Sunday, January 06, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Jan 6

Our topic this week was enhancing the spanking experience through the use of other tactile sensations. Here are your thoughts.

Mr. BB: Absolutely yes! There's so much more to spanking than discipline or punishment. Including sensual or erotic sensation to a non-disciplinary spanking can elicit a powerful connection.

S.N.M.: Do tongues count? If so, then yes.

Yes, tongues count. :)

Hobbes: If hand lotion counts, yes. It turns the pain to pleasure in a hurry! Highly recommended.

Lotion too.

Abby: It is all about the tactile... Yes! I have a little wheelie thingy. It is heavenly!

Elle: We haven't yet, but I'm open to try just about anything. :)

Lucy Smith: Oh ice! Yes :P I forget about the spanking instantly.

Respecting Mistress: When we played CP games, we used to spend evenings both dressed in PVC and/or rubber with me being stripped every hour or so for spankings/canings, etc. It was delightful.

Now we only use CP for real discipline. The only hint of tactile sensation is presenting myself for punishment in plastic pants, which Mistress takes great delight in massaging over my bottom cheeks before slowly pulling down once I'm bent over the bench.

Annie: I think a snow spanking would be interesting. I imagine myself sitting in the snow for a before hubby brings me to the barn. It sounds fun. Maybe one day all four kids will be out at the same time. LOL

Mrs. D: I love when he turns the leather paddle over and rubs the soft furry side over my bottom. It feels soft and soothing.

Anon: There is nothing to enhance the sting like a wet bottom. Even worse is a bottom fresh out of a shower. My lover uses a spray bottle to keep things wet and warm and, man, does it work!

Make Mine Red: Yes, we have tried a rubber strap, but it was just too heavy. I LOVE leather the most. We have a leather paddle with fur on the flip side and the fur feels nice. :) We have silk ties for bondage, if that counts. Lotion feels nice afterwards and works a bit like water when used before.

Sir Q's mlb: My spankings will often include implements made from different materials, be it his hand, a wooden brush or a rope flogger. The differences in texture make it a much richer experience than when the spanking involves one texture, one implement. Adding a difference in temperature is also something more intense.

Lady Koregan: Actually, I mix sensation play of the type you describe into almost all of my scenes. I find the contrast tends to heighten the intensity of both the pain and pleasure. And it is a nice way to fill time while allowing a brief rest.

Nick: My favorite tactile sensation is cool, smooth, bare thighs. :-)

Roz: We have used things like silk, ice, etc. from time to time in play spankings. I find it definitely enhances the senses, which in turn intensifies the spanking itself.

Hermione: We always use a combination of leather and wooden implements, and the change in texture is an important part of the total experience. I like feeling the bristle side of the hairbrush, and the rubber side of the wooden paddle.

Sometimes Spanked: Happy New Year, Bonnie! Have a red-bottomed year!

No, my wife won't add the extra "tactile" feelings here. Hmmm, how to incorporate them? I'm thinking... :)

Thank you, SS.

Our Bottoms Burn: Bacall has a full length mink coat that is wonderful to lay in front of the fireplace. It's been too long since we did that. Thanks for the reminder.

Buttwed: We have silk blindfolds, a rubber ball gag, a leather collar, real hand and thumb cuffs, soft ropes and leather, wood, lexan, rubber (hurts so good), and plastic implements. When it comes to blistering my bottom, variety is the spank of life! Can I get a joyful Yeouch?!

Abby Sage: Does leather and wood count? I think the sight, sensation and sound of wood and leather makes me all dizzy. The symbolism wipes me out as much as the sensation. I would like him to try silk blindfolds, but I think he is more about the burn than the yearn at the moment. ;)

S: Frankly, all I need is the firm skin of a hard male palm, landing on the soft skin of my soft female bottom.

That's very tactile!

Jenny: In a word, no. So I can't add to this conversation.

Bonnie: Randy loves at various times to surprise, delight, and confound me. He unveils all manner of unexpected sensations. These can include the scratchy side of a bath brush, a cold gel pack, his hand covered with a rubber glove or a leather glove, sandpaper, lotions and oils, water, silk scarves, or hot wax. And that doesn't even take into all of our spanking implements.

He tries to get me into a headspace during a spanking where I cannot anticipate what will happen next. This is one way he establishes that he is in charge. Eventually, I stop trying to maintain control and surrender to him and to the experience. All of the benefits that spankings provide happen after this milestone.

Thank you to everyone who joined our conversation this week! I hope to see you again next time.

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