Sunday, September 16, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Sept 16

Our topic this week was the use of mirrors to enhance or intensify the spanking experience. Here's what you had to say.

Curtis G: I have had that experience a few times. I found it arousing and enhancing the spanking experience. I would love to outfit my house with them, but it wouldn't go with the rest of the decor.

Spanky: We have not purposely done this. However, we have had a lot of sessions in the bathroom where we have a large mirror (by coincidence mainly). I admit I enjoy seeing the look on her face in the mirror during the festivities.

Joeyred: I have not used a mirror during a spanking, but I would like to have that experience in the future.

Bas: I've never used a mirror. But now that you mention it, it could be a nice experience.

Sunny Girl: I have not used a mirror, but it's something I've been wanting to try. Maybe soon.

Anon: Yes, though it's been occasional rather than on a regular basis. J, my other half and spankee, has a particular penchant for doing so when we are away from home, usually staying in hotel. Apparently, becoming a DIY voyeur “makes her feel naughtier,” heightens the intensity of the experience and is “a massive turn-on.”

Abby: I have not used a mirror, but I think it would be interesting. I would like to see not only my reactions, but also the look on Master's face.

Bleuame: Mirrors? Yes, we have used them. For some reason, I find it kind of freaky to watch myself being spanked. Watching other mirrored acts doesn't bother me.*shrugs* It's just one of those things. :o)

Hermione: Like several of the others, we have not used a mirror, but it might be fun to try it someday.

Julia: I was just thinking about that the other day, and how intense that would be. And no, we have not. Yet.

Prefectdt: I have been on the receiving end whilst in front of some large mirrors. For hand spanking and the like, I did not find that it made much of a difference. But during a hard but slow paced caning, it did raise the adrenalin levels before impact as I watched the impending stroke coming in.

Mrs. Soft Bottom: My first reaction was "Why would you want to do that?" It never occurred to me that Mr. FH can't see my face when he is spanking me. It may be fun to watch him spank me. Here's another item for the bucket list.

Lillie: Um, no and I don't think I would want that visual. It's not because of my bottom. It's okay considering its age. But it is bad enough just feeling a spanking. For erotic spankings, that might be different. No, I don't think I am on board for that one.
There must be a Puritan hiding somewhere in my family tree. :)

T: Oooo, that's a good idea. I shall add that to the Want To Do List. :)

Ana: Oh gosh. I would hate that. It would be very embarrassing for me. I do often use a mirror to check damage afterward though.

A-Non: On a ski trip last year, we were surprised to find the wall behind the bed was one large mirror and there was a sink and mirror with angled side panels off to the right side of the bed. I saw a great opportunity here! I enticed him to spank me, erotically, while I was draped over his lap and facing the headboard of the bed. I can't remember exactly, but I do recall that if I got up a bit on all fours looked up at the mirror behind the bed, I could see my bottom turning pink! I really liked this!

BTW, I would not have liked doing that a few years ago, but over time, I've become more accepting of my love of spanking and I like to inspect the aftereffects.

I also have thought of bending over and resting my arms on the counter in the bathroom so that I could look up and watch my own reaction to a spanking. A side benefit would be that he could see my facial contortions, too. I'd like to try it this way one day, especially for a paddling, caning, or belt spanking.

This is making me think of pictures and videos, too. Have you ever asked how many people take pictures or video of a spanking or its aftereffects?

Yes, we've discussed that topic, but it was long enough ago that we could bring it back.

Kaelah: I love mirrors! Ludwig and I have used mirrors in our play, so that I could watch what was going on. Watching what is happening in a mirror can enhance the anticipation and add an additional sexiness to a scene. I also love to use mirrors in pictures and clips. In my opinion, a mirror can offer very special and unique perspectives. This is an example of a setup which I liked very much.

Jean Marie: I love being punished while being able to see various perspectives of my ever-reddening bottom! Though I usually detest corner-time after I've been spanked, once my lover made me stand with my hot butt pressed against the cool surface of a full length mirror; the lovemaking afterward was spectacular!

Our Bottoms Burn: Yes, two homes back, we had one entire wall of the dining room mirrored to make the room seem larger. It had other benefits. We mirrored a whole wall in the bedroom in our last home. Even more fun. Missing our reflections in the new place.

SNP: Somewhat like Spanky, we have a dresser with a large mirror on it. If I am bent over my side of the bed in the right spot, I am staring into that mirror. So, it has happened just because of time and place, but it was not planned. There is something a little erotic about it when it happens. :)

Lea: I've been spanked in front of a mirror, not really on purpose, but the room had those mirrored closet doors. It makes me really self conscious and I don't like looking at myself, so I didn't care for it.

Respecting Mistress: Many, many years ago, I visited a lady for punishment and her entire wall facing the caning bench was mirrored. It was a surreal experience, watching this thigh-booted lady swinging the cane. I was engrossed watching her, rather than concentrating on my painful experience. Mistress and I have no mirrored walls in our home. We wouldn't wish to detract from the severity of a punishment session! LOL

Ronnie: Last year was the first time that P made me watch myself being spanked. We haven't done it again since,we but would like to do so.

Daisy: Davey has made me watch as he has spanked me on more than one occasion. He finds it sexy, and interesting. He can also gauge better how much impact he is having on my attitude! He can always tell the impact on my bottom while spanking, but seeing my facial reaction apparently is even more enlightening in other ways!

I found it too embarrassing for it to be sexy though!

Playful Little Brat: I've never experienced this, but for me, it would something that would be effective for discipline. I don't think that I'd LIKE it, but I think it would make an impression.

Loki Darksong: The thought had crossed my mind from time to time. But I never acted on it. Although, due to the recent video done by Pandora Blake involving a mirror, I am giving the idea a more serious look.

Tess: I was given a reminder spanking in the bathroom once, bent over the counter. I looked up and caught our reflections in the mirror over the sink and it was WAY too intense. I had to close my eyes.

S: It sounds exciting to be able to watch my nice white bottom turn into a nice red bottom. It would give me warning of the approach of the hand, paddle or whatever just before it landed, so I could make sure my naughty cheeks were nicely presented.

Bonnie: The first apartment Randy and I rented had mirrored sliding closet doors in the bedroom. There were also mirrored medicine cabinet doors in the bathroom. These could be easily lifted out and positioned as needed. He liked to watch my face during a spanking. I liked to watch his face and my face too. We both liked to watch the actual spanking, me for the first time and him from a new angle. We still enjoy playing with mirrors once in a while because it adds a different perspective.

Thank you for joining our brunch conversation. I hope to see you all back here next week.

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