Sunday, March 31, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Mar 31

Happy Easter/Passover/Equinox, everyone! Our topic this week was suggested by our friend and blogging colleague, Jenny. We asked which of the following activities brunchers enjoy.

1. Imagining spanking or being spanked (fantasy)?
2. Reading about someone being spanked (erotica)?
3. Watching someone take a spanking (videos)?
4. Watching someone take a spanking (in person, spanking party)?
5. Giving or getting a spanking yourself (real life, erotic)?
6. Giving or getting a spanking yourself (real life, discipline or punishment)?
7. Watching yourself spank or be spanked (mirror, home video)

Mr. BB: I enjoy different aspects of spanking.

1. Sure, I've had my fair share of fantasies! :)
2. I don't read stories as much as I once did long ago.
3. I have used "selected" videos as teaching tools in the past. I'm very picky about which ones.
4. I haven't been to a spanking party in a very long time.
5. Always giving... Yes.
6. Giving. Enjoy? It depends on the situation.
7. No. I've been asked several times, but never made a video.

Kaelah: For me, the answer is quite easy. I enjoy all of the things that have been mentioned, except for number six, since I don't do any kind of serious real life discipline and punishment.

Hobbes: I like all except for number four. We do not ever participate with others. I regularly read just two blogs (this being one) and visit two spanking fiction libraries. It is nothing less than astounding that there are over 30,000 spanking stories archived on these sites and they are accessible through fairly sophisticated Boolean search data bases. The past twenty years, since the internet opened the world, have brought a Golden Age for spankophiles. And there is no better example than this blog to illustrate the riches available to us all. So, thank you Bonnie!

You're very welcome, though I can't take credit for the internet.

Katie Rob:
1. Yes, sure.
2. I like that too.
3. Um, it doesn't really interest me.
4. I've never been to a spanking party
5. I love getting an erotic spanking
6. I don't love punishment spankings during, but I love what it does.
7. I don't really want to see that. :)

Six of the Best: Bonnie, like the Seven Wonders of the World, I being the Spanker, would enjoy all the above. And it certainly would make my day, week or year.

1/2. I absolutely love reading and imagining!
5. I'm sure that receiving an erotic spanking will be wonderful if/when it happens based upon what a single swat does to me.
6. I doubt I'd enjoy receiving a punishment spanking, but silly me is convinced that it'll put me on a better path.
7. I can't imagine enjoying watching spanking on video, in person or in a mirror. But I've discovered a lot of things about myself lately so who knows?

Aaron Christopher:
1. All the time. My personal motto is Keep Calm and Think of Spanking. It's how I get through my stressful days at work. Indeed, I can't even recall the last fantasy I had that didn't involve spanking.
2. Not only do I enjoy reading stories, but I enjoy writing them as well! Spanking fiction varies in quality as much as any other kind of writing, but the real good stories are very satisfying reads. My personal preferences are for stories that are actually about spanking as discipline and not so much erotic.
3. Video has lost a bit of its charm over the years, but it's definitely fun. I prefer still shots where I can savor the emotions of the person being spanked.
4. I'm not sure about this one. I'd be more inclined to do the spanking than the watching at something like this, provided my future wife is that brave.
5. I haven't had a chance to figure this one out yet, but I'm sure the answer will be a definitive, "Yes!" If you're into sexy spanking, you pretty much have to enjoy it.
6. Same as above. Not sure I'd enjoy actually disciplining my partner, though. Making up afterwards sure, but I can't imagine it's fun for anyone to really have to discipline someone they love. I do think I'd enjoy getting spanked as punishment though. I have lots of pent up guilt from over the years and getting really punished would give me an outlet to let some of that go.
7. Ha, never thought about this. Brilliant idea, I'll have to keep it in mind. After all, my sexy hands would be great to watch in the mirror.

Hermione: I enjoy:
1. Imagining that I am being spanked,
2. Reading about someone being spanked, and
5. Getting an erotic spanking.

I'm not too interested in watching videos of spankings, have never seen an adult spanked in real life or at a party, we don't do punishment, and I would hate seeing myself in a mirror or in a video.

1/2. Definitely
3. I like some videos, but not those that portray real pain and deep marks.
4. I have gone to several spanking parties and annually host one in my house. Whether the public play is erotic or arousing really depends on the type of play.
5. I like both giving and getting if it's for fun, play, erotic or sexual and is via the hand OTK on a couch or bed.
6. I have no interest whatsoever.
7. I find mirrors very erotic.

Fred Bloggs: 5 is at the top of my list, but all of the others have featured at some point.

Bob: I like fantasies and reading spanking stories (1/2), and sometimes a good video (3), but there are not many out there. I enjoy giving (5), of course. I never thought of 7, but I would like to give it a try.

Make Mine Red: I do believe I like all of them. :)

Lily: I most enjoy 1, 2, 5 and 6. I looove reading stories with spanking in them, so if I had to pick just one, it'd have to be 2.

1. I can't imagine thinking of spanking if I had no one to spank me.
2. I love reading spanking stories on the erotic side.
3. I don't care for spanking videos.
4. I wouldn't mind watching a spanking, but I've never been to a spanking party.
5. I love getting spankings.
6. I've never had discipline, but I would accept it.
7. I asked my wife to film her spanking me, so I could see what she sees, but she won't.

Sadey Quinn: I'm still buzzing from 5, 6, and 7 that happened a couple hours ago... ;)

Abby Williams: I hate to be that person who doesn't actually answer the question, but since I'm an open book and I not only like all of these things, I also add to the media out there, I will address this as what I want my blog to be. Even there, I'm torn, because as much as I just want to write about my fantasies and experiences, I also love posting a pic or two.

