Monday, September 02, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Sept 1

Our question this week was whether we visually focus on an object during spanking. Here are your thoughts.

Rollin: Absolutely. I stare at the lovely bottom of the lady I am spanking. How about the pain? Well, yes, after a while my hand does start to sting a bit, but that's the price you pay. I just concentrate on the flexing, wobbling, sexy gyrations of my lady's fundament and after a brief time the pain is completely forgotten.

Speaking for those of us on the receiving end, I am grateful for your close attention to your target.

Elle: I usually close my eyes. It helps me focus on what he's saying. I have a tendency to let my mind wander and I really want to know what he feels and be present! :)

Bleuame: Depending on the implement being used, I may pick a spot on the floor or wall and I find that it does help with managing the pain. But usually, I close my eyes. I like how taking away the sight, leaves me to focus on the sounds of the spanking and his voice.

Hermione: I keep my eyes closed so that I have no distractions and can focus on the physical sensations.

Fiona: I don't have my eyes open, I try hard to focus, adjust, absorb, enjoy, experience the physical impact and emotional response.

Dragon's Rose: I focus on my hands. That way, I am less tempted to put them in the way.

Ronnie: Normally, I close my eyes so that I have no distractions.

Michael M: If I am being caned, I try and focus on a mark on the floor whilst absorbing the pain. If I am being spanked or paddled, I keep my eyes closed and fantasise about the scene in my head.

Janey: I'm sure that I close my eyes. It would be good to say that I do so to focus on his words, but I think I screw my eyes up tight shut and sometimes hold my breath to try to stay still.

Kim: I'm with Janey. I tend to squeeze my eyes shut and hold my breath to better handle the pain and to try to stay still.

Respecting Mistress: I close my eyes and take deep breaths. About the fourth stroke, I start struggling to take the pain.

Scunge: I hold onto a little beanie baby-sized Lambchop stuffed animal (you know the one from the old TV show with Sherri Lewis?) I am known for not reaching back, but Lambchop really helps me stay focused and in the right frame of mind whether it be fun or discipline.

Jenny: If it's any more than a warm-up, my eyes are closed. This helps me avoid being distracted by things in the room. You'd think a paddle on my backside would command my full attention, even with my eyes open, right? No... My mind wanders and the next swat catches me off-guard. I start thinking that the drapes need a good cleaning or the bedspread is lumpy if my eyes wander.

I'd probably do better focusing on an item with my eyes open, if only I could just reopen them after the first hard strikes start. That takes time, and there often isn't enough time between strokes. Plus, I know that I've taken a spanking before with my eyes closed, so I do it again.

DelFonte: I must have my eyes shut, because I don't remember anything visual. I concentrate on breathing slow and staying as relaxed as possible.

Simon: I keep my eyes open and look at the floor because if I don't, a curt "eyes front" and a harder stroke will swiftly follow. It's a shame because I like to look at my Mistress and see the intent look on her face as she punishes me. Sometimes, I sneak a look back at her lovely legs, but this results in a flurry of strokes. That's why I like being punished in front of a mirror sometimes as then I can take in the whole scene including the frankly rather silly faces I sometimes pull.

Roz: It depends on the implement, position etc. Most of the time, like a lot of the others I said, my eyes are closed. Otherwise, I tend to change focus constantly from one object to another rather than focusing on one thing in particular the whole time.

D.: You don't say who is 'in position'. My position is always with S over my knee, and my eyes glued to her superb bottom, as it bounces and reddens under my spanking palm.

Prefectdt: When OTK, I do appreciate a well chosen carpet or flooring, :)

When bent over a desk or table, I try to focus on something directly ahead of me. This arches my back and presses my stomach hard against the surface over which I am bent. The result is to make my breathing shallower and quickens that trip to the land of fairies.

Renee Rose: I'm an eyes closed kinda gal. I think if they're open, I'm staring without really seeing...

Jason Girl: I also keep my eyes closed. Except last week, he made me kneel in front of him while he spanked me with the tail end of his belt, and he made me look in his eyes. That was SUPER hard.

Anon: I keep my eyes closed and hang on tight while he works me over with the strap.

Autumn: I *do* focus on something in front of me... Usually my issue during a spanking is not "getting through the pain" so much as getting "distracted" by my own thoughts. So I use the point of focus to guide myself to a more meditative state of "in the moment" mindset.

I focus on something specific, then use that focus to draw on my senses. I become aware of my breathing, I take in the physical sensation of each slap and I make my way around to each of the senses. The spanking doesn't do what it's supposed to if I'm mentally going over a task list for the day.

Mostly this applies to my "warm up" and I try to carry over this mental openness as we move onto the REAL spanking. But I do believe I usually close my eyes during that part.

Bonnie: About thirty years ago, I learned in Lamaze (childbirth) class the technique of visually centering on focal object. Whether I'm staring at a pattern in the bedspread or vacuum marks in the carpet, I still do this when Randy spanks me. The focal object helps to relax me and make the pain seem somewhat more distant.

However, I do still squeeze my eyes shut sometimes as I wince with the delivery of a particularly well-placed swat. I think that's a natural reaction to sudden intense posterior discomfort.

Thanks, everyone, for another great brunch!

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