Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for June 2

Our mission this week was to propose some new brunch topics. What a great summer we're going to have swapping answers to these wonderful questions.

Mr. BB:

1) What impact has this MBS blog has had on building a community of bloggers?

2) What are our responsibilities as bloggers to the quiet readers who comprise of 99% of blog readers (
quiet readers are a nice description of lurkers).


3) What was your most memorable or significant spanking/paddling and why?

4) Follow that question up the following week with sharing insights or comments on the previous stories. This approach would allow a little more interactive conversation. Maybe do this once a quarter or whenever you're pressed for a topic.

5) Do you use electric stimulation? What are your impressions?

Six of the Best:

6) What movie star would you have been liked to spank, or be spanked by, be they in the past or present era?

Hermione: For many of us, sex and spanking are closely associated.

7) What happens when, because of injury, illness or the inevitable changes that accompany aging, sex is no longer a viable part of the equation?


8) How does one tell their SO that they are kinky?

9) How does an adult arrange a first spanking in a safe manner?

10) How has being a spanko changed a person's life?

Respecting Mistress:

11) Did you start by playing spanking games and then progressed to a full DD lifestyle? If so, how did you make that transition?

12) Do you use punishments other than spanking or similar corporal punishments? If so, what are they and how well do they work?

Darby: That's a great suggestion from Joeyred. It's close to my own heart, that one

Anon #1:

13) How do you adapt their spanking habits due to long term illness or incapacity?


14) What should a spankee wear when she is being spanked?

15) Should a spankee have to retreive her own spanking implement?

16) Should a spankee have to call her spanker Sir or a similar title while he spanks her.


17) What phrases, words or sentences are most used in a spanking session?

D likes the five 'rights' - RIGHT young lady; Pull that skirt RIGHT up to your waist, please; Now pull those little knickers RIGHT down to your ankles please; and now bend RIGHT over that chair arm to offer your lovely bottom for the RIGHT royal spanking it needs. That makes me just quiver with excitement!

Curtis G: I would like to see a few more questions that include people like me who do not have, as of now, a significant other or regular playmate.

18) Where did you spanking interest begin and how did your desires and needs develop?

19) What techniques have you found that enhance the spankingexperience?

Houston Switch:

20) How do you live as a spanko with a reluctant SO/partner?

Kitty: I have questions from time to time, but right now can not remember the ones that I thought were really good. Do you accept e-mail thoughts on an on-going basis?

21) How do you reignite the spanking spark when time passes and it gets put by the wayside?

Yes, absolutely! Thanks.

Abby Williams:

22) What do you think about being a dominant bottom?

A dominant bottom is not a "tell you what to do" sort of bottom, but one who can say, "That works for me" or "That doesn't." I think it's incredibly important for partners to be balanced. Even in power-play, I believe it's relevant for both partners to come from an equal place. Mr. W and I have an absolutely amazing relationship, where everything we do comes from a place of connectivity and desire to have fun with each other, even if that means that I am VERY sore the day after. I feel like there's a lot of questions out there right now about how much opinion or say the "bottom" partner is allowed to have. It's my feeling that the "bottom" has even more say than the top. It's your body, your heart, your mind. What do tops have to say about this? Are they seeking an equal partner who is the opposite side of the coin, or are they really looking to dominate? What do some of the more submissive partners have to say? Do they want more of a voice in the play they engage in? Or are they looking to be controlled? I love what Mr. W and I have, but the more I read, the more I feel we are fortunately unique.

23) What is the power relationship between the players out there?

Anon #2:

24) My wife and I have been into spanking each other for a good number of years. After my most recent spanking I started to have sciatica pain in my right hip extending down the right leg. Could spanking be the cause of this? It has never happen before. Has anyone else had this happen?


25) What are your thoughts on employing professional (paid for) spankers and spankees?

Marie Pinkerton: I like Six of the Best's suggestion, with a slight modification.

26) Instead of a movie star, how about a fictional character -- be it from a movie, TV show, or book?

27) What is your favorite non-conventional implement?

28) If that pesky reality wasn't in the way, and money wasn't an object, where would you like to be spanked? Over the back of a bench in a public park, over a porch railing of a cottage in the woods, at the top of the Eiffel Tower?


29) What conversations have you had with your close friends and family about TTWD?

Jenny: I always manage to work my suggestions into my brunch responses. Some have even been used!

Wow. Just wow! Thank you all.


Roz said...

Wow Bonnie, there are some excellent suggestions for future brunches here!


DelFonte said...

Great, great questions. I'm so looking forward to the answers too!
thanks to everyone.

Katie said...

These are really good questions, Bonnie! :). I also look forward to your future brunches! Hugs,

<3 Katie

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