Saturday, March 23, 2019

Keyword Chaos Version 2019-2

Here are more search terms that people used to find this blog:
  • daily reminder spanking stories – I don’t need a story to remind me

  • Did you ever rub the cane marks on afriends bum – Nope, just my own

  • Different position of spanking picture – Rotate it 90 degrees

  • different spanking wives positions – How many wives are there?

  • Discussions on recreational spanking – Download the podcast

  • diy spanking machine – From Popular Mechanics: The Spanko Edition

  • do big girls get spanked harder because their butts are larger? – Probably

  • Dr punish curvy woman by spank barebottom nude and enema – No wonder Doc is always behind schedule

  • embarrassing spanking punishments – Must I wear the clown nose?

  • embarrassing spanking stories – It was a dark and stormy night...

  • embarrassing stuck spank – There was this time when Frank mistook Elmer’s glue for moisturizing lotion

  • Embarrassing thing about spanking – Just one?

  • embarrassing thong slip forum – So you tucked your slip into your thong?

  • erotic spanking positions – That could be any of them if you set the mood

  • ettiquette soanking – Lowsee speling

  • Famous spankees – We love our spanko celebrities

  • fantasy, witnessed red spanked ass cornertime display – This week at the Spanking Museum

  • spanks tumblr – Swat ‘em again, bad Tumblr!

  • favourite spanking podition – I think podition is a new word that describes that facial expression that combines pout with pain

  • female athletes spanked – Cheerleaders shouldn’t have all the fun

  • female firefighters bottoms spanked for fule breaking – I looked up “fule” and it’s an archaic spelling of “fool”

  • females embarrassed by being spanked nude stories – Is it less embarrassing to write about clothed spankees?

  • first adult spanking – Good luck!

  • Forum spanking Princess Kelley – Bow in the presence of royalty

  • fun with recreational spanking – Let’s install the trapeze over here

  • get those pants and underwear for your spanking with a wire hanger – So we’re putting on clothes?

  • getting spanked for stress relief – Yes, please

  • gidget gets spanked – I recall watching that episode as a kid and secretly wishing that it could be me

  • girl spanked in embarrassing underwear art – Her panties had pictures of dancing ferrets wearing lederhosen

  • girls paddled bare bottom in the barn woodshed old fashion licking – If you have a woodshed inside your barn, you are officially hard core

  • girls spanking rituals – My favorite is paddling the bridesmaids

  • good girls sometimes need bare bottom spankings – Yes, we definitely do

  • good positions for self spanking – You could stand or bend over furniture

  • good throne chair for spanking – A throne has arms and is no good for OTK

  • guess memories being spanked at someones else birthday party – Guess again

  • Hands on the wall bubble butt spanking – Dirty hand prints earned Doris another spanking

  • hoh blowj after spankig – It’s good to be the head of household

  • how hard should a stress releif spanking be – Hard enough to make a difference

  • how long does it take after an ass spanking willingly does color return to normal – Depends upon the spanking and the spankee

  • How to be spankable – Ask for it

  • how to get my husband to spank me – Ask for it

  • How to have a schoolgirl bent over, spanking on the edge of a bed and have sex with me her stepdad – Find a consenting adult to explore your fantasies

  • How to make a spanking implement – Pick up a flat household item and give it a whack

  • how to spank your wife – Ask her what she likes

  • I just need a good hard long otk spanking story – 800 pages at least

  • I love to be spanked on bare ass plse spank my big booty – Sounds like a fine proposition

  • i need a spanking – I hope you find one

  • i spank my wife – Congratulations

  • illustrated domestic discipline – Can’t wait for the swimsuit edition

  • im an adult and i get my bare but spanked almost everyday – Good for you

  • im going roadt you bottom spsnking storeis – It must be hard to type with your wanger

  • irish farm girl gets a spanking – Begorra!

  • is it embarrassing for girls to get spanked – Depends upon the situation and the girl

  • is it ever ok to spank yourself bare bottom to get rid of guilt – Sure if that works for you

  • jerry springer spanking episode paddling – I actually googled this, don’t bother

  • know your spanking implements – Wouldn’t want to mistake a belt for a paddle

  • Lady Kenworth ass spanked – The seat in that truck is really uncomfortable

  • learn lines, put on costume, get spanked – Welcome to Spanko Follies of 2019

  • Licensed Spankologist – You can buy anything on the internet these days

  • line punishment stories – When line dancing goes horribly wrong

  • LOTS OF SPANKIING – Next we have lot number 462 which contains three custom wooden paddles. Do I hear $100?

  • lover spanks booty – I love that about him

  • maid spanked in the 5th century – That’s worse than going Medieval

  • mature nylon discipline pictures – Here’s where I whipped Granny with a stocking

  • Melissa can you come single what a little bit xxxsxe – Melissa is up for anything

  • men wearing women's panties being spanked photos – I imagine they didn’t fit very well

  • Most emeradsing Spanking – Another new word to define. Emeradsing is that uneasy feeling a spankee gets when her spanking suddenly becomes way more intense than anticipated

  • most painful spanking position – Either the diaper or the toe touch

  • mothers spanking – Moms like spankings too

  • mtf needs a good spanking tumblr – A lot of us miss spanking Tumblrs

  • My big booty get giggle if someone spanked it especial naked – I got the big booty, but it doesn’t giggle when spanked

  • My bitchy brattiness earned my ass a thorough spanking from my husband – These things happen sometimes

  • my teacher really paddled my panties – Good thing I wasn’t in them

  • naked birthday spanking – Birthday suit spanking

  • naughty nurses spanked by matron – White is definitely your color

  • non sexual discipline stories about naughty werewolves getting spanked – C’mon, that is totally sexual
That’s all for this installment.


Roz said...

LoL Bonnie, these are so funny and your comments are priceless as always. Thank you for the laugh.


Shell said...

Bonnie -- these are hilarious! And your narrative even better! Thanks for the laughs. -- shell

Hermione said...

"dancing ferrets wearing lederhosen" those panties would be SO embarrassing! Brilliant, Bonnie!


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