whacks and my paddling was over. I was then ordered back to that corner for a few more photos. Then he sent me to check my bottom in the bathroom mirror. It was very red. Next we made love and that was fun. We finished the evening spooning in bed while watching a movie that I won’t bother to recommend because we both fell asleep!

So what do you think?

          Earned spanking?

          Unearned but still necessary?

          Complete travesty of justice?

          Why are we even talking about whether it was earned?


Baxter said...

You have a happy marriage in that your husband complements you on your ass. I complement my wife about her ass and she enjoys it. Why not? We have been married for nearly 37 years and we are still in love, just like the two of you are. And yes, you deserved the spanking for having such a sexy ass - he is giving you attention to your ASSet. :)

Joe said...

Based on your profile picture you an incredible bottom that men and even some women are admiring. A bottom like that deserves the spanking it craves. Your husband is very lucky to have you ❤

Minielle Labraun said...

I think it sounded perfect!
Glad you had a fun afternoon!

Roz said...

Hi Bonnie, wow, what a fantastic day all up! Not deserved, but fun :) kudos to your butt lol. I think I would have been chasing that teen lol


Oaks and Pines Spanking Stories said...;postID=1582049718697880886;onPublishedMenu=template;onClosedMenu=template;postNum=15;src=postname
I am hoping that the link will work...
If it doesnt do have a search of the O&P blog with "A walk in the woods..."
Teasing wink
B ;)

Rich Person said...

In the proper relationship, likely yours qualifies, posterior chastisements don't have to be earned. They just confirm the relationship.

However, you shouldn't refer to this as a "spanking". A spanking is smacks on the bottom (or at least a fleshy part of the body) with the hand. This was a *paddling*.

It's important to call it that because the implications of a spanking are different from the implications of a paddling. It implies a very different level of pain.

So, back over the knee, Bonnie!

Hermione said...

Unearned but still necessary, if Randy thought so. What a fun way to end the week!


morningstar said...

unearned for sure -- but thoroughly enjoyed I am sure (grinning)

Anonymous said...

My wife does the spanking, no matter how I feel if the spanking is needed does not matter. Our marriage is strong because of the FLM and would have it no other way. I do as told, which means I stand before her as she bares my bottom, or counts to ten and I must undress, for this type of spanking I have been really a bad little boy as she said with sternness.

Bonnie said...

Baxter - That's what Randy said!

Joe - Thank you, I think.

Minielle - Yeah, though his reason was pretty flimsy.

Roz - You know, he never seemed like much a threat, more of an annoyance. Anyhow, thank you for your support.

Brigitte - As I assembled this account, I wondered whether readers might anticipate a spanking in the woods. We've done that before out in the national forest, but trails in city parks are just too popular.

RP - You're right, of course, about the posterior chastisements, but I wish Randy would at least invent a plausible reason.

I define paddling as a subset of the more generic term spanking. There are other variations such as punishment with a hairbrush that are neither a spanking by your limited definition nor a paddling. In some cases, this implement can be more painful than a paddle due to the same force being applied to a smaller area. We need an inclusive word that encompasses all the many creative ways that bottoms are reddened. Spanking is the best one I have.

Yeah, back over, I know the drill.

Hermione - Thank you! I'm glad someone agrees with me!

MS - Uh, yeah, that's true. :)

Anon - I do as I'm told too, but I don't necessarily have to always agree.

Joe said...

May have not stated it well but most definitely meant as a compliment.

Erica Scott said...

Oh. My. God.
Bonnie, this was a cause of what I call Top Logic.
Also known as Making Shit Up. ;-)
Of course it was a travesty of justice. But you don't really care, do ya?

Erica Scott said...

Ugh. "Case of," not "cause of."

Dale said...

That is a very nice city park! Nothing better than a walk in the woods. I've heard it said that the way to spoil a good walk is to play a round of golf. In your case, I guess it can also be trumped-up accusations. Hope you enjoyed it. (The walk, I mean.)

Rich Person said...

Well, since you are the one getting it, you can use whatever term you want. I just think a spanking is one ouch and a paddling is two ouches. And I'd put smacking with the hairbrush in the paddling category, just for the record!

Bonnie said...

Joe - No worries. You didn't offend me. Thank you.

Erica - In the bigger picture, I don't care. But the concept of earning a spanking for dressing sexy sounds vaguely like a very offense and occasionally successful sexual assault defense. I wasn't "asking for it." Randy and I have an understanding about such matters (mostly) and I can object if I choose. But I'm not really complaining about getting paddled, but the rationale just felt kind of icky to me.

Dale - Our city parks are amazing. Yes, the walk was lovely but for the presence of our annoying companion.

RP - Thank you for that clarification.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I wouldn't be OK with a young man taking pictures of my wife's ass. Who knows where he is going to share them? It seems like an invasion of privacy. He is the one who deserves a spanking, not the woman who is being objectified. There are times when I want my wife to be eye candy and she enjoys dressing that way and neither of us minds other guys staring. But on a simple hike through the woods? I would have told him to get lost.

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