I guess if I were to choose, I'd say I want people who are interested in the second choice, reading about people receiving spankings, to stop by, but those people also have to be OK with an occasional bare bottom picture of a regular woman who just loves spanking. This is a really interesting brunch for me to read, because it helps me figure out what I want to offer to the community. Hopefully, what I offer comes down to some good sexy spanking stories as well as just being someone who, after a long time, is finally comfortable with her fetish, her body, herself.

Dr. Ken: I enjoy thinking about spanking someone (1), reading about it (2), and watching someone get spanked in video (3) or real life or at a party (4) all to a certain extent. But my absolute favorite is 5, giving a spanking myself. I enjoy 6 somewhat, though I'm not really into punishment or discipline spankings, unless they're more “funishment.”

Number 7, watching myself spank someone in a mirror, is fun for about one swat. I'd rather be actually looking at the person I'm spanking so there's no chance of the swat landing in the wrong place. And I've never done a video.

Lea: Most often, 5 or 6. I almost always want to be spanked. LOL But I've found there are some things that are best left to fantasy because the reality has no chance of holding up to it if actually played out.

Roz: I enjoy imagining being spanked (1), reading about someone being spanked (2) and receiving an erotic spanking (5). I don't like punishment spankings. I've never seen an adult spanked, or been to a spanking party and would not want to see myself being spanked.

Ronnie: I enjoy...
1. Imagining being spanked.
2. Reading stories about someone being spanked.
5. Getting an erotic spanking.
6. Getting spanked (as real life discipline)

I've seen a few spanking videos but didn't enjoy them. They're not for me. I've never seen a person get a spanking in real life, though I think I'd like to attend a party. I have watched myself being spanked on a video. It wasn't a good copy, but I wished we'd kept it.

Prefectdt: I would choose all of the answers, except 5 and 6. For those, I would rather be "Giving or getting a spanking yourself (for fun and/or endorphins high)."

Joeyred: I have to admit that I enjoy all seven on the list. If I have to pick the ones I prefer, it will be receiving a spanking. I like to give, but would pick the bottom side of the paddle unless I was too sore and needed a rest.

Kia Cera:
1/2/3. Videos (and pictures) have interested me on occasion, but given the choice I prefer stories every time. When first discovering the internet spanking world, I found the written pieces much more approachable. They are still my favorite way of exploring this fascination, and there's definitely a link between reading and fantasizing. While I'd like to find someone with whom I can explore 5&6 eventually, this is plenty to keep me occupied in the meantime.
4. I'd need to get a lot braver before going to a party. The idea intrigues me, but since it took several years just to work up to commenting, I don't believe this will happen anytime soon.
5/6. I think I would like either of these. Though most of my fantasies are around disciplinary rather than erotic spankings, I imagine my preferences may be somewhat different in reality.
7. No, thank you. My hair distresses me enough when upright. I can only imagine the trauma if I saw what would happen to it during a spanking!

Loki Darksong: Here's what I enjoy.
1. I imagine both spanking or being spanked as fantasy. At work, to pass the time, I imagine the types of spankings and implements to use on a few of my female coworkers, as well as speculating on how each would react during a spanking. I also spend time imagining various play, both giving and getting, with my wife. Sometimes we are even able to pull it off.
2. I have a very extensive library of spanking novels, erotica and fanfiction. I do write stories myself from time to time.
3. Oh Yes! I am a member of Spankingtube and several other sites that have videos, both past and current. Ironically, I own only a small number of DVDs involving spanking. I never had the time to divert money towards buying some.
4. I've attended spanking parties many times, with the last one just this past Saturday night.
5. Not as often as I would like, but I do both give and get spankings.
6. This one is a little tricky. I have only on maybe two occasions given my wife a punishment type spanking. For myself, I have always been curious about receiving one. Discipline sessions, in my definition, would involve training in the use of or the enduring of various implements. I still have yet to set that up between myself and my wife.
7. Yes! Both giving and getting. Lady Darksong and I own a couple of clip stores where we have placed those videos for sale hoping to at least profit from what we like to do. With the lack of money out there, one has to do what one has to do.

Marie Haynes: I favor number 5. I like best receiving a spanking, although, I must say that WRITING about spankings is also very pleasurable.

Respecting Mistress:
1. I've always imagined, fantasised about, being on the receiving end of corporal punishment. My earlier recollections go back to when I was ten. I'm still fascinated by the subject some 40-odd years later.
2. I used to read a lot about the subject - fiction or fact - but not so much these days unless it's people discussing real life DD matters.
3. I do find it interesting to see someone caned in a domestic setting. I find myself empathising with their suffering even though it's a situation in which they've happily put themselves.
4. As above. I've been to clubs/parties and it's fascinating to watch the dynamic between spanker and spankee.
5. I'm not so much interested in erotic spanking now.
6. I wouldn't say it's something I enjoy as much as a need. Discipline is part of our relationship and maintaining discipline requires corrective methods.
7. It's not something we've done, but I would like to study just how Mistress sees me reacting during a punishment session. It might move me to exhibit more self control in future.

Bonnie I think I must be a spanking omnivore. I have at least some interest in all of these activities.
1. I've been collecting and carefully cataloging spanking fantasies since I was a little kid.
2. I enjoy reading and writing spanking stories, even those that deal with topics that are slightly outside my normal preferences.
3. I'm very particular about commercial videos, but there are times when they can be fun to watch.
4. I've not attended a spanking party, but the concept intrigues me.
5. Uh, yeah. That's our main thing. :)
6. We don't do real life discipline, but we roleplay punishment scenes and these topics drive a lot of my fantasies.
7. I've never been satisfied with how I look on video, but I'm willing to keep trying because Randy enjoys making and watching them.

Thank you all for joining us for brunch. See you again next week!

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