Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Spanking Cheers

No, we’re not going to raise toasts to our beloved spankers in this post. At Windy’s suggestion, I have prepared some spanking-themed cheers appropriate for the members of that perpetually naughty cheerleader squad to chant in unison.

This post is lovingly dedicated to my husband, Randy, who has a lifelong thing about paddling cheerleaders.

“Thrust your booty
Lift up your skirt
Bend on over
Time for the hurt”

“We’re the Tigers
We love the heat
After the game
Coach warms our seat”

“Rah, rah, Tigers
Kick, pass, and rush
Learn our lessons
With a hair brush”

“Be a good sport
Cheer like you should
If you do not
you’ll feel the wood”

“We’re cheerleaders
All trim and fit
We love to dance
But cannot sit”

“Open the window
Close the door shut
We get paddled
Right on our butt”

“When we’re naughty
And when we swear
We get spankings
It’s just not fair”

“We love to cheer
We love our jumps
We take a break
To rub our rumps”

No actual cheerleaders were harmed in the production of this post.


Baxter said...

not harmed, but certainly fantasies let loose would warm their butts.

Roz said...

LoL Bonnie, love these, very clever. A true spanko fantasy lol


Hermione said...

What fun! These cheers would distract the players from their main objective:)


ronnie said...

Bonnie, thanks for sharing. Clever and fun to read.


Fondles said...

LOL that put a smile on my face! Well done!

Erica Scott said...

Thank you for the giggles! Well done.

Bonnie said...

Baxter - These cheerleaders are all consenting adults so it's just good fun.

Roz - We spankos have lots of fantasies it turns out.

Hermione - Perhaps that's the objective?

Ronnie - I'm always looking for a new concept. Windy gets credit for the idea.

Fondles - Thank you.

Erica - Thanks! Just a bit of silly fun.

Windy said...

Laughing! Love it, Bonnie! Hugs, Windy

Bonnie said...

Windy - Thank you for a great idea!

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