Sunday, November 04, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Nov 4

Our topic this week was stress relief spankings. Here's what you had to say.

Fondles: YES, we have them, although regular maintenance seems to keep the stress at bay most of the time. If I'm in a particularly stressed out state though, one of us will decide that it's time for a concentrated effort.

And YES, they are effective for me. It centers me and brings me back down to earth so to speak. We call them "grounding" spankings for that reason.

I wrote about one particularly effective one here. That's the ONLY time I've cried during a spanking, so far anyway.

Lillian: We don't call them that. When I am overwhelmed, Ian will gently take my hand and and with his hand, rub and lightly spank. It is more of a comfort thing than a spanking. I actually like it, and find it soothing. I don't think I would respond very well to a hard spanking when I am "wigging out."

Faerie: We do stress relief spankings and they are quite effective for me. Stress relief spankings or some form of that term is one of the most used google search terms that bring people to my blog.

Loki Darksong: I have been considering stress relief spankings for the both of us for a very long time. I am thinking of starting them within the next week or so due to the amount of stress that both my wife and I are under with the bills and such of late.

Julia: We do practice stress relief spankings, although most of the time these are more maintenance than anything else. DH will spank me when he is stressed to the max and can't get hold of it. Spanking me lets him breathe again.

Lucy Lou: Yes, we do. It is something relatively new to us, but so far, it seems to be working well. Ours may be more of the maintenance realm though. I'm not sure.

Dana: We don't really call them stress relief spankings, but I can ask for it if I feel I need it. Otherwise, I don't get spanked when I'm stressed unless I break a rule.

The particulars of how it's handled (strength, implements, etc) depends on what I need at that particular time. Sometimes, a light maintenance is all that's needed. Other times, I need more.

Hermione: We regularly engage in stress relief spankings, and I find they are very effective. In fact, they really hit the spot! After receiving one, I feel all my tension has drained away, and whatever was troubling me doesn't seem important anymore.

Andy: The stress relief from spankings for both my partner and me is quite palpable on the evenings when we share this magical moment. I change. She changes. And then. all of a sudden, everything seems right with the world.

Life can be a struggle, but with our special anecdote (spanking), life is much more bearable!

Minelle Labraun: Last week, for the first time, my husband just said,"Come on, climb across my lap for me to spank you." It was for no reason. I did, and it was a great stress reliever. I felt better and not as stressed. The spanking was probably mild compared to many, but it worked for us.

That's all that really matters, isn't it?

Abby: We do, and yes, they work! I had one just this past week, and even I found it amazing how much better I felt, and more energized.

M3: We have only be doing this for a very short time, but we have been discussing maintenance spankings. We don't do those yet, but the way things are going, they are not that far away. :)

Stress relief spankings sound like a good idea. Especially so when you are almost on the edge of doing or saying something you shouldn't because of stress. It would eliminate a lot of worry.

Saoirse: It is hilarious to me: Once upon a time, when I was stressed, I wanted a drink or a cigarette or long run or a vat of toffee crunch frozen yogurt. Now, yes – I want a good spanking. Sigh. What has the world come to?

Reece Seever: We don't do stress relief spankings per se, though they certainly serve that purpose.

Mick: Like others have said, we don't call it that. But usually Lynda will do something that warrants a spanking when in fact, she needs the spanking for relief. However, she will NEVER admit this, so don't tell her I said so. :)

Roz: Again, we don't call it this, but we sometimes have 'just because' spankings which can work similarly to maintenance for me and are a source of stress relief.

Sir Q's mlb: Ab-so-spank-ly we do! They are a wonderful stress relief. There are times when Sir can tell I am stressed, frustrated, angry, irritated, or annoyed. One good spanking and I have a new attitude and calm. I only wish I could get them more often!

Ronnie: Yes, we do, and they are very effective for me. I feel so much calmer afterward. All tension and stress are gone.

Slave Wife: Yes! These types of spankings are perfect when I am crabby beyond belief and just need to relax. Likewise, when His stress level is high, it gives Him a safe release.

Lizzie: Craig frequently spanks to "focus" me. I can be rather scattered (I have classic, hyperactive ADHD, even with appropriate medication). Spanking helps more than anything else. In fact, it's something of a miracle that I was able to SIT for the California bar exam. I was so wound up. Craig gave me long, hard spanking each of the three days. But I passed, the first time, so it was totally worth it (and I loved every minute of the spanking too!).

Congratulations, Lizzie! I know you'll be an excellent attorney!

Prefectdt: I find that 99 out of 100 spankings that I receive result in major stress relief, no matter what the original intention was.

Playful Little Brat: I've never received a stress relief spanking, but it's something that has really caught my interest. There have been a few times when I was stressed beyond belief, and a spanking could have helped.

Respecting Mistress: Our weekly maintenance sessions are partly to keep me on track and focused, partly punishment for the small things I've done wrong during the week (otherwise, I'd been caned every single day, Mistress says!), and partly stress relief. I'm also punished at other times, mainly as a corrective measure. Occasionally, however, it's purely a means for Mistress to relieve her stress!

Houston Switch: I ask my s/o to spank me. Sometimes, I just bring the paddle, hairbrush and cane to her and crawl over her lap. Or if we are in bed together, I ask her what she is thinking,. She will always parrot the question back so I can respond with a spanking request. I do feel better afterwards.

Kiwi Girlie Girl: I guess you could say we do. We do regular maintenance every week. Could they be classified as a stress relief? Probably. All I would have to do is ask and Sir would oblige. :)

Bonnie: Regardless of what we might call them, most of the spankings I receive relieve stress. Occasionally, one of us will recognize that deliberate stress relief is necessary.

These spankings have a certain ritual that is followed most of the time. Randy sits on the bed and I bare my bottom and lie across his lap. He generally uses a small wooden implement like an OTK paddle, spoon, or brush. His logic is that he wants to shock my bottom, and in the process, shake me out of whatever emotional gridlock I am facing. He focuses the swats more on the lower part of my bottom than he would for another spanking. The rationale, I am told, is to ensure I continue to feel the soreness when I sit hours later. He needn't worry about that.

When the spanking is over, he holds me until I settle back into reality. Then we usually make love. In terms of stress relief, I've never found a better alternative.

Thank you all for joining our brunch conversation!

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