Sunday, December 30, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Dec 30

Our topic for this final brunch of 2012 was your spanking “bucket list.” Here are your thoughts.

Our Bottoms Burn: Bacall wants to be paddled at Olympic National Park as we have never been there. Perhaps next year?

It's truly an amazing place, especially the rain forests.

Anon: I want to be paddled into the New Year while receiving one lick for each second of the last minute of 2012. This would be followed by one smack for each syllable of “Happy New Year, Welcome to 2013! That's 33 licks for 20 + 13.

I want my wife to be more decisive regarding when to discipline. I wish to be paddled in front of another woman and be a spankee at a party. These last two will be hard to achieve as my wife does not approve. Just mentioning this here could get my lower cheeks tenderized!

Hermione: I would like to find out what a flogger feels like, and would also like to be spanked outdoors.

Mr. BB: I have been around a long time and would never think that I've "heard it all." This proves that fact. A spanking bucket list? I love that idea!

Oddly enough, I can't think of any firsts I want to try where spanking is concerned. LOL!

Fred Bloggs: We don't have a spanking bucket list, but we do now. Brilliant idea. Plus, a general kink bucket list may be in order as well.

Daisy: Oh, yes!
  1. A sexy outdoor spanking, but not where anyone might come across us. I'm not into the danger of being caught, just the natural outdoorsy bit.
  2. A spanking that tests my limits and pushes me into "the zone"
  3. Experimenting with a flogger. We've never had any type of flogger before and it sounds interesting.
  4. A spanking with a leather paddle. The only leather implement we have ever had is his belt.
  5. The whole, waiting for a discipline spanking, corner time, preparation, lecture, etc. with the gradual build up, warm-up over clothes and layers being removed slowly...
Reece Seever: I would like to try a paddling or whipping out in the woods.

Six of the Best: I would love to give Sarah Palin a bare bottom spanking on the television show "60 Minutes."

Lea: I experienced quite a few new things this past year. I don't have a specific bucket list. Maybe I'd like to play with someone new. Despite attending a lot of spanking parties and the like, I'm really shy. Getting to the point of talking to someone new much less initiating play can be hard. I'd like to get more comfortable with that.

Lady Koregan: Well, I can't say that pc's always wanted to be caned, but we both knew that eventually he would be.

It looks as though his time has finally come. It will happen in just a few days, actually...

George: Although Nina, my wife, has been spanking me for years, it has always been in our home. I am not sure she is ready to spank me outdoors, which sounds like fun, but we do want to try a spanking in a hotel room. Perhaps next year we will try the outdoor adventure!

Dark Knight Fair Lady: We have no real list here. I'm just wanting to give her more spankings, when needed, in this new year as it seems to help her "keep her head on straight."

Ronnie: We don't have spanking bucket list. I'd like to be spanked outdoors, preferably in the woods, and to attend a spanking party.

Respecting Mistress: I'd like to find an original sjambock and experience its effects, though I'm sure I'd hate the severity. I'm sure six moderate strokes would be a box ticked for ever! Mistress says the top of her list is for me to be a better behaved sub!

Kim B.: I would like to be spanked in a real barn with the smells, the animals and the hay. I am squirming already!

Sublime Wifey: I want us to buy a real spanking implement like a wooden or leather paddle or a tawse or a crop. We would have to buy it and use it of course. That's what I want for the new year. Sometime in the distant future, I think I'd like to advance to a cane, but I understand I'm not ready for that yet.

I think maybe I'd also like to connect with fellow spankos in person (not just online), not to play, but just to have someone to talk to.

Bonnie: It seems we've tried just about everything spanking related, but I did come up with one item for the bucket list. I have never received a real British-style caning. The cane we have is fairly small and less serious than many. I'm not looking for brutal Czech-style justice, but rather ritual corporal punishment befitting a misbehaving girl.

Thank you all for participating in our brunch. May your 2013 be bountiful!


MrBBSpanker said...

If Randy hasn't caned, and you two decide to move forward with trying a caning session. There is a nice tutorial on Cane-IAC that should help.
Happy New Year and Good Luck :)

Red said...

Happy New Year to you and Randy, and the entire family... May you be spanked often...
Have you ever counted how many spankings you have had in one year?
bottoms up

Jake said...

What a lovely bunch of ideas for spanking fun! Hope y'all don't mind if I swipe a few of them for our personal list! Thanks to all who shared their bucket list items...

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