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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Aug 25

Our topic this week was words and phrases often used in conjunction with a spanking. Here are your contributions.

Daisy: Davey is HERE. HERE, in England, with me! Only for a holiday, because he can't get a visa yet to live here, but, HE IS HERE!

Ahem... Yes, regarding the topic... About the only consistent words are, "Come here..." said in that, “Oh boy, have you blown it” way.

Sometimes, it will be, "over my knee," "get the paddle" or "lay face down on the bed,", etc. But whatever the position or implement, those words usually precede anything else and sound the bell of doom for me!

That's wonderful, Daisy! I hope you have a fantastic time together.

Dragon's Rose: "You know that I love you. You know that I would never hurt you. What are your safe words? What is your color?"

He says those words before anything happens. And during the scene he checks in just to make sure that I am okay.

Buttwed: "You're going to think of me every time you sit down tomorrow." I always do too! My 35 minute commute to my job can become very restless on the morning after. LOL

Six of the Best: I have used turn on words such as "I'm going to take your knickers down," "You are going to receive six of the best" and "Stand in the corner."

Reece Seever: "Get in position."

Callie M: “Your behaviour today was unacceptable and I will not tolerate it.”

Enzo: Charlotte often says "Hay papá" which in English means "Ouch daddy" when spanking is very intense. With this expression, she intends to reduce the intensity of punishment. Most times, it is without success.

Roz: The majority of our spankings are for role affirmation so he uses words like "You are mine," "You belong to me" and "You submit to me." My favourite, though, is "It's OK baby. I got you."

Bob B: Mostly “Sir.”

“Are you going to spank me, sir?”
“Is it time for my caning, sir?”

I have never asked for her to call me that, but it must be a natural progression

Jenny: "Come here" - When I hear these words, I know what is coming...

"Bend over" - It's time. No getting out of it now.

"Get in position" - Take a deep breath and accept your fate.

"Assume the position" - My boyfriend likes to say this old school phrase, although it is not my favorite. Now I think it's OK, because it's his style. This isn't ALL about me, after all. ;)

I'd like to hear these suggested by others above: "get the paddle" and "lay face down on the bed."

I heard someone say recently that her boyfriend says, "There you are" and "You're doing great" as he rubs her bottom between strokes. I'd like to hear those too.

Respecting Mistress: There's very little dialogue in our punishment session.

"Go upstairs and get changed." It means put on your plastic punishment pants, and return to me with the cane.

"Get in postion." Bend over the bench.

"Count the strokes." It means the punishment is going to start.

"What do you say?" That is my cue that punishment is over and it is time to thank Mistress.

Dr. Ken: I use "young lady" a lot in conjunction with other phrases – "Come here, young lady" for example. If she's already over my knee, skirt up or pants down, a pat on the bottom and the words, "Now then, young lady..." let her know what's coming.

Different words and phrases work for different people. You have to get to know your partner well and find out what works for them...

S.: D starts with, "Get your skirt up, and bend over, Susan". Then "And now pull your knickers down", although he usually likes to perform this honour himself. Then there are the adjustments, "Tighter than that," "Brace your knees, hollow your back" until he has my poor bottom just how he wants it. Then comes the sentence, of which there are many, such as: "Sound hand spanking," "A dozen with the hairbrush," "A good paddling," or "Six of the best"(that means the dreaded cane) . After it's over, "ou can stand up now, but no rubbing" or "Have a good rub !"

From my point of view, it's "Ow" and "Ouch," "That's too hard" or sometimes,"Harder than that" and occasionally," Please on my cheeks, not my thighs," and a good yell when one gets into my skin fold. And when my bottom is really smarting, and I'm fully aroused, "Please David, now, now.”

Prefectdt: When I am taking some and I feel that the play could be a little more severe, I usually say something like "Thank you for being so lenient with me Mis' ". It usually has the desired effect. :)

Hermione: I often hear "Does that hurt?" when I am voicing my (dis)pleasure at the hardness of the strokes. When I answer that it does, I get the reply, "Is that a problem?"

Subgirl: I tend to use “Sir” or “Master,” usually in an attempt to get him to be more assertive/dominant. Usually, it doesn't work, but it does help me in my mental role play! I would love to hear some of the words that others do, but my darling is not the most dominant top! Still, I love the sessions we have.

Jason Girl: "Why are you getting spanked?" When it's a punishment, This makes me feel remorseful!

"Who says when this spanking is over?" If I'm asking to stop (this is with Any non-erotic spanking).

"I want you to be my good girl."

"I've got you." (During a role affirmation)

"Let it all go, baby girl." (Stress relief)

Ronnie: A couple are...

“Go into the office” - I know what's coming

“Jeans off and get over my knee” - I take a deep breath and do it quickly.

DelFonte: We don't say much, but he does like to comment about the change of colour and temperature in my bottom. Actually, we both like that. :-)

Kim's Kinky Korner: "We always end up right back here, don't we?" and "Why do you think it will end up any different?" with lots of “How many times have I told you” and “Will you ever learn?' The most dreaded one is "We are nowhere near done. I am just starting!"

Bonnie: There are many such phrases that Randy uses when he decides to tenderize my bottom. Here's a sample.

“I know one young lady who will be sitting gingerly tonight.”

“Bare your bottom and bend over.”

“In this house, we use corporal punishment to deal with such problems.”

“Assume the position.”

“Don't even complain. You know you deserve this.”

“There's nothing wrong here that a good dose of the hairbrush won't fix.”

“I want you to remember this spanking every time you sit down tomorrow.”

“Get across my lap right now.”

“Perhaps a spanking would change your mind.”

Thanks, everybody, and see you next week!

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